Weekly Store Sale Starting May 2, 2013

May 2, 2013



The following items are on sale from May 3 – 9. Below you will find the sale listings as well as our recommendation on purchasing.

Free Sample of the Week

+100% Infamy/Renown x1

Use Coupon Code: RANK3


This is a new scroll released with Update 10.1 that allows ability to be used by free players or monsters in the Ettenmoors.

Limited Time: Obsidian Steed

This steed has 250 health and allows you to travel 68% faster than running on foot, making it faster and stronger than many other mounts! You will also be granted a set of War-steed cosmetics inspired by the Travel Mount.

Store Location: Travel & Housing -> Mounts -> Store Exclusive
Levels: 5+
1,995 TP

See our post with pictures of the steed.

Weekly Sale

Select Quest Packs

20% Off

Quest Pack: Evendim:Unlocks over 200 quests and 3 instances for levels 30-40
Quest Pack: Forochel:Over 100 quests for levels 40-50
Quest Pack: Eregion:Over 100 quests & 2 instances for levels 48-53
Expand your journey! Explore new areas starting North of Bree and move on to greater adventures. Get access to new reputation factions, new deeds, and level your character through more Iconic lands in Middle-earth.


Store Location: Account → Quests & Content → Quest Packs
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: If you were looking to pick up a few zones you are missing, this is a great opportunity! 20% off isn’t the best sale we’ve seen for quest pack content but it’s still better than paying full price. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a quest pack sale so don’t hesitate!


20% Off

A Skirmish is a randomized re-playable instance that earns your character Skirmish Marks, which can be bartered for hundreds of items including crafting items, legendary items, armour, weapons, cosmetics, upgrades for your soldier, and more!

In addition to the free Skirmishes you can play, try adventuring into these premium Skirmishes:

  • Storm on Methedras- Assault the mountain hold of a familiar enemy! (Level 20-75+)
  • Attack At Dawn – Confront an attacking force and protect Esteldin! (Level 30+)
  • Stand at Amon Sul – Help defend Weathertop! (Level 25+)
  • Thievery and Mischief – Drive brigands from snowy Bree! (Level 30+)
  • Defence of the Prancing Pony – Prevent brigands from burning down the Inn! (Level 35+)
  • Ford of Bruinen – Repel waves of Sauron’s forces in the Trollshaws! (Level 40+)
  • Survival: Barrow-downs – Fight the Barrow-wights, Barrow-crawlers, Barghest & more! (Level 45+)


Store Location: Account → Quests & Content → Skirmishes
Levels: 25+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION by Pineleaf: Obviously my general response for skirmishes is Thumbs up, but you could guess that I am a bit biased in favor of skirmishes.

For more information about skirmishes, be sure to check out Pineleaf’s amazing Skirmish Primers!


20% Off

Instance Cluster: Rohan
With shadows rising in the East, Gandalf the Grey wonders what has become of the enemies and allies who partook in the great battle at the Lonely Mountain so long ago . . . and which ones might come together again in these dark times.

  • 3-Man: Iorbar’s Peak
  • 3-Man: Seat of the Great Goblin
  • 3-Man: Webs of the Scuttledells
  • 6-Man: The Bells of Dale
  • 12-Man: Flight to the Lonely Mountain
  • 12-Man: The Fires of Smaug
  • 12-Man: The Battle of Erebor

Instance Cluster: Isengard
Gather your companions and battle in five dangerous areas deep within Isengard! The Isengard Instance Cluster includes Fangorn’s Edge (3-man), Pits of Isengard (3-man), Dargnakh Unleashed (3-man), The Foundry (6-man) and The Tower of Orthanc (12-man).


Store Location: Account → Quests & Content → Raids & Instances

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: These are the latest and greatest instances the game has gotten and not bad to pick them up at 20% off. Note that if you have interest in other parts of these expansion packs (Rohan or Isengard) that you may want to look into purchasing the expansion. Depending on what all you want to pick up, it may be cheaper overall to buy the entire expansion over buying the pieces individually.

+100% Mark Acquisition (90 min)

20% Off

Earn +100% Skirmish Marks for 90 minutes! Skirmish Marks have many in-game uses!
- Can be redeemed for a very wide variety of items including armor, jewelry, weapons, crafting shards, single-use recipes, reputation items, cosmetic items, decorations, relics, and both minor and major class quest items
- Can also be spent on improving your character and personal skirmish soldier while in skirmishes
- 5 and 10 -stacks available

400 850

Store Location: Buffs & Boosts → Advancement → Skirmishes
Levels: 20+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION by Pineleaf: When you consider how many skirmishes I have completed, I’m not in the front of the line to get mark boosts. One of the members of my regular Wednesday group does use these consistently, so I know that some players find them useful. It all comes down to: are you willing to spend points to earn more marks? Remember that these only affect the marks earned within the skirmish (capturing control points, fending off counterattacks, saving defenders, and completing encounters). They do not help with other sources (barter, quest rewards, and deed rewards). These can also be purchased for destiny points if you are a VIP member.

Legendary Level Cap Increase

20% Off

Unlock an additional 10 item levels on a Legendary Item via this universal Scroll of Delving. Only one scroll can be used per Legendary Item. 1 use.


Store Location: Store Location: Goods & Services → Legendary Items → Scrolls
Levels: 50+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: These items are useful as they increase the levels on your Legendary Items by 10. They are available to earn in game through melding at a Relic-master, through some quests, and at the LI Skirmish Vendor.

Legendary Item Stat Upgrade

20% Off

Use this upgrade and gain a Star-lit Crystal to your inventory which increases your Legendary item’s stats. Please note that a Legendary item’s stats can only be increased a total of three times. Single and 3-stacks available.


Store Location: Goods & Services → Legendary Items → Scrolls
Levels: 50+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: These are the Star-lit Crystals introduced with Update 7. Up to three Star-lit crystals can be used on every upgradeable Legendary Item These get a meh just because they can be earned in game if desired. Star-lit Crystals can drop from the final encounter in any instance or Skirmish above level 50. In addition, each boss in a raid has a chance to drop crystals.

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  1. Cory Says:

    I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the mark boost does work on some quests. Unless it changed, it boosts the marks awarded from Durchest at the very least.


  2. Gliredhel Says:

    Ah, good — Star-lit Crystal sale this week means Legacy Tier Upgrade next week which means a Turbine Point sale before the end of May.


  3. RoyalBob of DD Says:

    Got the skirmishes that I’ve been missing. However I remembered I was saving those points for the new region about 5 minutes after buying them. DOH!


  4. Pisky Says:

    Was there ever a sale on Crafting Guilds accesses? I would like to buy some discounted. :)


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