Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 7: Spring Festival Special

June 10, 2013


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Today is a very special day! Lilikate’s Creatures will visit animals outside the bounds of The Shire. The occasion is the Spring Festival. I wonder what strange things we will see in the lands of the Big Folk!

2.Wald Sandson

Wald Sandson

I’m back at Sandsons Farm to see how they are coping! It seems not too well…Look at these huge shrews! I think tricking them into thinking that it’s cold is the silliest idea I have ever heard of… Oh dear, oh dear!

“BRR. I NEED SOME MITTENS….”- Wald Sandson.

3.Gaffer Gamgee

Gaffer Gamgee

It looks like the Elves are not the only ones having trouble with these pests. The Old Gaffer here has taken to throwing apples at this big pest who is after his tatty seedlings! I hope he ate the better part of it first! Good old Gaffer!

“See that? Bold as Brass” – Gaffer Gamgee

4.Nibs Cotton

Nibs Cotton

Nibs here, is not as smart. His old lazy cat is as far from a hunter as you can get! Maybe he should go have a talk with Gaffer Gamgee up on The Hill.

5.Duillond Garden


We have come along way to visit the Elves of Duillond, who have a very special garden you may like to visit sometime. The Elves have been planting seedlings but they tell me they have had some trouble.

6.Pesky Shrews

Pesky Shrew

A ha! An old friend, the Shrew! I see the problem…Shrews just love to eat fresh green shoots, and these Elves have the juiciest seedlings. Well I better give them a hand with shooing some away!

7.Enormous Pesky Shrew

Enormous Pesky Shrew

Back in the Garden with the Elves, there is an enormous Shrew here as big as a small Oliphant it is! Eating up the seedlings faster than anyone can plant them. Lets get a good look at this handsome chap then!

8.Death of the Enormous Shrew

Death of the Enormous Shrew

Here in the garden we can see Heroes defeating the Great Shrew! I hope the Elves’ seedlings can grow in peace with him sadly, no more….

9.Festival Bird

Festival Bird

Just outside the small enclosed garden are two very pretty birds I wanted to show you, their song is delightful. I bet the warmer weather brings them lots of insects to eat.

10.Racing Horses and Ponies

Racing Horses and Ponies

Race Ponies and Horses need a mention too! Test your riding skills on these beautiful animals.

But be careful on the fence jumps or you’ll end up in the sticky goo!

11.Hedge Maze Chickens

Hedge Maze Chickens

I was going to show you a strange sight, wild animals with their heads right in the hedgerows! They have gone now, so lets take a brief look at these wonderful Chickens and a Rooster. Sometimes they go for a run in the maze!

12.Next Time

Next Time

Next time on Lilikate’s Creatures we go back into the spooky Old Forest. Investigating the deepest depths and queerest corners for more secrets of spiders. Farewell until then…Now which way is the exit?


For this edition there are too many people to thank. So many Hobbits, Dwarves, Men and Women not to forget Elves, helped me complete this project. I must admit I was worried that I was becoming a tad bothersome to others trying to plant their seeds and shoo shrews. So thank you to those people.

ScreenShot00267 (2)Thanks to the Elf Maiden in the Crimson dress for such an elegant mid-air shrew-stomping pose, quite a beautiful image.

Gimlora Stoutiron, Guardsman Ulknot, Cygnette Carnivore and Muin Lightfoot you were brilliant! Helped me get some great shrew screenshots.

Hoppa Joel the Naughty gave assistance at the Old Gaffers. I must send him a thank you note in the Quick Post.

Thats all from me this time…..Farewell and watch out for Shrews in your gardens!

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10 Responses to “Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 7: Spring Festival Special”

  1. Anthony Says:

    I read this out loud to my girlfriend. She really likes it. :-)


    • Lilikate Says:

      Thank you Anthony, I like to imagine my episodes as a big picture book for children and adults both.


  2. BarrelRider Says:

    What a wonderful idea for a special episode! I’ve learned a great deal, as always, Lilikate! I have an entirely new appreciation for the trials faced by farmers and gardeners of the Shire and Ered Luin!


  3. Gennyrose Says:

    Great special episode, Lilikate!


  4. Supergirl Says:

    Lilikate! Great as always. I never really thought about how many shrews there were out there plaguing the land. Surely, Sauron is behind such an invasion.


  5. Kiralynn Says:

    Wonderful episode! Keep ‘em coming!


  6. Ilse Says:

    Lilikate, this was a wonderful episode! I love reading about your adventures. I hope we can hear about them often!


  7. susan Says:

    that must have been a hard thing to capture the dead large shrew in a picture.. Well done!


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