How to Participate in Episode 200 Call-in Show

June 26, 2013


Episode 200 will be our last and is scheduled to happen this Saturday, June 29th at 9:30pm Eastern (-5 UTC) from our Listen Live page.

We had talked about making this a call-in show even before we planned it to be our last episode and we think it’ll be fun to hear from you all! Here’s some instructions on how we think it will probably work. We’ve never tried this before so we’ll see how it works!

What You Will Need to Call In Saturday

  1. SkypeDownload Skype
    No subscription or calling credits are needed as Skype to Skype calls are free. Downloads are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and it even works well on mobile devices as well.
  2. Add dodgehowell as your friend on Skype (that’s Merric).
    Doing this before the show on Saturday will be preferred as I suspect he’ll be busy during the show making friending you more difficult.

On Saturday:

When we announce it is time for the call-in part of the show, you can send Merric a quick IM through Skype letting him know you are interested in chatting us up.

You will need to be patient. Partly because we have never done this before and will likely botch it up and partly because we don’t know how busy it will be. We will do our best to talk at least briefly to anyone wishing to chat with us!

But… I Can’t Make It to the Live Show on Saturday

Not a problem. You can still send us in a recorded message that we would be happy to play on the show. Use the “Send Us a Voicemail” button on the blog to quickly and easily submit a short message that comes directly to us. It’s super easy to do.


If you don’t have a microphone or are just too shy to talk, you are welcome to just send us a regular email to which we will be happy to read aloud and mispronounce everything.

Live call in show is going to be an adventure! I hope to see there!!

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12 Responses to “How to Participate in Episode 200 Call-in Show”

  1. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    Is everyone obligated to say, “Long time listener; first time caller”?


  2. Gotik Says:

    This is going to be Epic and of Epic proportion!


  3. Avatar of Andang
  4. Kronenbor Says:

    Wish to be there but it is far too late for UK time for me. Just would like to say thank you for all you’re work. I like 100% of people on here will miss you and the Adventures of Baby Hobbit. Well no more casual strolling to Mordor more like Running Blindly in any Direction Possible to Mordor.


  5. Lilikate Says:

    I am trying to leave a voice mail! (I stole a headset but have to return it before the giant wakes up!) A complete fail! in spite of all my efforts. It wants me to click an allow button but I don’t have one!
    I will try and borrow the headset on Saturday night but the giant is fickle :) Anyway you have my email if I am not able to get audio powers.


  6. Avatar of tinki thudbottom
    tinki thudbottom Says:

    All this time enjoying your site and your live Weatherstock events, and now to lose you all. So sorry to see the place close. Nevertheless, safe travels all, and may you enjoy the game you are so passionate about.



  7. Avatar of eleen scholten
    eleen scholten Says:

    i invited merric on skype but still didnt accept me
    but i will be there tonight :)


  8. Tony Says:

    Sad to see this end. I haven’t been in LOTRO for a while, but you guys have done such a great job. I remember back when I first added you to the LOTRO Combo Blog :D



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