A Video Guide to Starting Hytbold

May 15, 2013

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While some players have multiple Thanes in Hytbold, but some have yet to even step into the realm of Isengard.  But for those looking towards the future, how do you start the Hytbold dailies? Thankfully for us Pineleaf is here to answer that question and show us how the system works!

See this guide on PVMPAndang’s YouTube Channel

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4 Responses to “A Video Guide to Starting Hytbold”

  1. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    Great job Pineleaf! You did a great job with yet another guide.


  2. balmrog Says:

    Grats Pineleaf, very good job and above all your wording and spelling is perfectly understandable also for non-English mothertongue, tnx!

    I COMPLETELY agree with you on the annoying thing that everytime you want to close the Legendary Items windows and you click just a little bit on the left, the store windows pops-up! :)


  3. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    For my first time through hytbold was a mess. A bug meant the mail didn’t arrive so I just wandered in and blundered through the dailies on offer.

    The information ingame was lacking to the point where I could see a lot of people giving up on it. Other than the evidence of an orc attack there didnt really seem to be anything that tied it into rohans story.

    I also raise an eyebrow that a large town with towers, walls and good defensible position got trashed while a small village down the road is able to fend off an attack with the help of a hobbit.

    There is a very good post on the forums that will hopefully be saved in the upcoming transfer. It outlines what quests are where, how the dailies setup functions and points you towards the correct quests for your primary set of gear.

    Without that guide and a GM eventually sending me the letter I’d have ignored the place on my mini and every other subsequent character. As with a lot of turbine idea’s, the concept is good but the execution is a wee bit lacking.


  4. susan Says:

    this will help immensely those new to the area and hopefully they wont be caught like me following the other players who seem to standing and gazing at the burned out buildings en masse. Most confusing area ever. I just didnt get the whole idea of every player seeing a different hybolt according to their own progression.


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