Dev Diary: Mounted Combat 2.0

May 10, 2013


LOTRO - Whitshaws 03Turbine released a Developer Diary today focused on the upcoming changes that Mounted Combat will be undergoing in Update 11.  It seems that the team had two main issues that homed in on during this go-around.

  • Problem #1: Players have to spend trait points in the movement tree in order for their steed to move in an acceptable manner
  • Problem #2: Players feel a distinct disconnect when their class mounts a War-Steed. Skills and traits don’t do enough to reinforce the identity of the class.

And although the first problem was something that they felt was a “no-brainer” (They removed the movement tree and built it into the war steeds),it took a bit longer for them to resolve the second issue.

Eventually they came to the conclusion that they would replace the movement tree with class-specific trees.  This meant designing 8-10 new traits for each of the 9 classes “…for a total of 80+ traits.”  And although the traits will be new for mounted combat, they will be familiar in their nature. (Buffs, enhancements, taunts, fears, capstones, etc.)

Other changes were also made to “polish” the other trait lines:

  • Heavy War Steeds lost 0.5 meter per seconds off their max speed, but gained Armour and Endurance.
  • The Light War Steed had their max power and power regeneration increased.
  • Some skills were improved or altered in order to fill in any “holes” in the remaining trees.
  • DPS and power usage were further balanced

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12 Responses to “Dev Diary: Mounted Combat 2.0”

  1. Thundertrain Says:

    I’m guessing they will release more detailed information when the update notes come out on Monday, but it seems like a reasonable direction to take MC. Looking forward to it!



  2. Byrcha of Landroval Says:

    Hmm, I am hoping for a more fundamental fix for warsteed maneuvering re rubberbanding on unseen objects?


  3. Sierra Says:

    I, too, had hoped that this would address the rubberbanding and general jerky motion that seems to happen on any warsteed, even out of combat. I’ve taken to swapping back to non-warsteed mounts when I’m unlikely to be in combat just because the graphics issue is so unpleasant for me.


  4. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Agree that spending points on getting the warbus to actually move like a horse was a bit much.

    I still think they give you far far too many points to spend on the talent tree over the course of the horses levelling. And I’ve yet to see anything hinting in an overall improvement of the playability of mounted combat. Light horse is still pretty much a guarantee of lag/rubberband related deaths even during off peak hours on a server.


  5. Andrewin Says:

    I have 6 Mbit/s internet connection and live in Europe. I struggle to use mounted combat (MC) – I use it only if I REALLY have to. I hate mounted combat for just one simple reason – moving servers to USA made MC unplayable in Europe! My ping is 100-300ms which successfully repel me from MC.


    • Mephet Says:

      I’m also from Europe but haven’t had many problems besides occasional rubberbanding and slowing down (nothing game-breaking though). I wonder if there’s something else adding to the problems you experience? Maybe it varies from country to country? Anyway, the problems with MC are not all Europe-wide, at least not in my experience. :) I do hope Turbine continues to work on it so that everyone can play MC without all these issues. This update will be a step in the right direction, but there will still be work to be done.


    • Ian Says:

      If it’s any consolation I’m om 30mbps and was previously using 4, its still iffy, speed is still erratic, still crash through objects, rubber banding.

      My personal pet peve it’s hit and miss actually selecting a speed, select 3/4, get full speed 90% of the time. Move down from 3/4 to 1/2, get 1/4 most of the time. et al.


  6. susan Says:

    I’m excited to hear of this new outlook on MC and making it more class specific. This may make me sign back into game and give Rohan another go.

    However, I am depressed they took an already slow as crap steed (heavy) and made it slower. It was already tough as nails and didnt need more armor/strength. It needed movement in order to keep up with the zergs for Warbands (always killed in seconds of spawn so you have to race to it in order to get a stupid hit in) and to be able to solo effectively.

    So unless they nerfed the ranged classes OP in MC it seems they screwed the pooch on the heavy melee once again.


    • mmicnova Says:

      i use a light steed on my guardian because the heavy one has no real purpose. with the new changes i just sit on the horse and don’t even bother to move, 3-4 shots and a regular 11k mob is dead. it’s not mounted combat, it’s combat while on top of mount. and did i mention that my light steed takes little to no damage anyway? and no real cost to power? why on earth would i want a medium/heavy?
      however, riding from mob to mob or just from point a to point b is so dreadful that i’d rather walk (not run, use insert key) on my own two feet. so what is it that they actually fixed? i was unkillable before on a light steed, i am unkillable now but even more so. but the movement is the same, and i’m beginning to think more and more that my alts will just stay at lvl 50 and forget all the expansion madness even exists.
      on a brighter note, rift’s going f2p since 12 june. all areas, all raids :D


  7. Ian Says:

    War steed movement is pretty abysmal, it’s a half finished system at the moment.

    I really don’t want to have to play it when logging in.


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