Obsidian Steed Available Through May

May 1, 2013


The new store exclusive steed for the month of May is Obsidian Steed. This steed appeared in the store starting on May 1st and will be available in the LOTRO Store through May 31st.

Turbine added a full size screenshot for this steed on their web site!

obsidian steed

This mount is as fast (+68%) and same morale (250 HP) as the previous store exclusive mounts with the same price tag. This steed is a per character purchase so be sure you spend the Turbine Points on the character you want riding this.

Danania AKA Supergirl of the fabulous danania.net has sent us some pictures of the war-steed in the game including a look of how it dyes. Here is a screenshot of the horse with black hide and the cosmetics dyed crimson. As you can see the blue stays and its sort of little detail sections on the steed that dye.

danania20685 obsidian warsteed blackhide crimsontrim

Since people have been asking about the wingspan of this steed, Danania has also sent in a screenshot of a straight on view to show this. She calls them “leg shields”. Thank you Danania!!

danania20703 obsidian horse legshields

Purchasing this steed will also allow you the use of the appearance items for your War-steed (does not include hide/tail coloring).

Store Location: Travel & Housing -> Mounts -> Store Exclusive
Levels: 5+
1,995 TP

If it is just the stats of the horse you are looking for, there are in-game alternatives. The Elf Ambassador and World Renown horses have equal stats but a different look. If it is the look or the cosmetics of this steed that has you enamored, this is your only option.

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30 Responses to “Obsidian Steed Available Through May”

  1. Avatar of Fredelas
    Fredelas Says:

    All right, who poured the Red Bull in the horse trough?


  2. Raedwyn Says:

    I saw this on Laurelin tonight. The Red Bull ‘wings’ are not as pronounced in game as they appear to be in the picture!

    Looks good – nicely textured.


  3. Avatar of Artemis
    Artemis Says:

    It’s not teal or Pink, at first I didn’t like it but it’s growing on me and Raewyn said the wings aren’t that bad… so I am starting to like it. :-)


  4. Mave Says:

    I actually got a chance to test these cosmetics on Bullroarer before mounted combat was released, and I loved them. They look a lot better than this picture would imply. Not worth $20, but if there’s ever a sale I may grab that one.


  5. Avatar of Kiralynn of Rohan
    Kiralynn of Rohan Says:

    I love the graphics of LOTRO better than any MMO because they are more down-to-Earth and medieval in feel, without the uber-epic, physics-breaking, Anime-style gear I see in other games. I hope this steed, and some of the armor pieces I’ve seen lately, don’t mean that the design team at Turbine feels the need to give us “MOAR AWESOMESAUCE!” items.


    • Isilwren Says:

      Guild Wars 2 has amazing graphics too. A lot of the armour pieces can be substituted with more modest but class appropriate gear. In fact, a lot of the armor in GW2 (especially medium classed sets) are pieces I would rather see in LOTRO versus the ugly lizard skin pieces acquired at the lower levels. They actually look like something Aragorn might have worn.


  6. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Wonder whats in the next edition of pimp my ride middle-earth edition.

    Have to say though the wings have done a cracking job of drawing the eye away from that odd spiky looking halter.

    To balance things out I’ll compliment the fact it contains neither blond sorrel not teal.


  7. Kazren Says:

    Not to my taste. I would have thought with that great name that they’d be black with black harness.


  8. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    “If you think we look silly, you should see what our humans are wearing!”


  9. Gabrieyel of Dwarrowdelf Says:

    Oh My Goodness, who the heck do they have designing these things. Who ever it is, knows absolutely nothing about horses and what horses would and could actually wear for one, and second, they absolutely have no fashion sense. What ever happened to the the old adage “less is more?”


    • tule Says:

      I agree, this is pretty awful, out of a long stream of awful looking horse designs. This horse seems to be designed for the person who thinks spiky armor is cool. Like so many of the recent horses, it’s meant for armor lovers rather than horse lovers.


    • Avatar of beriahim
  10. susan Says:

    absolutely ridiculous. looks like they copied and pasted parts of the winged steed and all the other ugliest bits off the others. must be an inside joke by the artists


  11. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    The “realism” of the horse/pony items doesn’t bother me, nor does the appearance. After all, we’re talking about a setting which takes elves, dragons, orcs and magic items for granted, so whether barding would actually work on a real horse is immaterial. Appearance is largely a matter of personal preference, and while I think many of the in-game horses are unattractive (store or otherwise), it seems enough people like them to make it worth Turbine’s while.

    My biggest problem with the store mounts is still the price; I think $20 for a per-character in game kount is an exhorbitant fee. If it were 1995 TP for an account-wide steed, I’d consider a couple of them.


  12. Moraiwe Says:

    Well… it… it will certainly challenge the fashion bloggers who try to match outfits to mounts! That’s a good thing, right? A challenge? *looks about desperately*

    I suppose if your warsteed is a heavy and you enjoy smashing into orcs, this might be your thing, but my hunter thinks her light steed would injure itself trying to make the tight turns it is currently traited for.


  13. Avatar of dtchris
    dtchris Says:

    omg why do they come out with the really hot {nice} looking steeds AFTER I spend most of my TPs?


  14. Mave Says:

    It really isn’t as crazy as people are saying it is. Here’s an outfit I made using some of those items during ROR Beta http://i.imgur.com/KKTzEgw.jpg.


  15. Miluilim Says:

    I think they are going for Dwarven with this steed for several reasons.
    1) Remember the quest in Ered Luin that takes you all over and at the end the treasure vault has a black rock that was the first piece of Dwarven ore mined by Durin?
    2) The saddle has a definite “Mountain Peak” theme, something Turbine does frequently with the dwarves.
    3) Ornateness level and heavier design-Moria anyone? Especially Zelem-Melek.
    4) There’s even little black rocks on the tail piece, and the headpiece can be interpreted as a stylized crystalline structure, also giving credence to a mining theme.


  16. khorgrim Says:

    The only thing I want fairings on would be a motorcycle.


  17. Flosiin Says:

    Those winglets would protect against a line of orcs with pikes. Like in Gandolf’s scene when he charges down the mountain at Helm’s deep.


  18. Roxanne Says:

    In the future, please turn the horse around so that the light is not falling from behind it when you take a screen shot. The shadows make it much more difficult to see exactly what it looks like.



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