Going Out With a Bang–5,000 Turbine Points Giveaway

June 24, 2013


You may have heard that CSTM is planning to shut down at the end of this month. In fact, this week’s podcast (episode #200) is planned to be our last.  We don’t like sad goodbyes so we want to give some stuff away and make people happy and remember us fondly!

What we have today are one (1) code worth 5,000 Turbine Points to giveaway!

The Prize

lotro_points_5000We have one (1) code worth 5,000 Turbine Points to giveaway to a lucky fan of CSTM.

No rules on what to buy yourself with it but make sure it’s something totally awesome!

How to Enter

Attached to this post is a wafflecopter giveaway (some people call it a rafflecopter but we all know it’s about waffles). You must follow the instructions in the wafflecopter to enter. I will check so make sure you actually do whatever the waffercopter tells you. Obey the wafflecopter!

There was only one winner and that winner is Mike. I honestly don’t know what the Wafflecopter is doing here. I only selected one name and the first name drawn was a valid entry and so a winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be selected randomly by the wafflecopter and emailed by me.


  • One entry per person. (I can tell when you enter with a billion different email addresses)
  • Make sure you use your real email address in the wafflecopter or I won’t be able to reach you!
  • There is no bribing the random.org generator that will select the winner but owners of this site do accept courtesy pies and cakes as they are hobbits and generally always hungry.
  • My favorite color is yellow. Not really a rule, just thought you’d like to know.
  • Winner will be contacted by email and given two days to respond before a new winner is selected (… we just want to make sure we’re giving the code to someone who will use it and not be lost in an email box forever.)
  • Entries are welcome to all players of LOTRO who reside on planet Earth. Extraterrestrials may not apply because we hate you.
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837 Responses to “Going Out With a Bang–5,000 Turbine Points Giveaway”

  1. Judahrandir Says:

    I’d use the TP for quest packs. I’ll miss you guys!

  2. Claire Says:

    I’d probably buy RoR, have already been through the area and it is amazing!

  3. Christina Says:

    i want to use the points to make my toon the best i can. i love the game

  4. Bob Says:

    I’d use the TP for upgrades for my toon, and LI upgrades.

  5. Wayne E Says:

    Great website! Sorry to see you go.

  6. Adhrean Says:

    You guys are the absolute best =) If I could donate the 5k TP to keep the podcast going, I would!

  7. Avatar of Sig
    Sig Says:

    Awesome run you two had! Thanks for the podcast and LOTRO news!

  8. Julianne Q Says:

    I would buy Riders of Rohan!

  9. Fred Says:

    Crossing fingers!!! The time is coming! =)

  10. Laer Says:

    I will miss you guys very much!

  11. Javi Says:

    Wow, now thats some unexpected news :(
    I want to thank you both, I learned soo much with your help, this site made my LOTRO experience much richer and it will be missed.

    Thank you and i hope ill meet you again.


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