Episode 199: Going Out Dumb

June 23, 2013

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Our second to last episode ever! This week we had some news on LOTRO Card sales, 20 questions and answers from LOTRO, store sales and more!


  • banananailsThis week we had 5 Dums available! Hoppy couldn’t stay the entire time but I got to hear the little baby noises which totally made me happy. We tried briefly to find a 6th player and ended up just picking a random 6-man skirmish for us to do. I remember doing the Mirkwood skirmish with the ballistas (thangulhad).
  • After that we did 4-man version of one of the Annuminas dungeons – the one with all the lightbulbs and water. We realize we still haven’t beaten this dungeon and last Monday was no different although we made a note we will have to attempt it again another time with all of us.
  • We killed enough light ball things that we all got the title “Keeper of Mysteries” which we decided has a secret handshake.
  • I have banana scented nail polish.


  • He tore down a porch

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  • Lotro(geek’s) 30-Day Picture Challenge!
  • Middle-earth Network Needs Volunteers!

    The Middle-earth Network is expanding into a variety of website, news, film, video and audio ventures and we’re looking for help in the following areas:

    Graphic and Web Designers

    Web Developers and Server Admins

    Legendarium Fantasy and Sci-Fi News Staff Reporters Interviewers and Onsite Field Reporters Audio and Video Editors and Producers

    Please visit www.mymiddleearth.com/volunteer for more information or if you are interested.

    Thank You!

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Hey Goldenstar and Merric,

About a year or so ago before we recorded a roundtable Merric asked me why I shut down Mordor or Bust and I think I gave him kind of a silly smart-alec answer which I immediately regretted. The truth is, the decision wasn’t easy on many levels and was difficult to articulate. Still is years later. I’m guessing you can both understand this in some small way at this point.

Back when I started Mordor or Bust you were generous enough to promote it on CSTM. The blog and podcast got off to a great start because of your efforts and I’ve always appreciated it. I believe the generosity you showed to the LOTRO community is in many ways responsible for your success. It is also a big reason why you will be missed.

So, thank you. You are good people. Good luck with you family and future.



Hi, Goldenstar and Merrick,

I’m very sad that you’re leaving the podcast and site.  I totally understand, because I’d rather play they write about LOTRO, myself.  It’s too bad Turbine can’t pay you to keep it going!  You’re a real public service.  I hope you can at least do something monthly – maybe a roundtable here or there.  I will certainly miss you two.

I do have many characters on Landroval, so I hope to run into you occasionally.

Best of luck to you,



Greetings Merric & Goldenstar of CSTM,

Adrian here, and I’d like to share with you folks on Landroval and to the listeners of CSTM about a project I have just started called Project Conquest: Captain Landroval.

What it basically is: I am burned out from playing on the Riddermark server, and have decided to start a fresh toon, a Captain, and get him to level cap on Landroval as well as to join an active, fun and casual kinship. These are my main objectives of the project, and I will be recording my adventures weekly to be posted on Youtube and my blog.

More information can be found here: http://themalaysianlotrogamer.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/introducing-project-conquest-captain-landroval/

My captain is called Haffleheim, and off the record, I’m hoping to one day be able to play some lotro with you folks on Landroval. That would be awesome =) So if you see a lowbie running around, do say hi, or I will!

Finally, with CSTM coming to an end, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you guys for a great podcast and blog. It has been a fun ride, and I hope to see you guys in game. Take care, cheers.



The Malaysian Lotro Gamer.

Player Achievements

  • Cadd Says:
    My wife and I just finished Vol II of the epic story (sans the epilogues, we’ll see about them) after a whole slew of really fun skirmishes! Now off to zip all over Eriador to gather the Grey Company to ride to Aragorns aid!
  • Saurio Says:
    After seeing a number of people looking for a group on GLFF, I decided to organize a fellowship-sized seal run of my own for the first time. Fortunately, almost everyone who joined had done them a gazillion times so I didn’t have to provide much in the way of leadership. That’s why I’m a mini after all, not a captain.
  • DJPimpDaddy Says:
    Not sure if it is an achievement per say, but I did some math on how much I have spent vs where I am in the game and how often I play and decided to downgrade from VIP to premium and just buy content as I go. Frugality +1
  • Rorgg Says:
    Today, got my Captain to Kindred with Survivors of Wildermore, and thanks to actually putting together some daily Wildermore Warband raids over the last week or so, hit precisely the 30 Warband Tokens needed to get my gold pocket item. My minstrel will hit kindred Sunday, but has only 5 tokens. I see much raid-forming in my future…
    Oh, and my personal kinship hit rank 5. Two months to get that extra kinhouse. Tea is at four, but you’re welcome any time!
    Kinleader of Jesters, Landroval
  • Lilikate Says:
    Not much to report, Dropped by the Blue Lady to say hello. Otherwise deeding in Evendim.



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  • Paul W.

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14 Responses to “Episode 199: Going Out Dumb”

  1. Teneriel Says:

    While I support and understand your need to stop, I will miss this site very much! I come here more often than I do to the LotRO forums, and I always come here when there is a festival. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful work over the years! I’ll certainly be happy with anything you decide to contribute in future, if you decide to make your posts sporadic instead of regular; and if you decide to stop completely I understand. Meanwhile if there is anything I can do for you on Landroval, please feel free to send me an in-game mail!

    Best to you and yours,


  2. Edd Says:

    Hi Goldenstar and Merric,

    Thanks for the wonderful CSTM site and podcasts, and thanks also to your contributors!
    Like many others I visit your site before going anywhere else to find out about most things lotro-related. Things are just really easy to find on your site!
    Probably most of all though, I’ve really enjoyed listening to you both on your podcasts. Sometimes it’s not about what you are saying, it’s hearing you laugh – which usually makes me laugh :)
    So a toast to G’Star, Merric & Baby Hobbit, to your fellow CSTM contributors and supporters!
    Have fun in all you do, you deserve a break and many pats on the back (and pies in the fridge)!!!


  3. Lilikate Says:

    I’m going to miss hearing your voices! Lizzy was all smiles when she heard her shout-out from Baby Hobbit (Soon to be Big Girl Hobbit I hope).


  4. Avatar of Tsu
    Tsu Says:

    Dear CTSM,

    Merric your getting up at 3.25!
    You doing this for work or play?
    Re multiboxing: I know that other games monitor IP addresses and have been penalised before where I was not even been multiboxing!

    I don’t multibox in LOTRO because my computer cannot handle it!

    Great show – short and sweet, will be listening to ep200 next Monday…looking forward to it…it will also be a sad day…


  5. Avatar of Ethelros
    Ethelros Says:

    The correct name for the light balls is Limfaranoogle.


  6. Beth Says:

    Banana nail polish! I need this. Need.


  7. Thraorin Says:

    …and Baby Hobbit is once again star of the show! :D

    I’m sooooo going to miss this…


  8. Brewstyr Says:

    I’ll catch you guys live for # 200.


  9. Giftel Says:

    Aw, I’m really really going to miss you! You’ve been my go-to site for all things lotro. Thanks for all you’ve done. It must be amazingly hard work creating a blog and podcast as fantastic as yours. Hugs to you all…too bad I didn’t find you on Landroval yet (with one of my embryo alts). I’ll wave if I see you.
    Cheers and Very Best Wishes,
    Giftel from Imladris


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