Episode 198: Curd and Whey

June 16, 2013

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This week we had update 11.1 release notes, a few developer bites, store sales, announcement of the end of CSTM, brief talk about about Rift free-to-play and more!


  • ScreenShot01390This week the Dums had a team of four! All by the parents of the adorable twins was able to attend. What we attempted to do was some skirmishing on 6-man mode with the 4 of us. First we did attack at dawn and it seemed like was pretty difficult for us. After fighting all the way through all the mobs the boss was pretty easy.
  • Since I’m not too far from my war-steed, I’ve started on the Descendent quests that is part of the exclusive content from the Riders of Rohan expansion on my burglar.
  • I also was looking though my quest log on the burglar and I had several quests that were completed that I hadn’t turned in. I totally used that Quest to NPC feature to quickly go to the quest giver and turn them in. It was quite handy.
  • Goldenstar the minstrel reset her war-steed traits and worked a bit on the epic book.


  • Played Rift a little bit.

Town Crier

Official News

  • Update 11.1 Release Notes
    • Updates and fixes to the game launcher
    • Fixed player-made music
    • Many Wildermore deeds now grant title and virtue rewards
    • New travel skills on the Wildermore barter vendor

Developer Bites

Store News


Community News

Raise Your Glass



During the Mirkwood expansion my old kin on Meneldor had completely collapsed.  I was the only one logging in and I was starting to lose my interest too.

But then I found CSTM and it renewed my enjoyment of the game.  I jumped servers to Landy, joined CotSF, and never looked back.

Thanks so much for all the enjoyment you’ve brought me over the years, guys.


Hi, Goldenstar,

Maybe you already know this, you might have even reported it on the podcast, but I know I did hear this on a podcast, I just don’t remember which one.  If you speak to Leila at her shop in Bree, she’ll barter for only 3 TP for a shortcut to her store.  It’s like having another milestone for a nickel.  Can’t beat that!

Keep up the good work.  You’re show is always merry and makes my day,


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2 Responses to “Episode 198: Curd and Whey”

  1. Siqua (of Landroval) Says:

    Oh my goodness I am going to miss listening to you guys.

    “Farewell, and may the blessing of Elves, Men and all the Free Folk go with you. May the stars shine upon your faces!”


  2. godmode Says:

    i don’t know what this is about, but here are the facts:
    cosmetic armors of the west sets (ost dunhoth raid, enedwaith lvl 65) are available in the lotro store.
    a full set is 775 TP and it grants you all the 6 cosmetic items in the specific armor set.
    however, the burglar set (secret of the west) is only 200 TP. i have no idea why this is, but as some of you may know the burglar set is one of the best looking armors in the game.
    the armors are bound to account, so share away with shared storage if your wardrobe is always full – like mine is.

    an easy way to get to the set is to search for “secret” in the lotro store.

    i apologize if this is old news, i just found out about it last night and no one else in the kin knew about it.


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