Poll: Opinions of Mounted Combat and Its Future

April 27, 2013

Weekly Poll

This week’s poll was suggested to us by Malhirviel, 85 Minstrel, Arkenstone server, Swifty and Hammo kinship and is discussing how much you like Mounted Combat now and how much you’d like to see it expanded in the future. I realize some of you may be in between some of these choices so just pick which one seems closest to your current feelings and feel free to add more to your choice in the comments below!

What are your opinions about the current state, and the future, of mounted combat?

  • I like it and wouldn't mind more but not entirely focused on it (43%, 326 Votes)
  • I love it and want to see more added (22%, 169 Votes)
  • Its ok and can stay at it's current level but with bug fixes (18%, 135 Votes)
  • I don't like it and don't want any more added. (11%, 84 Votes)
  • I hate it and wish it were removed entirely. (6%, 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 758

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27 Responses to “Poll: Opinions of Mounted Combat and Its Future”

  1. Zyngor Says:

    For those not following Bullroarer, expect to see a little more class specialization in mounted combat for U11 – from a bit that I checked, the Yellow line should offer some altered traits and new skills. Ie, the hunter can improve some of their skills (like distracting shot), and if you trait further down the line, can unlock a trap (or a trio of traps, if traited) that is droppable behind you.


    • Joshua Says:

      Yeah, the new U11 yellow line stuff is great. They addressed a lot of the complaints people had about the trees. Like Captains got a defeat event, LMs got a special pet, and apparently Hunters get traps as well.


  2. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    How about burglars? I’d love to see a way to get an extra use out of stratagem during combat.


    • Joshua Says:

      IIRC, there’s no new uses for Strategem. However, Burglars get a new crit-activated “treat”, which is a group buff which changes based on your stance.


      • Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

        Thanks for the info. I have only experienced burglar MC so far, but it’s looking like my next will be a warden. really looking forward to the new update myself.


    • Avatar of Dietlbomb
      Dietlbomb Says:

      Indeed. I made the unfortunate decision to level my captain, champion, and minstrel before my burglar. Compared to those 3 classes, the burglar’s mounted combat experience seems poorly thought out. Those classes all have self-heals, ranged damage, AoE damage, and power restoring skills. Burglars have none of these, apart from the long cooldown skills you can unlock in certain trait lines. All burgs get is a set of single-target melee attacks, and the ability to sneak out of combat.

      If I had to guess, the developers intended for there to be a mechanic in burglar mounted combat similar to tricks and trick removal, but they forgot to finish it. The whole thing seems very poorly thought out.


  3. Ithoran Says:

    I enjoy it, but the performance hit that comes from mounted combat is an annoyance. When riding at full speed I get graphical stuttering and there’s still the rubberbanding bug when you try to jump over small objects.


    • Pasduil Says:

      Good point, all my friends had to turn down graphics settings for Rohan. One is going to pass on playing there til he gets a new laptop. Why make an expansion that demands more than most people’s hardware can comfortably support?

      Otherwise, yes mounted combat adds some fun variety to the game, and it s highly appropriate to have it for Rohan. Though I guess it makes a lot more sense for some classes than others.


  4. Morthorn Says:

    I wish I could answer… but not high enough level.


  5. Mave Says:

    U11 adds a lot of improvements, and a lot of new terrain and tons of new warbands. It’s really improving and I think it’s here to stay. It’s just a nice addition to the game, in my opinion, and because it’s so new it will take awhile to perfect, but when you think about the depth of what they’ve done here, it’s hard not to be impressed. Not just the combat itself, but the whole system that enables us to customize our mounts in terms of abilities and cosmetically – really amazing stuff.


    • Joshua Says:

      Exactly. Other games have delivered “mounted combat”, but LOTRO’s implementation is really totally unique in its scope. At least as far as I know!


  6. Sierra Says:

    Without the constant graphics hitches and the rubberbanding, I’d probably love mounted combat more than I do. As it is, I find that I spend too many fights standing mostly still just to avoid those problems, which makes the mounted part utterly pointless. I haven’t checked out the coming changes, but I’d really like it to feel more like I’m playing my given toon’s class even during mounted combat, or have access to some class abilities even when mounted.


  7. Cilantro/Willowseed Says:

    There’s such significant potential for MC group content, but unfortunately from Twitter Dev discussions it looks as though that’s not a priority in the near future. The possibilities for sweeping skirmishes, shifting class roles in MC, and, even more interesting, MC raids, are there, but not fully utilized.

    I would love to see a real MC raid in action, not just a warband. One with adds that would have to be crowd controlled, and mounted packs of mobs that have to be kited, tanked, and dealt with on a battlefield.

    For now, though, MC is, unfortunately, a novelty.


  8. lawless168 Says:

    Id like to see a 6 man or even a 12 man instance/raid or a skrimage with mounted combat.


  9. susan Says:

    I started off being thrilled with MC, but now find it gimicky, annoying, not worth a hill of beans. The constant circling … circling….circling.. when I could just dismount and kill em with two hits is beyond retarded.

    Of course I play as a Guardian, which in MC is worthless. No range to speak of and no threat to speak of besides. I bet buttons to dollars those who love this mini-game are the ranged classes.

    its been a huge disappointment. I dont even use the mount outside of Rohan for looks because the movement mechanics are just too silly, unnatural and not good for casual enjoyment. the constant gait freezes, stutters and lag also make this a fail.

    wish turbine would address its problems and quit trying to pull in ever diminishing new customers while the ones that have stayed for a bit are leaving in droves due to glitches, bugs, content fails and shenanigans.


  10. Rufusstan Says:

    I guess I’m in the ‘other’ category for this one.

    It could be a great new mechanic, but at the moment I am not sure it will ever see that potential. Currently I feel a lot of classes lose their personality on a mount — the skillset has nothing to do with what the class is about. If the traitline change improves that, then it is a step forwards.

    More difficult are the rubberbanding issues, lag and the like, that may be insoluble and take away most of the fun.


  11. Megarelix Says:

    At first, a nice novelty; then it wears off fast (at least for a Hunter). I wouldn’t be missing it a all. And, for crying out loud, the appearance system is quite separate from that for “classic” mounts. Glitches and rough spots can be cleaned up with time, but questionable design decisions can’t.

    And what about those five-dollar dye packs?


  12. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    I wish it would go away.

    Unless they’re going to incorporate mounted combat into 3/6/12-man instances and raids, there’s no point in pouring a lot of of time, energy and resources into any aspect of mounted combat.

    When I am engaged in mounted combat, I feel like all I do is ride around in circles or figure 8s and mash buttons. I do not find it compelling or necessary in a way that develops my character or improves the classes (of course, my only toons that have made it into Rohan are my minstrel, captain and RK).


  13. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    In its current form it’s a one trick pony thats removed the unique feel from classes for the most part.

    They need to get the core mechanics solid before they expand on it. Reducing the talent points we get would be good but at the very least they need to get it working well for all players. On a bad day all it does is discourage you from playing again the next day/week.

    Potential is there to be really awesome but if the foundations are weak then the whole thing will just become even more of a wobbly, laggy, rubberbanding mess than it currently can be.


  14. Avatar of Ethelros
    Ethelros Says:

    I love it for the most part. In my view the performance issues are the biggest flaws with the system, if those could be fully addressed then I think a lot of people who really hate it would be more welcoming.

    The U11 changes seem great from what I can tell. Rolling the movement buffs into the base steed is a smart move, and one lots of players were suggesting.

    The pet wolf is awesome too. :D


  15. Sigela Says:

    Mounted combat is too uneven between classes. Friends of mine are so disgusted by the unevenness that they go so far as to say that Turbine makes MC a liability for some classes.

    I love MC on my lore master and utterly despise it on my rune-keeper. My minstrel and my hunter fall in the middle of my love-hate relationship with MC. The next toon I have that will enter Rohan is a warden and I am not in any hurry since I’m not hearing good things.

    Basically now I’ve just put all my toons on light warsteeds for the speed and agility so that they can escape damage while flitting in to attempt to deal damage. I feel like I’m just button mashing the few skills available to see if I can kill the mob before he kills me.

    I’ve tried playing “healer” with my minstrel on mounted combat. It’s possible but I thought it was quite a let down. I don’t have any idea how I could effectively heal a group of allies in mounted combat when a fight can easily and rapidly range more widely than my healing range. Maybe a group that knows how to find me and knows to stay close but I think most pugs would disintegrate in any fight that required a healer. My most effective healing was when I put an ally on follow and concentrated exclusively on the two of us.


  16. Cadronas Says:

    I really enjoy the feeling of chasing a mounted foe and blasting away. However I seldom spend time doing it as I tend to find too much rubber banding etc. So until this is fixed I can’t imagine enjoying Moors, skirmish, instance mounted combat much.


  17. Runamuck Says:

    Rubber banding! Mounted combat is worthless and annoying with the constant rubber banding.


  18. Pointy Says:

    I’m getting the hang of it, but can’t say I enjoy it. It’s a nice idea and fits well with the Rohan horse-lord thing, but I sincerely hope that it doesn’t follow us the rest of the way through the game.

    My main char is a Lore Master. I’m not sure if his mounted combat is any better/worse than other classes, but it really doesn’t help that all the icons look the same except for the colour.


  19. mosselyn Says:

    The performance problems make it really unpleasant. Even with a high end system, I’m always slingshotting around. However, that’s not the biggest problem for me – they’ll fix the performance eventually if it is worth the investment.

    No, the real problem for me is that it just isn’t fun. I accept that many other people do seem to enjoy it.

    To me, controlling the mount out of combat feels awkward and clunky. My main is an RK. The skills are just really lackluster. No cc, no strategy, no healing needed. Just ride in a circle and mash whatever is off CD. No thanks.


  20. Couillon Says:

    Its ok and can stay at it’s current level but with bug fixes.

    I started out loving it but the constant rubber-banding has drained any enthusiasm I held for it. Turbine needs to fix it or it will turn into T2 raids, only enjoyed by a select few of the games population.


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