Episode 197: Ow When U P

June 9, 2013

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silvers on a horseThis week is very light on LOTRO news. We’re hoping for big news next week from E3! So we talk about the store sale, gossip about shadowofmordor.com and talk about Doctor Who.

Goldenstar had a great Dum Time riding a horse in Amon Sul and a ugly fashion parade in Bree.  Hobbitmeister was the nicest Hobbit ever and sent me the Spring Festival cosmetics I wasn’t’ able to obtain on my own so I didn’t miss out on them. Thank you!

Merric didn’t do anything :(  <– Slacker

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Riddles in the Dark

Riddles in the Dark is a bi-weekly podcast series by Dr. Corey Olsen (The Tolkien Professor), David Kale and Trish Lambert. Discussion will focus on the themes, characters, and events of Middle-earth and lay the groundwork for intelligent speculation about how the book may be translated to film. Each episode will culminate in the hosts making a specific prediction about the upcoming films, to be proven or disproven when the films are finally released.

More information on RITD can be found at http://www.mythgard.org/exclusives/riddles-in-the-dark/

How will The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug begin?

A. Action continues in real time, either with the Company or somewhere else.

B. Return to the frame narrative of old Bilbo at Bag End.

C. A flashback

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Ellishul of Lorien:

Dear Merric, Goldenstar, and – of course – Baby Hobbit,

I figured it was about time I sat myself down and write you awesome people a letter of thanks for your entertaining contribution to my Lotro experience. Two years ago, I joined the Lotro community and a kinmate mentioned your podcast over the chat. Curious to see what it was all about, I tuned into one of your episodes and the rest is history. I tune in every week, listening while I quest throughout Middle-Earth – who knows how low my traits would be if I didn’t have this podcast to beat down the boredom of deed grinding! Not only that, the site in general has helped me so much in understanding Lotro over the years, and thus making me a much better player.

Again, thank you so much for everything you do!

sincerely, Ellishûl of Lorien,  (aka Cat, the Elven Tailor http://theelventailor.blogspot.com/)

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6 Responses to “Episode 197: Ow When U P”

  1. Avatar of Tsu
    Tsu Says:

    1: Hey I like the wackyness :)

    2: Dr. Who is great
    2a: at about 12 minutes you are about to say about the culture in Britain but never finish…with regards to Dr who…what were you trying to say..interested…as I am British!

    3: POLL: I am an OTHER voter :)- I still have no idea what a scaled instance is?

    4: 38.14 “Tsu” – yeah could be a sneeze :) but actually “Tsu” as is Tsunami! Gotta love those silent t’s.
    4a: Thanks for the mention

    Keep up the great work – wacky or serious I always enjoy the show.


  2. Cadronas Says:

    I watched Dr Who religiously as a child. I am showing my age but my favourite was Tom Baker. Once he departed I have never really had much interest. Favourite villan – the cybermen.
    Keep up the good work!


  3. Avatar of Tsu
    Tsu Says:

    Tom Baker was my favourite Dr. Who as well: a who fanatic sent me this great pic recently: http://www.flickr.com/photos/93809749@N02/9024544224/

    I love that scarf!

    er…MMO set in Dr. Who universe…with time travelling…

    Anyway back to LOTRO…


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