LOTROShots: Ding!

May 5, 2013



By Tulon2

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9 Responses to “LOTROShots: Ding!”

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  3. Emma Says:

    Nice shot!


  4. susan Says:

    what a great idea for a picture :)


  5. Pointy Says:

    WHere is this? It’s very pretty and I MUST stand on top of that archway! :D


    • Tulon Says:

      Its in the ettenmoors, and you can no longer get on top unless you still happen to have mount speed buff. I actually have some better shots up there, sorry that most of my pics still include the emote plugin in there.


      • Pointy Says:

        Thanks! :) What’s mount speed buff? I’ve got loads of random crap in my vault, I may just have one. How come you need that to get on top?

        I love the new look of Bree. Don’t love that you can no longer roof run. I liked climbing… ;)


  6. Limm Says:

    Cool shot! :)


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