Update 10.1 Store Updates

April 4, 2013


Turbine has published a store update for Update 10.1 yesterday morning listing the changes to the LOTRO Store.

See the forums for the store offer update post by QuartermasterU.


New Items

  • +100% Mark Acquisition
  • +100% Infamy/Renown – Can be used by both sides.
  • +100% Crafting XP
  • Tier 8 Relic Pack (x1/x5)

Items Modified

  • Tier 5 Relic Pack: Pricing has been lowered to 450 (x1) and 2025 (x5)
  • New offers are now at the Character Mannequins through-out Middle-earth for the price of 50 Mithril coins.

Items Removed

  • Morale Potions (tier 1-7)
  • Power Potions (tier 1-7)
  • Morale Potions (tier 8 + 9) x5 (25 stacks are still available)
  • Power Potions (tier 8 + 9) x5 (25 stacks are still available)

Known Issues

Mithril coin Mannequin offer: Ceremonial Mark of the West set’s Trousers does not have a unique look assigned and will appear to be missing. The rest of the set is unaffected. The fix is slated for Update 11.

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6 Responses to “Update 10.1 Store Updates”

  1. Flixxer Says:

    There is also a new temporary steed


  2. Tosca Says:

    mannequin outfits went up. The last set were 20 mithril coins. :( That’s a big jump!


    • TheElvenTailor Says:

      I know, I thought I had died and gone to heaven with a whole set being only 20 mithril coins :( 50 is about 425 TP. Hopefully this is the set price – if it goes up any more I’ll gladly stick to farming marks/medallions.


    • Hobbitmeister Says:

      Just my theory. I think the reason the initial price with mithril coins being introduced and only 20MC is to help motivate people to blow through their initial MC quickly that they got from conversion. With most people now out of MC, they would have to buy more w/ RL$$. Raising the price of MC wouldn’t look to good this early after introduction, sooo…just raise price of goods.


  3. Rabbitses Says:

    I found the Steed of the Night hanging around in Snowbourne! Finally was able to buy it! Also I saw a Steed of Dagorlad which looked pretty nice, I hadn’t seen it around before.But yeah its too bad the mannequins went up to 50 mithril coins. I did buy the set that was on the elf female mannequin, I really like the shoulders and the cloak is real nice too!



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