LOTROShots: Bear Rug and a Rabbit in Wildermore

June 23, 2013


Bear Rug and Rabbit in Wildermore

By Groo Wanderer

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8 Responses to “LOTROShots: Bear Rug and a Rabbit in Wildermore”

  1. Charvalt Says:

    That rabbit will be the death of us all.


  2. Avatar of Zyngor
    Zyngor Says:

    All he wants to do is play a nice round of Golf!


  3. Lechugh Says:

    What is with these? They seem to be all over the somewhat new areas..several in the great river area for example.


  4. Rulin Says:

    Made me laugh :D


  5. Celondur Says:

    There’s one in Fangorn, but I think it’s a bird, not a rabbit.


  6. Mirlaen Says:

    I love little tidbits like this. Made me laugh when I accidentally fell onto it from higher up the slope.


  7. Fred Says:

    Love those screens, make me feel so good… As if I was really strolling through middle earth!


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