Update 10.1 Release Notes

April 3, 2013



The release notes for Update 10.1 have been published and they are fairly large. The Flight to the Lonely Mountain instance is now available again, Fate’s contribution to ICPR has been lowered, critical defence procs will provide more crit defence, and more with specifics on what these things may mean by class.

Since I am being frequently asked, there is no mention of Spring festival or the Anniversary festival in these notes and it is not on the official LOTRO Community Calendar. If you want my best guess,  I suspect the Anniversary festival is next and should start about mid-April and last to the end of the month.Last year the Spring Festival ran from the end of May to mid June. From what we’ve seen in the past, an update is not required to turn on or off festivals to it so the timing of the festival doesn’t need to match the timing of an update. Updates may contain festival changes but aren’t the definitive signal that a festival will be turn on/off.

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13 Responses to “Update 10.1 Release Notes”

  1. Erunineriol Says:

    Dargnakh Unleashed: Damage and frequency of Darghakh’s pounding shockwaves has been reduced

    THIS! :D

    Hope that a hunter (and no 2 caps + 1 tank) can finally get his coloured horse ;)


    • Groo Says:

      I KNEW Dargnakh was hitting harder recently. Glad they toned him down a bit. Can’t wait to see how it plays out now


  2. Kenzi Says:

    i don’t like the nerf they did with fate ,my minstrel lost over 4500 incombat Power regen with the nerf so she is going warspeech fulltime now.

    i have 936 fate Before the nerf i had over 5800 incombat Power regen now i have 1840.


    • baue8673 Says:

      I am not sure what they are doing. In retrospect, we are back to where we started in U9 with ICPR, but with half the power pool. And it isn’t like they halved the power costs. Math or no math, I’m not sure what they are thinking or doing. Yeah, fate was too strong, but this change seems like overkill and not very well thought out.


      • Siqua of Landroval Says:

        I’m not sure the Devs have any clue what they are doing. They keep breaking our legs to fix a sore tooth. What are they going to try next? Decapitation?


  3. Gliredhel Says:

    Ah — time for the minds that are mindful to figure out the break-point on Fate, once again.


  4. Andy Says:

    Dartboard maths!

    Little known about branch of the subject that game devs turn to when they poke things that work hard enough to break them and need a duct tape solution rather than admitting they should have just left things alone in the first place.


    • Siqua of Landroval Says:

      I would feel better if they *were* using a dartboard. At least changes would be random rather than malevolent.


      • Andy Says:

        That’s one of the underlying flaws with this branch of maths.

        To reach true mastery you need to be able to find the correct balance between sobriety and steamin’. Measures such as finding pork scratching or late night kebab appetising are usually good indicators that the numbers will be wrong.


  5. Goreamir Says:

    Oh boy…I don’t even want to log in now and see what happened with power and fate. This sounds bad.


  6. Cretgren Says:

    Well, cappy’s IDOME fate buff is equal to the other buffs again.



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