LOTROShots: Erase Dread

May 26, 2013


EraseDread (Montmany)

By Víctor_50mm

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8 Responses to “LOTROShots: Erase Dread”

  1. Avatar of Elinnea
    Elinnea Says:

    That is one gorgeous picture. Wow.


  2. Ariaen Says:

    Thanks for posting the picture, but i need to say that this is a screenshot made by my dear friend Montmany (Laurelin server). This time i am just a messenger.


  3. Skuin Silkbeard Says:

    It’s a beautiful screen shot, really, but what are we looking at? Where is this place. I don’t recognize it all. And what’s happening here?


  4. Hugestaff of Windfola Says:

    Is that Moria?


  5. Mericc Of Nimrodel Says:

    It’ looks like the 1st Hall of Moria, standing on the bridge. I will agree, that is one awesome screenshot :)


  6. Montmany Says:

    Hi all: Thanks at all for the greetments and comments.

    Taked the pic on the Khazâd-Dúm Bridge, where Gandalf had the fight with the Balrog. The avatar is looking up cause is doing the skill of a Rune-Keeper to erase Dread. I was thinking was a good place to do it ;))

    Thanks again and enjoy this awesome game! :D


  7. Montmany Says:

    P.D. Right: is Moria :))


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