Episode 195: The Fredelas Report

May 12, 2013

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BabyHobbitThis week we discuss the upcoming launch of Update 11 and the developer diaries that released this past week.

This week Goldenstar’s Dum group had a group of 4 Dums and decided to return to Carn Dum to clean up some older quests they’ve had in their logs for a long time.

Merric keeps forgetting his universal tool in his vault. He may have said something else but this is all I remember.

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Hey GS,

It me again. I was inspired by you guys and made a  Hobbit Hunter on Landroval named Aehro (pronounced “Arrow”), he’s 20 now and in The Council of Secret Fire; thanks for the link.

I also made a couple of Creeps: A Weaver named Yipreth and a Warg named Yipsnarl. I wanted to see what night you guys played your creeps and maybe meet you guys out on the Moors.

Thanks again for the great podcast, hope to see you in game.




Hi, Goldenstar,

I found a place where they have “lifetime” LOTRO accounts for sale.  I wrote to Turbine to ask if it was legal, they never answered me.  Is it legal for me to buy a lifetime account?  It seems to me Turbine wouldn’t like that too much, since they lose their yearly subscription if someone has lifetime.  Do you know anything about this?

Thank you,



Hi Merric & Goldenstar,

I hope you don’t mind that I write to ask you guys for a bit of a favour.

Our kin, Aurora Australis, has been a strong and active kin on the Elendilmir server since 2007 thanks to our leaders, Barn and MrsBarn.

In January 2012, Barn swallowed a chicken bone, which unfortunately perforated his bowel and was the start of a massive and heartbreaking journey for their family. A string of infections and operations followed, and he nearly died (he was given his last rites). Throughout this time, MrsBarn stayed strong for their two children and was pregnant with their third, giving birth to their daughter, Aurora, at the same time as Barn was having surgery.

Now, a year and some months later, it looks as though Barn can head home to be with his family, but they are trying to raise funds for medical equipment as well as some modifications to their home, as it will still be quite some time while Barn goes through rehab and continues to recover. I was wondering, if it’s ok with you guys, to please include a link to their fundraiser page in your show notes, and I ask people to please donate if they are able. Any little bit helps.

More information can be found on the fundraiser page at:


There is a Youtube clip on there which explains the whole story (you need to turn captions on so that the text shows).

I know it’s asking a lot of you and your listeners, but I figured it didn’t hurt to ask for a little help for some fellow members of the LOTRO community, if possible.

Thanks for your podcast, which I love listening to every week, even now when I’m taking a LOTRO break!

All the best,


Aurora Australis

Elendilmir server

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Recorded May 11, 2013

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5 Responses to “Episode 195: The Fredelas Report”

  1. Lilikate Says:

    Thanks for the podcast, totally cute baby hobbit cameo. Have a fantastic holiday and I shall look forward to your return in June. XXX


  2. Danania Says:

    Thanks for being awesome. :)


  3. Kirabel Says:

    Thanks so much for reading my letter/publishing it. It truly is appreciated. Have a great well-earned break :)


  4. Kirabel Says:

    Although the link provided is actually correct (fundrazr.com/campaigns/4UqB4) for some reason the direct link has put a ‘t_blank’ at the end of the address so it comes up as a page not found. The correct link is definitely fundrazr.com/campaigns/4UqB4

    Thanks! :)


  5. JP Says:

    Leonard Nimoy – The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins



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