Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 6: The Secret Lives of Shire Spiders.

June 3, 2013



Welcome to my latest offering for creature enthusiasts. Although the subject matter in this episode is not cute and cuddly, we still need to be aware of who we share our land with and be on guard against potential dangers. “Knowledge is power” as my Old Gammer quotes.

TinkiTinki Thundertoes

I want to take a moment and dedicate this episode to Tinki Thundertoes.  A good gentle hobbit and a special friend of mine.  Tinki has been feeling poorly recently and I hope this mention brings a little cheer to her day.



There are many amazing creatures to discover in The Shire. I wish to welcome you to the first of a two-part special. In this episode of Lilikate’s Creatures we delve into the lives and habits of spiders!

2.Bindbole Weaver

Bindbole Weaver

We begin our investigation in this grove where spiders have settled in recent times. The Bindbole Weaver is smaller than the Spinner. The Weaver patrols the locality and hunts beyond the grove into the woods. They take mostly small prey but will attack larger animals and or unwary Hobbits.

3.Bindbole Spinner

Bindbole Spinner

These tan coloured spiders are called Bindbole Spinners. They will attack any intruders who wander into their territory. They managed to make their webs so large that it stretches the entire entrance to this grove.

4.Bindbole Spider Hatchlings

Newborn Spider Hatchlings

Now we find a reason for all the webbing just behind us, the spiders have made a nursery for these little hatchlings. Here they are kept safe from predators.

5.A Walking Tree

A Walking Tree!

The little spider hatchlings have taken a liking to this old tree here….hmm how odd. It seems that this tree is less than fond of these spiders. Let me see if shooing a few away will help! Oh my goodness!  It seems to be walking! I thought Hal Gamgee was pulling my leg when he said he saw a walking tree!



Scary has been a quarry for longer than any Hobbit can remember. However in recent times spiders have appeared here too! Local Hobbits have been calling for help to rid them of this problem. Lets take a look at the creatures and see what kind of spiders we have here.

7.Greenfields Biters

Greenfields Biters

Biters seem to be one of two types of spider living here. Cooperating with each other but not actually related. These biters are grey with a rust coloured stripe and feet. They bite and have a nasty sting too.

8.Greenfields Tree-Weavers

Greenfields Tree-Weavers

These tan-silvery coloured Weavers resemble the Bindbole Spinner, they are larger than the Biters and seem more agile. I would assume that these spiders can also give a terrible nip, look at those fangs.

9.Greenfields Queen

Greenfields Queen

The Queen is much bigger than the other spiders and she has spikes along the length of her body. The other spiders will all rush to her defence if she is in any danger. Heros be aware! Her fangs are quite large as well as being full of nasty venom.

10.Next Time

Next Time

Thank you for joining me today on my adventures, part two of my spider tale will come soon. Next time we celebrate Spring!

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22 Responses to “Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 6: The Secret Lives of Shire Spiders.”

  1. Floradine Says:

    Lili! I fainted three times reading this report!! You are one fearless Hobbit!


  2. Gennyrose Says:

    You are a much braver hobbit then I am, Lili! Wonderful job!

    p.s. I hope you feel better, Tinki!


  3. Sonca Says:

    Eeep! I don’t like spiders! Can we get that tree to step on ‘em? Or get a big bon fire going so we can burn them out? (The spiders, not the tree. He’s neat!)


  4. Daruma Says:

    Welcome back, Miss Buggins. I’m delighted that you’ve made it out of those ghastly places alive to tell the tale. And you’ve treated yourself to a new hat?! Suits you very well, I would say. Looking forward to your future excursions!


  5. Byrcha of Landroval Says:

    What? A tree that walks?? I’ll have to take a look for this! Another wonderful look at oft-overlooked creatures, as always!


  6. Avatar of tinki thudbottom
    tinki thudbottom Says:

    I am so honored you mention me! Feeling better of late!

    I must say, those spiders in Scary make my spine shiver. You do NOT want to get yourselves UNDER any spider no matter what. Brrrr. I hate spiders.


  7. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    Mrs. Vraeden admires you greatly. Several years ago, she found a spider in the closet.

    She then got a tissue and very, very carefully burned down the house.


  8. davidt Says:

    Did you find any connection between the Shire spiders and the Archet spiders?


    • Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
      Lilikate Buggins. Says:

      I cannot remember much about Archet, my adventures there happened so very quickly and before I knew it I had returned to Little Delving in The Shire.
      But I do believe there is a link as the story is told: Otho Broadbelt a Hobbit from Overhill was returning to The Shire from Breeland with a wagon load of mushrooms. Spiders eggs were in the batch of mushrooms which hatched and started the problems the locals are having to this very day.
      I may go to Breeland to study it’s creatures one day.


  9. Cyranoc Withyweed Says:

    Oh my, you definitely should. I remember one poor farmer having his cellar and subsequently his whole farm completely overrun by those not-so-little buggers. A little investigating revealed a connection between the cellar and a cave with even more eight-legged beasties. There must be a hatchery somewhere! You might consult with a dwarf in the area, Atli Spider-Bane or somesuch.


    • Lilikate Says:

      How very interesting! Thank you Cyranoc I shall remember to visit Atli Spider-Bane when I am in the area.


      • Cyranoc Withyweed Says:

        Always happy to point a fellow explorer’s curious nose the way of new discoveries (and interesting complications less spirited individuals might call “trouble”). Even more so if said fellow explorer divulges the new knowledge in such a wonderful and instructive way to the general populace. ;-)


  10. susan Says:

    So glad to read a report on spiders that did not include any stomping, screeching or running around like a chicken once one was spied. Spiders are awesome! Also so very very glad the afore mentioned awesome spiders did not eat you up :)


  11. Rulin Says:

    I always wanted to to something like that with orcs.


    • Lilikate Says:

      There is nothing stopping you! Go do it! Lilikate will not be featuring any orcs or goblins, she just kills them.


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