Update 10.1.1 Release Notes

April 29, 2013


festival_rewards_05The official patch notes for today’s update have been released.  This is a small update to fix several server and gameplay issues.  In a nice treat though, there are a number of new rewards that are also being added to the Anniversary Festival as well.


  • Addressed a server-side performance issue.
  • Addressed a number of unintended gameplay issues.

Anniversary Festival

  • The Six-Year Frames for both Freeps and Creeps were not using the correct art work.
  • The Eastemnet Gift Box was incorrectly Flagged as a Westfold giftbox.
  • Added a number of new rewards to the Sixth Anniversary Festival.

Official Version

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19 Responses to “Update 10.1.1 Release Notes”

  1. Thaleg of Anduin Says:

    so school is fixed now ?


  2. Adhrean Says:

    Any idea what the new rewards are?


    • Langman Says:

      As far as I can see, the new rewards are the old rewards with a little more detail and in a different (ugly, in my opinion) color…This is the first time I’m really disappointed about festival rewards….

      But I might be wrong! I just logged in to see the rewards, and then logged off again. I might have overseen something!

      Langman of Laurelin


  3. Wimbrent Says:

    added old steed but in new color


  4. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    School is certainly an unintended gameplay issue!


  5. Spurco Says:

    There is an unintended gamplay issue in one of the Annuminas instances too.


  6. Prometeo Says:

    We have a new steed (Fireworks Laden Horse in green), a new cloak and the spark-maker’s pack in green. The same items in diferent colour.


  7. Beastybunny Says:

    There are also 2 new fireworks: White Anniversary and Rainbow Anniversary. A new cake hat in a different color as well. Haven’t heard of any new drops from gift boxes or envelope quest yet.


  8. Draculetta Says:

    Dark Sky Firework Cloak (Not dyed) http://imgbox.com/acdnVoxt


  9. Avatar of Ike Illmore
    Ike Illmore Says:

    Not much time left to earn the tokens for the new items, it would have been better if they introduced them at the start of the festival.


  10. Goreamir Says:

    Nothing new to win from the envelopes I take it?


  11. Tuiliel Says:

    So has anyone tested School or the other exploitable instances to see if they’ve been fixed, or did they just fix the envelope cheat?



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