Update 11 Release Notes

May 13, 2013


LOTRO - Balewood 04The Official Release Notes for Update 11 have been released today and they are huge.  They contain information about:

  • A new launcher (which I think is a huge step forward)
  • The new region of Wildermore
  • The continuation of the Epic STory
  • Mounted Combat updates
  • Lalia’s Market
  • Hobbit Gifts
  • Housing Upkeep and Foreclosure changes
  • A new alert panel
  • Changes to rest experience
  • and more!

Of course there are some hidden gems in them as well to bring a smile to your face, so check them out and let us know what you’re looking forward to (or dreading) the most!

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31 Responses to “Update 11 Release Notes”

  1. LucasEVille Says:

    The best part of the update?

    “The new launcher also respects your default browser setting. It will no longer default to IE when opening links.”


  2. Flixxer Says:

    am curious if there are new deeds for virtues or not… and also curious for the new hytbold kind a grind


    • Avatar of Vraethir
      Vraethir Says:

      On Bullroarer the deeds had no virtues associated with them and we did bug and comment on that in the forums. I never saw any added to them but hopefully they changed that before going live.


      • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

        As best we can tell, no substantive content changes were made between Bullroarer and live. One daily quest was disabled. The launcher seems to have gotten worse than the beta. I suggest looking into PyLotro if you need to get yourself in-game before things get sorted (patch with the regular first!)


  3. Nyrydin Says:

    I am happy:

    - The new launcher also respects your default browser setting. It will no longer default to IE when opening links. -> Should have been done a while ago!

    - Adjusted ALL crafting facilities to be used as regular and superior across the world. All non-unique facilities have had the word ‘Superior’ removed from their names. -> Finally! No more having to run to Esteldin to craft Tailor recipes requiring superior workbench!



    • Avatar of Mzrts12
      Mzrts12 Says:

      Bree has had complete superior crafting facilities for a while. dunno when it was but was pleasantly suprised. :D


    • dur Says:

      I disagree. I think that having specific things available only in some areas was awesome. like forging stuff with the dwarfs cuz this is part of the world.
      I can see where the games is going, its being simplified, made faster to level up, and generally dumbed down like most of the games nowdays so the “casual” player wont have to make the effort and god forbid “think”. its not enough that there are literaly ZERO puzzels or thinking quests this game will become more of a “click it untill its dead” thing.
      So sad to see this game going the way it does.


  4. Belwynne Says:

    Bravo Turbine. I’m on satellite link and downloading and patching the game has been a nightmare of truly epic proportions since day 1. This update was fast. It didn’t hang up. It didn’t shut itself off and require multiple restarts. I loved the new way it presented progress and process. I knew they were making launcher revisions but this surpasses every possible hope I had for the update.

    If the upgrades to the launcher are indicative, Turbine is absolutely making huge steps in the right direction. Bravo Turbine!


  5. Pasduil Says:

    Well, for me the update has broken the launcher entirely.

    Came here to see if there was discussion of problems and solutions.


    • Adam Says:

      yep, its broke, had the error loop and inititalising on one machine, and ‘an update error occured’, a 60 second time out, then rinse and repeat on the other.

      Usual release day nonsense, gonna have an evening doing some real crafting instead!


  6. Christoras Says:

    Cannot get past the connecting to patch server


  7. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Not a big fan of the alerts panel change.

    Before it was a strip that you could easily skim down and see whereas now it’s a large wobbly button that opens a tab listing what is in the panel.

    Not really seeing the point of the change other than to have a wobbly button on the screen.

    On the other hand MC for the mini feels better than it did and with the bubble the chances of surviving a lagspike increased nicely. Not looked at other classes yet.

    Laila’s Gapshop is an interesting idea but they should have used more than a mobile phone in the staff break room to record the back ground noises. The sounds quality is really poor and the clink of mugs doesnt fit into a clothing store.

    And so far the snow falling doesnt cripple the game half as much as the rain or fire’s of the other rohan zones.


    • Pointy Says:

      Yes, a thousand times YES. The new alerts thingie is HORRIBLE!

      The buttons are too big (although that can be fixed), and they’re too cartoony (which can’t). The design doesn’t fit the general asthetic. The vibrating button is awful and distracting. And it’s just not helpful. I could look before and see ‘oh, I completed a deed. and I have a new one’ at the same time without having to waste time opening other windows and then manually dismissing comments. I could see if I had mail at a glance.

      Congratulations, you broke something that didn’t need fixing in the first place – the only real flaw with it before was that every time you earned TP it added a separate button instead of stacking them together like the deeds.

      Anyone know of a plugin or something that will revert to the old alerts panel?


  8. Flixxer Says:

    just an update on twitter, they checking it now…


  9. Rinvan Says:

    The launcher hangs at “Initializing” for forever, then when it does get back to patching, it says an update error has occurred.


  10. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    Someone logged into withy earlier and mentioned that they’d lost all their characters. After a while someone asked if they were on the right server as the launcher has lost that check box.

    Can only assume that was the case as they vanished soon after and have yet to return to globallff.


  11. Lorgelas Says:

    Well looks like no LOTRO today. Oh well


  12. Pjotr Says:

    CSTM, thanks for putting up the release notes in a PDF :)

    It always makes things easier for me.


  13. Avatar of ralgel
    ralgel Says:

    “The item “Book of Love” now clearly
    states who wrote it”



  14. Thorgrum Says:

    The hobbit presents and the process in buying them are particularly bad. It functions fine but the slot machine look is, IMHO, in very poor taste. The mannequins in middle earth was when I realized that the game was no longer paramount that revenue was. Im okay with that, Ive made a lot of coin in my life off of consumers. Still a slot machine and an advert to spend more mithril coin to win more prizes is a horrible sell out IMHO.

    The content thus far is underwhelming, Great River was a jewel in an otherwise downward trend since Mirkwood. I had high hopes for this new region but thus far its not very good. Perhaps the content will get better as I progress but so far it feels rushed and slapped up. Its to bad because im sure someone spent a good amount of time on the code and writing the story lines. Overall a 3 out of 10, -3 for the hobbit presents.


  15. Haggis Says:

    No goblin presents for creeps! QQ


  16. Oriwalker Says:

    Does anyone know how to tell how many mithril coins you need to pay back rent on your home? I bought 100 this morning for a total of 115 but option to pay bank rent remains greyed out and now after the patch it doesn’t even tell you how much your back rent is in gold and silver. =/


  17. Cadronas Says:

    I am pretty happy with the hobbit presents. More than 3G for doing nothing more than logging in. I am only VIP for PVP reasons so nice to get something extra. I am amazed at the amount of whining in GLFF. I almost feel if Turbine paid everyone $50 a day for logging in that they would whine about that too.
    I haven’t been to the new area yet and never feel the rush on new releases to finish asap. I heard there is some good new jewelery etc so will check it out at some point soon.


  18. susan Says:

    Swung by Wildemore to have a looksee, as I am not VIP anymore and wanted to check before buying. Totally underwhelming zone. I found 3 warbands, they were difficult but not impossible, but very glitchy in the combat. One WB whose minions gave it the Protection buff, me and one other player could not find the minions. They were far away from the boss and then just stood there while we tried to kill them off, all the while the boss was circling around us in combat mode.

    it was pathetic. Guardian/heavy WS with Rohirrim discipline I just stood there and took minimal damage whilst the boss and all the minions beat on me. The mount did eventually take too much damage and I was dismounted, able to remount easily. happened twice more before we got tired of it and just stayed on foot to fight. Took a long long time but two of us finally put the WB down. During it while on WS it was so boring as we both were out of power and auto attacking by then, we just chatted in ‘say’ to each other how glitchy and boring it was. As a reward for this long fight the other player got 95 marks. I of course got some silver and task items as I didnt have the quests.

    The other WBs me and one other player were able to take down but offered more fight. We had to be more careful and agile and pick off the minions prior to the boss but still easy. I had not prepped for the area, was set for OP in gear and traits but still was able to beat the WBs in a hasty tank setup on the first go. My damage output was a real joke, but I could take a ton of hits.

    All in all more of the same, at times the rubberbanding was immense with full stops then pinging meters ahead.

    the area was pretty, the towns were nicely drawn. The mobs looked much like all the other mobs in game. The reputation armor/cosmetics/goodies were not outstanding other than some of the jewelry.

    I will not be buying the expansion pack tho I have the tokens to spend, I only regret not having the epic quests. The price for the zone is not exorbitant so I may give in and do it out of desperation in the future.


  19. Galenor Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that player music has been really badly affected for some reason? Is this a known issue and is it going to be fixed?


  20. Teladan Says:

    Cannot log in since the update. Everytime I press the ‘Enter’ button after writing my login data, nothing more happens. Updated all drivers but nothing helped :-(

    Anyone an idea?


    • AdamKickman Says:

      try openining the setting in the launcher and turning off proxy setting. I had to do this to run the game.



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