Player Achievements of the Week

May 17, 2013

Player Achievements

Each week we ask you to share your successes in Middle Earth with the rest of the community. Post a comment letting us know what you’ve accomplished this past week.

  • Don’t forget to add your character name, what server you play on and, if you like, add your Kinship if you have one.
  • Please keep your posts brief. We won’t be able to read full novels of your adventures. At least make it so we can easily sum it up!
  • Do not be afraid to post any of your achievements. We don’t care if you just saved Archet or finished up Hytbold. We want to hear from you!

Comments for this thread will be closed after recording as this is a weekly thing. If you missed this week’s cut off, don’t fret! A new thread just like this one will appear next Friday.

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8 Responses to “Player Achievements of the Week”

  1. Kazren Says:

    Wow, even on vacation you put this up for us. Thank you, Goldenstar!
    I’ve started the Wildermore area on both Landroval and Elendilmir. I’m not liking it much. It’s very grim and sad. I’m not motivated to return there, except I want the loot from the warbands. The problem is this, I’m not a heavy raider, so I never got the jewels to upgrade my Sutcroft jewelry, and now these Warband tokens we get in Wildermore don’t seem ilke they’ll do much for me. The only motivation left then, is marks and medallions.

    I’m also dissapointed in the Hobbit presents. It keeps giving my level 85 folk level 80 items, or else things they cannot use at all, like increased run speed. I’m not ungrateful, it’s nice they want to shower us with free stuff, I just wish we could pick the stuff or it was more level-approrpiate.

    On the happy side, my Burglar in Landroval, Raegemar, is now in possession of his first legendary weapon. He’s collecting pages from half-orcs in Eregion after a brief foray into Forochel, and at level 46, he’s wiping up those level 48 mobs!

    On Elendilmir my young Guard Elricwhitewolf is in the upper 70′s and on his war steed, and he’s completing the epic quest line this weekend up to the point where they meet at the training grounds in Harwick. The good people of Harwick have already directed him to Floodwen, so he’s got his work cut out for him.

    Happy hunting.


  2. Arathaert Says:

    I’ve had a great week – started off by getting a gold armour piece from the hobbit presents which was a pleasant upgrade. Finally getting around to Moria and gained two levels so far, putting me up to 54. I am proud to report I have yet to die in there! (Either in combat or falling to my death :P) Also, I found a great fishing hole and caught four trophy salmon in about half an hour, which was cool. And, last but not least, I finally got to equip my 2H LI second ager I’ve been waiting on for quite a few levels now… OP leveling here I come!

    Arathaert – lvl 54 Guardian – Gladden – Member of Rangers of the West


  3. Oriwalker Says:

    I am a lifetime LOTRO member that recently returned to the game a couple of weeks ago. Loving all the changes in the game! Orisai, my 58th level hobbit minstrel on Gladden server was happy to get her home back from the shire freeloaders barring the doors for unpaid rent. I was unable to see how many mithril coins I needed until AFTER I paid the back rent of 6 gold 300 silver (after shaking down all my Orii claim characters to get the money). Then I found it was 10 mithril coins a week for my deluxe house. Luckily no damage done by the mice and drunken hobbits that were squatting there. Kicked them out and threatened them never to darken my cozy hobbit hole doors again.


  4. Medhredhel Says:

    My main character Medhredel on Crickhollow finished all the quest in Wildermore today, and was welcomed to the kin of Wildermore as well. He just volunteered to help the Survivors of Wildermore as well. They will need a lot of help keeping things safe.


  5. trblmakers Says:

    Cathanwyn, Captain Lvl49, Knights Forgotten, on Brandywine. Helped dispatch the watcher for the Iron Garrison and entered Moria. Then promptly left for Angmar, not an improvement.


  6. Disasterman Says:

    “Drill Sergeant” Disasterman, my lvl 85 Captain on Withywindle, as part of the group from his kin, “The Family,” has successfully pioneered the two-cappies, one-loremaster approach to owning Swordhalls Challenge mode. Congrats to fellow Cappy Paps “The Heavy Hand O’ Healing” and Loremaster Descartes “The Scientist” on the winnings. It is now a 3-person farm for us.

    Using the same team, we redid Warg Pens challenge, also easier. We will be applying this to many other small-fellow instances in the very near future.

    Disasterman has also finished Shadows of Angmar, mopped up every deed from Bree through Eregion (except Cats and Grims in Forochel), and solidly emptied Dunland of all non-instance TP. The same day, he made “Saviour of Khazad-Dum” after killing one. Last. Kergrim. “The family” has also finally fielded a fully homegrown team of lvl 85s every day for Sambrog/Elendil and raid training. Deed sweeps beginning soon.

    Cheers, Withywindlers!



  7. Eoleof Says:

    I jumped ship from Crickhollow to Landroval this last week, and I’m loving the RP here! My Warden, Eoleof, has joined the Éored of the East-Mark and is riding east to the Mountains with the rest of ho company. I’ve been made very welcome on Landy. Thanks to everyone I’ve met!


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