Update 11 Store Updates

May 13, 2013


Turbine has published a store update for Update 11 listing the changes to the LOTRO Store.

Unfortunately, there is no prices listed for their new items. I am not able to get into game and get these for you at this time but feel free to help out by posting in the comments below!

See the forums for the store offer update post by QuartermasterU.

New to the LOTRO Store:

  • Quest Pack: Wildermore – 150+ quests & deeds for level 85 Characters. (free to VIPs)
  • +5 Hope Tokens (90min) x1/x5
  • 100% Craft Crit
  • Random Relic Pack – Contains 1 random relic from tier 2-8
  • Relic Bundle – Contains 10 random relics from tier 4-6
  • Premium Relic Pack – Contains 5 random relics from tier 7-9

Item updates:

  • 100% XP boosts now include War-Steed XP

Price changes:

To match their new mithril pricing, the following 2 items have had their prices changed.

  • Reputation Acceleration – raised store price to 250 TP for base
  • Slayer & Skill Deed Acceleration – raised store price to 150 TP for base

Other Price Changes:

  • 100% Mark Boosts: x5/x10 = 450/875
  • 100% Infamy & Renown x5/x10 = 675/1300
  • 100% Craft XP x5/x10 = 675/1300

Removed from the Store:

  • Relic Packs Tiers 1-6
  • Daily Task Limit Increase (converted to mithril coins)
  • Task Reset (converted to mithril coins)
  • +5 Hope Token (40 min) x5
  • +5 Hope Token (40 min) x20
  • 25% War-steed XP Boost
  • 25% War-steed XP Boost x5

Other Updates:

Usage lines have been added to Equipment Dyes and Recipe Books to make clearer what they deliver.

Other Pricing changes:

This price change was active through the Anniversary Festival and will continue for future releases.

  • Reveller’s Gilded Bundle 2495 1795
  • Reveller’s Gilded Bundle – Account Wide 3495 2495
  • Reveller’s Gilded Mount 1995 1295
  • Reveller’s Gilded Mount – Account Wide 2995 1995
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16 Responses to “Update 11 Store Updates”

  1. jakob Says:

    when u say u are unable to get in to game, is it because your pc is too old ?


  2. Knify Says:

    Does anyone know how much TP the new area will cost for VIPs? And does anyone know if they increased the virtue cap and if the new deeds awards virtues?


    • AdamKickman Says:

      The Questpack is free to VIPs and i believe 755 otherwise.

      Also there are no new deeds other than rep in the new area from what I understand.


      • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:


        There are plenty deeds, but none of them give virtues. I’d have to do a more thorough check to see about titles.


    • hallagon Says:

      The new landscape deeds for Wildermore don’t contain virtues because with the introduction of Helms Deep, Virtues will be revamped with the corresponding trait revisions.


  3. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    100% Craft Crit ; This scroll contains long-forgotten crafting lore from the First Age. Upon using this scroll, the next time you craft an item, it will automatically be a critical. The bonus gained from this scroll lasts for 5 minutes, however it will only make the next item you craft automatically crit. The effect will be removed after the crit is successful. This scroll only affects production professions: Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker. 1 use. ; 995TP


  4. erunineriol Says:

    100% crafting crit?

    pay 2 “win” =(


    • Aethelbehrt Says:

      You can get the +100% crafting crit scrolls from the hobbit presents, or at least you could on Bullroarer. Bound to account though.


  5. susan Says:

    I can see the 100% crit scrolls selling well, nothing worse then finally getting a gold recipe and not having it crit.


  6. Odewulf Says:

    Wildermore is 795 TP for the questpack


  7. Thorgrum Says:

    100% crit chance scroll total p2w. If they drop from the hobbit presents and its more then rare then its not horrid. I imagine if they arent bind on acquire items those will sell for a pretty penny on the AH. I may yet hit 2500 gold on my hunter


  8. Steve Schaper Says:

    Does anyone know what the total TP is for Wildermore, also if it is possible to get reputation without purchasing it?


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