Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 8: Old Forest Spiders.

June 17, 2013



More Spiders.

I have been spending a little time camping in the Old Forest with an Old Gaffer called Gill Brandybuck by the banks of the Withywindle. Such a decent chap who let me copy his map of the twisty paths. This adventure was somewhat dangerous, some spiders were hurt in the making of this episode.



Welcome back to the second of our two-part spider special. I hope your all feeling brave today as we explore east of Buckland into the depths of the Old Forest.

2.Old Forest Paths

The Old Forest.

It is quite tricky to navigate along these old paths, but it is not impossible. First we are going east and then we will turn south and head as far as we can go, to see what eight legged creatures lurk down there.

3.Forest Biter

Forest Biters.

Tomnoddy’s Corner is the name for this part of the forest. Black as a shadow are these large spiders, they hunt along the forest floor looking in the leaf litter for morsels to consume.

4.Banks of the Withywindle

The Banks of the Withywindle.

It takes quite some courage to come to these remote parts of the forest. The Forest Spiders territory begins here on the banks of the Withywindle. Mind your step as we go, very easy to trip on old roots!

5.Forest Web-Weaver

Forest Web-Weavers.

Like the forest biters, but these are given their name as they make these huge webs all the way up the tree trunks! Many of these webs are then joined together to close off areas to catch more prey.

6.Forest Tree-Spinner

Forest Tree-Spinner.

More tree spinners, again larger and more agile than the weavers, they climb the trees and make webs and cocoons in the branches. So always remember to look up as well as watching where your feet are taking you.



An enormous and terrifying Queen of all spiders! Look at her shiny grey and black body gleaming in the light! and those eyes! Such large fangs too! She’s even taller than one of the big folk! Time to ready an arrow!


I prefer to eat lunch, not be lunch.



This large spider is totally unlike the others as this is the only red spider I have ever seen! It’s as large as the Queens from Scary and lives here in the Weaver’s Den.

9.Next Time


Next Time on Lilikate’s Creatures. My friends and I will try and discover if the rumours about Trolls in The Shire are true or not. Until then Farewell.

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11 Responses to “Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 8: Old Forest Spiders.”

  1. Adhrean Says:

    Great episode. Trolls in the Shire? I want to see that. =) Cheers


  2. Gennyrose Says:

    Oh, no! Not more spiders! (But another wonderful episode, Lilikate!)


  3. Hatter of Bree Says:

    I like the response of one of Overhill bounders – “There’s this persistent rumour of a troll in Rushock bog. I hope nobody believes i need to go out there and slay it.”


  4. Groo Says:

    Thanks again for the adventure Lilikate!


  5. Korth Says:

    Lilikate, will you be posting more of these episodes once CSTM stops updating? I hope so, they always bring a smile to me whenever there’s one.


  6. davidt Says:

    Lilikate needs a Jim Fowler type sidekick to wrestle with critters while she sits back Marlin Perkins style and narrates.


  7. Rabbitses Says:

    Sometimes I’m lucky enough to run into Lilikate in game!! She’s always happy to return my emotes.


  8. Fred Says:

    I hate and love those spiders… They are so creepy, but I love the adventure to see them…


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