Player Achievements of the Week

May 10, 2013

Player Achievements

Each week we ask you to share your successes in Middle Earth with the rest of the community. Post a comment letting us know what you’ve accomplished this past week. We will pick comments at random to read on the podcast giving you a chance for a little shout out for yourself! Our shout-outs are only as good as the information we get so remember:

  • Don’t forget to add your character name, what server you play on and, if you like, add your Kinship if you have one.
  • Please keep your posts brief. We won’t be able to read full novels of your adventures. At least make it so we can easily sum it up!
  • Do not be afraid to post any of your achievements. We don’t care if you just saved Archet or finished up Hytbold. We want to hear from you!

These shout outs will appear in tomorrow tonight’s recording of A Casual Stroll to Mordor Podcast. You are welcome to join us live at 9:30pm Eastern! First time joining us live? See our post on how to join CSTM’s live broadcast. Comments for this thread will be closed after recording as this is a weekly thing. If you missed this week’s cut off, don’t fret! A new thread just like this one will appear next Friday.

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13 Responses to “Player Achievements of the Week”

  1. Avatar of krissonofpark
    krissonofpark Says:

    Nothing high level or recent content, but Sylien, Captain of Crickhollow picked up her sixth Kindred (the Rangers of Esteldin), watched the Fellowship leave Rivendel and was able to enter Moria for the first time.


  2. TSU Says:

    Arwynneth,lv31 Champ Tailor on Windfola finally got busy with the bee after handing in over 300 tasks!


  3. Avatar of DJPimpDaddy
    DJPimpDaddy Says:

    Spent my entire week grinding through the first 3 zones of Moria. Oddly this is the first time in Lotro where everyone I come across in the dark wilds is super helpful and just not pure ignoring each other for solo play. There were several times where I was almost overwhelmed and a mystery player ran in and fought a few mobs off. I returned the favor with a few drive-by healings to a few players fighting various packs. I can’t recall the elf’s name but I role-play shared a “Hazaa!” and a tankard of Barliman’s Best on top of one of the lengthy spanning bridges. I find myself equally getting lost in the twisting maze of paths as well as trying to understand the relic master panel. Ahhh Moria…

    ~ DJPimpDaddy

    Urnornuiranor of Windfola
    Leader of the “The Tardy Wizards” kinship
    ~Now recruiting solo players only. We are the most anti social rank 9 kinship out there.~


  4. Thundertrain Says:

    After a occasional grinding and a long respite while his friend was levelled to 85, Thundertrain of Windfola (Champ) FINALLY finished rebuilding Hytbold. Now he ust has to run a few more dailies to get armor for my level 85 warden Andurnath, who has taken an oath to skip Hytbold completely. As far as he’s concerned, it’s already been rebuilt.



    • Avatar of Kazren
      Kazren Says:

      Hi, Thundertrain – the benefit of doing some Hytbold is to get your war steed leveled up. Just a thought.


      • Thundertrain Says:

        A valid point, but my warden still has a good bit of landscape questing left to do, including finishing the epics. There’s a chance I may have used a few XP boosters along the way to get him to 85. :)


  5. Saurio Says:

    Not so much an achievement as a curious observation- I was riding up the center pathway through Hytbold when suddenly a Rohirrim fell from above onto my head. (It’s raining men!) I also finally completed Dar Nubugud. Seems 6 level 85s are much more effective than 12 level 60s.

    Saurio of the Lords of Moria on Riddermark


  6. Avatar of Kazren
    Kazren Says:

    On Elendilmir I got my younger Guard Elricwhitewolf up to 75 and he’s got his war steed and is doing the epic quest line now into Rohan. My Warden Koffey made 85, so now 9 of my 12 on this sever are 85 and 9 out of 12 won war-steed apperance gifts from the Anniversary (even those who are too low level to use them yet!) Koffey also won an Ancient Riddermark Scroll and sold it for a huge sum of Gold, so she will never be poor again.

    On Landroval my Warden Elryyk is still rebuilding Hytbold, doing the war bands (he can solo Kramp) and supplying crafting materials to all the lower levels I have there. Last Saturday I started a new RK Elriannon and got him up to level 22 by Sunday evening!

    Have fun in Middle Earth – that’s what it’s all about.


  7. Eirlog Says:

    The hunter Eirithnui (eye-Rith-new-ee) and the warden Theunwantedone, both officers of May it Be on Riddermark successfully completed tier 2 challenge mode of Haudh Valendil as a duo! It may have taken 2 hours, but man those 5 seals felt so sweet!


  8. Beryline Says:

    Dragged my spouse to the Dawning Eclipse 6th anniversary celebrations on Windfola (thanks for inviting us, Giggles), and got to fail miserably at Tolkien trivia and see some amazing fashions and warsteeds in the outfit contest. We were excited to see Goldenstar show up, as well as Carimac of LOTRO reporter, who judged the contest. Good times were had by all. Wish we could have stuck around for the riddle race!

    Aderyn and Gerbilminion, Windfola


  9. Rorgg Says:

    The daily Hytbolding continues to dwindle as character #6 becomes a Thane, leaving only 3 behind to continue the daily questing. The Thane pack are all tasked to complete one task a day with the Captain doing another 20 or more this week, plus instance runs. Also, this week, in anticipation of the coming round tables (hint, hint) I reviewed eveyone’s virtues and have set all the Thanes to task by equipping the eventual virtues I want (no matter how low — “1″s in some cases) and focusing their deeding on those.


  10. Stu Says:

    After getting my PC back after 6 weeks in sea-freight (moving countries), I installed heaps of updates then logged in and promptly realised that, actually, I didn’t miss doing dailies to grid rep in Enidwaith. At least as an 85 hunter I can one-shot about half of the mobs. :)

    Stueyg, RotW – Gladden


  11. 69.5 Says:

    DrTeeth spent the whole week grinding levels to 84. He also achieved Kindred status with both the Men of the Wold and the Men of Norcrofts.


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