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April 30, 2013

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We were all saddened by the story of the bombing attacks on the Boston Marathon earlier this month. Turbine, who produces LOTRO for us, is actually located in the Boston area and so this is something that happened in their back yard.

The State of Massachusetts has set up a charity called “The One Fund” to help the families most affected by the attacks.

Turbine is supporting this cause and has created a “One Fund Cloak” that is now in the LOTRO Store and they encourage you to check out more about The One Fund organization.

The cloak is in the store for 100TP and proceeds do not go to support the charity. Sapience posted on the forums that they did investigate this:

… the timing and process behind doing that proved to be prohibitive (it would have taken a great deal of time). We want to get an item out to players who had been asking us if there was something hey could do to show support and do so in a timely manner. [source]

The store cost was just to get it in the store or as Sapience put it in his post:

The 100 point value is there to prevent the store from choking on the item.

The cloak is available FREE for players up to 10 per account. Use coupon code BOSTON at check out. Get yours in game and show your solidarity for our friends in Boston.

This coupon code for the cloak will work until Monday, May 6th, 2013.

> Read More about The One Fund Cloak
> Learn more about The One Fund Charity

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24 Responses to “LOTRO “The One Fund” Cloak”

  1. Avatar of Artemis
    Artemis Says:

    All the poo poo I have been doing about LOTRO (I am bummed how it’s been going and I just want the magic back) I can NOT be more impressed with them, than I am right now.

    I think it’s a cool move.


  2. Thundertrain Says:

    Better than any of the rewards for the Anniversary Festival, and for a good cause to boot. I would happily buck up the 100 TP for one, let alone get 10 for free. Well done, Turbine.

    Seeing as how we’re getting this little cosmetic at no charge, it seems only right to get my behind to the charity website and donate. I hope others do the same.


  3. Avatar of Fredelas
    Fredelas Says:

    I’m glad Turbine is continuing its tradition of highlighting local charities. Bringing this awareness into the game world itself is an interesting experiment. Turbine’s news article only has a tiny four-letter link to the charity’s web site. (The link in the article to the coupon guide even appears more prominently.)

    The in-game item itself is called “The One Fund Cloak” and provides no more information about what it stands for or why it exists. Maybe it’s meant to stimulate conversation that way.

    Perhaps the LOTRO Store was just the fastest way to implement it, but putting a price tag on the item and then offering a free coupon seems clumsy. So far on Brandywine today, seven different players have claimed that paying 100 TP for it is a donation to The One Fund. When I’ve tried to explain about the coupon (and provide a link to the charity), I’ve been decried as anti-American.


    • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

      They really needed to be clearer about this. So many people don’t understand that paying the TP to turbine ISNT a donation =/


  4. Dundo Says:

    So, mixing politics and every day news is welcome in Middle-Earth? What’s next, we get Obama speeches after we complete the Epic quest?

    I mean, I support the idea of helping the families who lost their dearest, but this is not the right way.


  5. Celondur Says:

    What does the cloak say?


  6. Pickles Says:

    Cool cloak!


  7. Galenor Says:

    I have a bone to pick with the unscrupulous bastards trying to sell this in the auction house. I saw one today on Dwarrowdelf listed for 20g! What the hell is wrong with people? Not only is it utterly pointless as Turbine will give you 10 free per account, it is beyond morally reprehensible.

    This is a rallying item designed to show solidarity with Boston and raise awareness of One Fund. It is not a cheap freebie for people to try to skim a profit from.

    The players attempting to sell this should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.


  8. Cadronas Says:

    This is really great. Although I live in far off New Zealand, I have a cousin in Boston. I think Turbine could have done fund raising for this as I would have happily paid 100 TP if this was stated as donation. I’m not American and don’t consider it political, just a show of support for those who have suffered a tradgedy. You can be sure if it was a Obama or Bush cosmetic I wouldn’t buy it (maybe Palin – she’s kind of foxy haw haw).


  9. managawal Says:

    Its a good initiative from turbine. The new cape will surly create awareness, Those who still want to donate, can do directly through the onefund website.

    Great step.


  10. Thorgrum Says:

    I currently reside about 30 min west of Boston, ive been down boylston st many times its right near the public library. The cloaks are fine, im no for or against it really. Turbine is a boston based company and used the means at thier disposal to create awareness.

    I believe intent is important, when I first saw the 100TP I cringed. Read the forums and Sap’s explination was reasonable. I donate a lot to charity, I stick to veteran issues for the most part but I think any occassion that enables companies and people to engage,even in a small manor with charity thats a positive thing.

    However I dont dismiss out of hand the people who would prefer this not to be in ME. I understand the logic as to why they feel that way, further I understand why some might feel that it sets the standard for really any tradgedy going forward. The collapse in bangledesh (sp) that killed those factory workers…. Will there be a cloak for that?

    Probably shouldnt be real world tie ins to events in game, its a slippery slope. Maybe put a thing in the store for players to donate through the store (using TP) would have been better.


  11. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    I can understand the sentiment behind the cloak but I really think they should try to avoid bringing in items that will be have the possibility skewed into a real world political view.

    At the same time it’s good to be seen to aknowledge the impact of an event like this rather than making the perpetrators into minor celebrity’s. Bombers and other nutjobs that happen to kill large numbers of random people sadly seem to be of more interest to the media than those left in the wake of their spree.


  12. Avatar of Kiralynn of Rohan
    Kiralynn of Rohan Says:

    I donated money to the One Fund, having heard about it because of this cloak. Regardless of anyone’s political views, maiming and killing innocent people is an evil act. It builds my faith in humanity to see so many people coming out to support those affected by this despicable act of violence. I am proud of the LOTRO community!


    • Cennwyn Says:

      Agreed, Kira…I am really not understanding why people insist on calling this a “political” matter. It has nothing whatsoever to do with politics, only with charity. It’s no different in my mind than the Fellowship Walk, which raises awareness for Child’s Play.


  13. Roger Edwards Says:

    I totally understand why Turbine would wish to support a local charity and agree in principle with the sentiments expressed by many posters.

    However, I would have preferred if Turbine had simply carried a link on the website and forums. Turbine have now set a precedence by linking a store item to a charity. Does this mean that LOTRO will now regularly promote a diverse and global selection of good causes in a similar fashion?

    Because if this is not the case and then what message does that send. That Turbine care only about some causes and not others? See how there is potential for such a debate to turn very ugly?

    This is why it is always important to have clear lines of demarcation and to stick to them.


    • LilyRose Says:

      There is a difference when the tragedy happens in a company’s own community. Remember, Turbine is in Boston.

      As a horrific real world comparison, I live in Texas, which had its own tragedy blowing a small town, West, nearly off the map. I see no reason to expect that Turbine would reference that in game, no matter how many of my fellow Texans play. But the companies headquartered in Texas might, because it’s a way to support the community in which they and their employees live.


  14. Funes Says:

    what happened to you dear lotro….


  15. Holtho Says:

    For those who didn’t know, the blue and yellow unicorn is the symbol of the Boston Athletic Association, which runs the Boston Marathon (pun intended). I work just outside of Boston, and will be “buying” the cloak at first opportunity.

    To find out about and/or donate to the One Fund go to http://www.onefundboston.org. The BAA website is http://www.baa.org.



  16. Tolarthor Says:

    Only thing I’m disgusted with is how a genuine and heartfelt vehicle to display sympathy is disrespected and dismissed by misguided, ignorant or just plain selfish people who somehow believe Islamic extremists are political and don’t have the common decency to ‘let it go’ as not ME/game lore based. Balls to ‘game immersion’ and irrational ‘this is the beginning of the end’ naysayers – real people are hurting out there – what is the possible harm in this tiny cloak in comparison which is otherwise uniting people in support of the victims? So sad…


  17. Bob Says:

    I’m not going to guess on Turbine’s motives, but that there being no clarification at all on that webpage or in game on where the proceeds on this item go to, makes selling the cloak with a name associated with a charity and a tragedy in the store extremely misleading and extremely distasteful.

    Players shouldn’t be expected to check fansites and forums to figure this out.

    If they truly meant to spread awareness, they could easily send an in-game mail with the cloak attached to everyone, and outright for free.


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