Update 11 Video Developer Diary

May 7, 2013


Turbine has uploaded a new video developer diary on Update 11: Treachery of the White Hand. This video is focused on the new region of Wildermore and the story and people we will be encountering there.

Descriptions of this new zone is shared by Turbine employees

  • Aaron Campbell, Senior Producer
  • Jesse Smith, Senior Content Designer
  • Lauren Salk, Senior Content Designer
  • Lucas Slominski, Associate Concept Artist

I have to say the description of the story arc for this area really has me excited! There’s an evil ice giant guy who is bad news in this zone. They gave some description of why this ice giant is up in northern Rohan pertaining to a secret of Morgoth that Saruman has found. I have no clue on the canon of such things but I’m still flipping excited to be like “AHHH ICE GIANT RUNNNNNN!!!”.

See the video on LOTRO’s YouTube channel.

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14 Responses to “Update 11 Video Developer Diary”

  1. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    The comment about the snow suddenly swirling up and other effects that mark this giants arrival has me worried a wee bit.

    I love snowy environments but my concern is that the game will tank the way it does when it starts to rain or have other similar stuff on screen. If this now marks the approach of possible death at the hand of a psychotic giant then this could prove to be a really hateful zone to play.


  2. Avatar of Fionnuala
    Fionnuala Says:

    I’m… confused. Did he say Thangorodrim? Do they even have rights to that? And why would a stone from Thangorodrim bring blizzards? Thangorodrim was not the fortress, it was the volcanic mountains above the fortress. The fortress was Angband. And it was full of furnaces from which Morgoth built up Thangorodrim with slag. I mean, I know that it was far in the north and north = cold, but the mountains and the fortress itself were hot. I don’t understand why a “stone of thangorodrim” would magically create blizzards. Also, are they going to explain how Saruman found a part of Thangorodrim in the east when it was in the north west and presumably sank with Beleriand? This story seems to be full of holes.


    • Avatar of Andang
      Andang Says:

      Supposedly it is Saruman that infused him with the cold powers


      • Avatar of Fionnuala
        Fionnuala Says:

        The video says that Saruman fused the relic from Thangorodrim to the giant guy to increase his powers and make him an “engine of destruction”. So it sounds to me like it’s the relic that is the source of the power. Otherwise, what would be the point of fusing it to a giant? I guess I’ll have to see how it’s actually played out in game, but this video gives me no confidence. And I was already one of the only people who ever criticize Turbine’s storytelling.


    • Avatar of Andang
      Andang Says:

      A little too ridiculous for me though…and I made a story about murderous chickens…


    • Arnor-man Says:

      The lore does seem stretched a bit on this one for me as well. How come Sauron didn’t find this relic of his master’s fortress first? He’d been thru the area a couple times on his way to Erigion during the Black Years. I love Lotro fantasy, but this seems a little SciFi fantasy for this game.


    • RoyalBob of DD Says:

      I think he was already a frost giant. The stone just intesifies his powers.


  3. Tuiliel Says:

    Wow, this looks weird. The whole giant fusing thing sounds too much like a science experiment gone haywire and not at all like a Tolkien story. I hope it plays out better than it appears from this video.


  4. Thorgrum Says:

    If it dosent lag then it should be cool, despite its age LOTRO still has some excellent scenery. Im not sure what would inspire me to hope for less lag as it kills parts of the game for me currently. Still, heres hoping.


  5. davidt Says:

    So I guess players are gonna want Frost Resistance/Mitigation for their toons? Is there going to be a run on that for cooks, armorers, etc.


  6. Avatar of Makalaure
    Makalaure Says:

    Maybe Sauron found the relic and brought it east but lost it again. Who knows. For me it’s just more land to gallop around on between roleplay and music sessions. ;)


  7. Gelthion Says:

    It does sound a bit unusual for Tolkien-based story, yet I’m accepting it since Saruman created the Uruk-hai from “Dark magic”. The book doesn’t really specify what exactly he did in terms of magic to create the Uruks. It leaves it to the imagination of the reader to speculate what kind of dark magic he used. In terms of this giant I’m going with the same position using that basis. I do have to agree it’s a pretty inventive idea and totally different from what Turbine has done in the past and I commend them for that. Can’t wait to play another icy place again :)



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