Weekly Store Sale Starting April 5, 2013

April 4, 2013



The following items are on sale from April 5-11. Below you will find the sale listings as well as our recommendation on purchasing.

Free Sample of the Week

Universal-PotionUniversal Power Potion x1

Drinking one of these potions heals a large amount of Power initially, and a smaller amount every two seconds for ten seconds. This potion always heals an amount appropriate to your level

Use Coupon Code: POW9

Limited Time: Steed of Dagorlad



This steed had barding made of rugged black leather and chainmail, with a sword and shield accessory.

This steed has 250 health and allows you to travel 68% faster than running on foot, making it faster and stronger than many other mounts! You will also be granted a set of War-steed cosmetics inspired by the Travel Mount.

Store Location: Travel & Housing -> Mounts -> Store Exclusive
(note I couldn’t actually find it here, I had to search for Dagorlad to find it)
Levels: 5+
1,995 TP

If you have a screenshot to share of this steed, please email it to us! I’d like a screenshot of the travel mount, the war-steed and the war-steed with the cosmetics dyed if possible!

Weekly Sale

Shared Storage

20% Off

Share items among your characters on the same server!

  • Easily manage shared items
  • Start with 20 slots; up to 110 extra slots available
  • Filter and search for items by name


Store Location: Account → Account Storage
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: I love my shared storage and I’ll tell you why. Mailing stuff to alts one item at a time is annoying. This gives a shared location for all my alts to share things like crafting materials, food, sharable store boosts, or in my case overflow cosmetics. If you are doing a lot of swapping of items all over between characters, I highly suggest you consider picking this up.

Vault Upgrades

20% Off

Store more!

  • Store and organize your character’s items!
  • Increase your number of vault storage slots by 15 per Vault Upgrade; up to 195 slots available (every character receives a 30-item vault for free).
  • Filter and search for items by name!


Store Location: Character → Vault Storage
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: More space is always a good thing. You’ll always find something that you’ll want to keep. I will note that while you can buy all the vault upgrades in the store, only upgrades 7+ are store exclusive. All other vault upgrades can be purchased in game with in-game currency. I would recommend spending your pretend gold before dishing out your turbine points.

Inventory Bags

20% Off

Increase the amount your character can carry! Unlock a 4th, 5th, and 6th Inventory Bag for all characters on your account – an extra 15 slots each!


Store Location: Account → Account Storage
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: I personally have no idea how anyone could survive with only three bags. VIPs do get bags 4 and 5 free (everyone has to buy the 6th) and if you downgrade from VIP to Premium you do keep the bags for any characters you logged in during your VIP time.  It is an account wide purchase although you do have to buy each of the two additional bags separately and all your characters on every server will have all five bag slots open to them.

Currency Cap

20% Off

Carry unlimited gold!

  • Remove the restriction on currency from all current and future characters created on your account!
  • Allows you to buy a Deluxe house, which grants even more storage!


Store Location: Account → Currency Cap

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: The currency cap can be annoying and this definitely is a worthwhile purchase. Bonus that it is an account wide purchase. It is free for VIP and if you downgrade from VIP to Premium to get to keep the unlimited gold cap, however it is only for characters you created while VIP. I think if you don’t plan on VIP for any length of time, this is a worthwhile purchase as an account unlock for all your characters including any future ones.

Experience Disabler

50% Off

Feel like you’re leveling too fast, and want to slow your character’s progression down?
When equipped, this item disables character experience earning from monster kills, crafting, and quest completions. This item is equipped into your pocket item slot. This item binds to your character when you equip it.
Note: Only disables experience used to gain character levels. Does not disable Legendary Item, War-steed, or Crafting experience.


Store Location: Buffs & Boosts→ Advancement →XP
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: This is the first time I’ve seen this item on sale and that it is 50% off makes it pretty significant. Understand this gets a “meh” simply because there will be plenty of folks who will have no interest in stopping their experience. If you are one who will find this useful to your play time this is definitely the time to buy!

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17 Responses to “Weekly Store Sale Starting April 5, 2013”

  1. Avatar of Fredelas
    Fredelas Says:

    I wish the Experience Disabler could somehow be a perk for VIP subscribers. VIPs already get rested XP for free, so I think disabling XP for free would be a good fit, too.


    • Eva Says:

      Or at least be bound to account. I’m not going to get it for one character only, even when it’s for sale.


      • Algaffer Says:

        I too wish it was account wide or in some other way better.

        I bought one each on two accounts despite the original price for two reasons: First, I had said many times that I wanted this feature and was willing to pay for it. Second, I wanted to show there is demand for it.

        I have very much enjoyed the two I have, one equipped from level 1 on a completionist captain and the other on a burglar in the mid 70s where I wanted to start Rohan on-level (and do much of it under-level.)

        Now that the long-awaited sale is here, I will buy a few more. I don’t even know which characters I want them for but by purchasing we can both show that we want them and that we want a lower price.

        I say now to anyone who even remotely wants to disable XP, buying now is the only way to show Turbine how we feel about the current item and inspire future development, so please do.


  2. Langman Says:

    The Dagorlad-steed stand at the Snowbourn stable-master, at least it was there on Laurelin earlier tonight (European time. I forgot to take a screenshot of it!

    I really think it’s one of the nicest warsteed armours so far…The rugged look is something I like a lot. It would look great on my guardian’s trusty steed! I guess I’ll throw my principles over board again and buy some more TP’s!

    Langman Elmroot of Laurelin


  3. Gwinren (Landroval) Says:

    Experience disabling as a pay-for item is annoying, but I’m very happy to see it on sale – I’ve been hankering for one since I hit 70 (75 now) and leveling has been way, way too fast recently. At least I can enjoy my last 10 levels in a leisurely pace and finish a few zones :)

    Just yesterday I googled to see whether it’s been on sale ever. Whee!


  4. Siqua Says:

    Vault-space sales are always good. I just bought some, but I’ll get some more. I spend more Turbine points on vault space than anything else.

    I’ve been enjoying the XP Disabler. I had intended to buy only one to use to keep my from out leveling my gaming buddy, but even though even the sale price is too high, I think I’ll end up using them on most of my characters.

    I don’t usually buy the store-only horses, I’ll grind reputation with eleven factions to get a horse before I’ll drop TP on one, but this one looks pretty good. I’m really tempted.


  5. Rasmius Says:

    I’ve had 40G sitting in overflow from opening a mail-transfer over a year now on my ftp account. Thrilled the gold cap is finally within reach! 395 to 316!


  6. Mericc Of Nimrodel Says:

    *cheers about the exp disabler sale* At least it makes it palpable to get for one or two characters at least. I still, like others feel that it should have been an included free feature from the start, but one takes what one can get.


  7. Avatar of MagonDead
    MagonDead Says:

    Enhanced Wallet or a sixth inventory bag? Which worths it more?


    • Damper Says:

      Both… Depends on where you are, levelwise. The higher you get (50 and up), the more tokens you acquire (every area has it’s own currency). Also festivalstuff, taxidermy-items and almost anything you can barter in general goes in there. So if your vault is overflowing with these kind of items, by all means, go get the barterwallet.
      6th bag is what it is, a sixth bag :) Expect it to be full in no time, you get used to it.
      So all in all, barterwallet is excellent in the long run while the 6th bag is kind of a short-term solution, in my humblest of opinions.


    • Diamint of Vilya Says:

      Enhanced wallet, all the way. I collect so many festival tokens, barter tokens, taxidermy items and I don’t even know what else. Way more than the 15 slots an extra bag will get you.


  8. Danania Says:

    Nice! Yay for a new horse.
    As always, thanks for keeping us informed on the sales. :)


  9. Prighild Tussletoe Says:

    The down side of the Experience Disabler is that everyone is always asking “why’d you turn off XP gain?” and explain umpteen times a day. :/


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Is it like a buff so they can see you have it on or how do they know?


      • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

        There’s a Up arrow with a line through it as a buff so others can tell you’re using it, and as one more notice to yourself so you dont forget about it.

        Or they could inspect you and see it equipped.


    • Frandoc Says:

      I have been using the disabler ever since it went live, and I have never been questioned about it ingame.


    • Andy Says:

      Just say to them why not.

      I think the only ones that would query anybody using a disabler are those that I’ve made a small fortune off selling overpriced xp boost scrolls on the AH.

      Some people are fixated on the mythical endgame and have to get there as fast as possible. Whereas a lot of people realise that the destination is just a small part of the journey.


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