Player Achievements of the Week

June 7, 2013

Player Achievements

Each week we ask you to share your successes in Middle Earth with the rest of the community. Post a comment letting us know what you’ve accomplished this past week. We will pick comments at random to read on the podcast giving you a chance for a little shout out for yourself! Our shout-outs are only as good as the information we get so remember:

  • Don’t forget to add your character name, what server you play on and, if you like, add your Kinship if you have one.
  • Please keep your posts brief. We won’t be able to read full novels of your adventures. At least make it so we can easily sum it up!
  • Do not be afraid to post any of your achievements. We don’t care if you just saved Archet or finished up Hytbold. We want to hear from you!

These shout outs will appear in tomorrow tonight’s recording of A Casual Stroll to Mordor Podcast. You are welcome to join us live at 9:30pm Eastern! First time joining us live? See our post on how to join CSTM’s live broadcast. Comments for this thread will be closed after recording as this is a weekly thing. If you missed this week’s cut off, don’t fret! A new thread just like this one will appear next Friday.

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16 Responses to “Player Achievements of the Week”

  1. Suzawen (Landroval) Says:

    Good timing… I just dinged my 5th character in at 85! Also been running up my Champ, she is 49 now, so heading into Moria.


  2. Belwynne Says:

    Belwynne became a Thane and got two level 85 2nd agers. Beldwyl got her much anticipated Elf Ambassador Horse and changed her soldier from an archer to an herbalist (thanks to the “reset skirmish marks” scroll in the store or this change would never have happened). Bellcari was thrilled to listen to a new Minstrel roundtable and see Pineleaf’s new blog. Happy days in Middle Earth for the Bel sisters on Landroval.


  3. Daerechtel Says:

    Hi once again :)

    funny how you try to pronounce the name of my character ;)

    UwS/TAP have been busy in the Ettens and managed to rank their wargs to rank 6. We have also taken the chance to bite some of our own freep kinmates in the backside :) We have organised a second night out in Ettens and had great fun on both sides.
    Still out numbered greatly the wargs held their own!!

    One of our warg puppies has started his own blog around the experience, and has posted some very entertaining postings! Make sure you to the time to read:

    LOTRO – A Warg´s Tale (

    Daerechtel (Great, Spearpoint in elfish) warden of Snowbourn and United We Stand Kinship


  4. Thurinphir Says:

    Thurindos and friends have returned to LOTRO!
    and I discovered that the graphics settings were the reason why my computer kept crashing!!!

    Thurinphifnirol (Lore-master) is about to finish in The Wold (lvl 78)
    Grenorthil (Captain) is questing in the North Downs (lvl 25ish)
    Smuso, Foe of Night (Hobbit-warden) has made it to Galtrev (lvl 67)! Smuso also learnt to play the pibgorn and bagpipes!

    I’ve also been clearing out some of my inventory and vault space and Smuso managed to get to Westfold prospecting and jewellery (from master propecting, supreme jewellery)

    -Thurindos, Medic of Mirkwood


  5. Avatar of Tsu
    Tsu Says:

    All Windfola at the mo

    Tordy, Lore MAster and his faithfull Po finished Shire TP run, back to wrap up Bree area, reached Lv21

    Waywnn, Warden is flying through Ered Luin, reached lv16 this morning!

    Dyort, Champion reached lv40 and now freshly equipped with Westernesse equipment is chopping up orcs in North Downs (Back to solo fellowship quests…or die trying!)


  6. Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
    Lilikate Buggins. Says:

    Errr Nothing to report as I didn’t do a single quest since the festival finished. Been camping in the old forest with Gill Brandybuck, Nice chap :)


  7. Dragonwitch Says:

    I have 2 achievements this week:

    In PvE, I finished the Survivors of Wildermore deed by collecting the last stubborn bounty that had refused to show up for days and days…

    And in PvMP, I reached Rank 11 and shall now be known as Commander Ambyrlyn Dragonwitch! Only 368,000 more renown until I acquire my special Moors horsie! =D


  8. Avatar of Amberflower
    Amberflower Says:

    I don’t think I’ve done any questing at all this week…I did spend a LOT of time farming ore and leveling my weaponsmith all the way up to Westfold.

    My husband and I used our characters on Gladden to form the Virtus Tentamine Gaudet kinship. We’re highly entertained to leave each other messages and hope to buy a kin house when we achieve the proper rank. (And on the very very tiny chance you recognize what our kin name is in reference to, send Lidhriel a mail, we’d love to have you join us!)

    And most exciting to me, my adorable hobbit hunter Amberflower on Landroval was recruited into the Lonely Mountain Band! I am so excited to join such a great group of people!


  9. Kazren Says:

    Well, altaholic that I am, I created my first male hobbit and my first Guardian on Landrovl, Jollylad. He’s a Yeoman and did an entire level just farming and cooking last night – so in only a few hours play, he’s level 15.
    I have 2 Guardians on Elendilmir. Gotta luv ‘em.

    I now have 2 Thanes, so no more dailies for a while.
    My Burg, Raegemar, on Landroval has grown tired of Moria and is looking forward to Lorien. He has is fast goat, that seemed to take forever to get, just in time to vacate.

    On Elendilmir the Pathfinder’s Monday night group had had a shake-up in members, and we have welcomed our Kin Leader, Ghost, and our friend Grim into our six-man group. We now have 3 Lore-Masters! I don’t think crowd control will be a problem. :)

    Have fun being a Hero of Middle Earth!


  10. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    Led the first successful tier 2 Flight to the Lonely Mountain PUG on Riddermark.


  11. Saurio Says:

    Since freeing up a lot of bag space with the wallet upgrade, I have rounded out the instrument collection on my mini. It should be quite fun once the music bug is fixed. For now, my tunes seem to be limited to the hinterlands, which is maybe just as well for everyone else on the server. :)
    I also got a rare jewelry recipe drop for the first time and have been debating whether to sell it, trade it, or use it (and whether to do the guaranteed crit thing).
    Otherwise, lots of Wildermore dailies and GB/Annuminas runs.

    Saurio of the Lords of Moria on Riddermark.


  12. Rorgg Says:

    Let’s see if I can get more than the first 10% of this read this week:

    Lots of Wildermoring. Captain got up to Ally with the Survivors, getting to the tradeskill recipes, and buying sword recipes and critting on a couple of new offhand weapons for my LM and Hunter. Also finished the Survivors metadeed. 14 of 30 on Warband tokens. On pace to have my 30 by the time I can by the gold pocket item at Kin.

    Minstrel will hit Ally on Sunday, need to check out the cloak recipes, see if those are finally better than the Draigoch cloaks. Metadeed also done.

    Warden is swimming through Friend.

    RK finished the Wildermore quest today and started the Survivor slog. 34 days by my count without acceleration.

    Will start the LM working on Wildermore tonight, probably during the livecast.

    Aaaand my personal kinhouse is 7 days closer — just over 2 months to go. Tick tock.

    Kinleader, Jesters of Landroval


  13. Elgol Says:

    The kinship Tribal and The Storm Crusaders are preforming a throwback this summer running all the instances, on level. Our first goal will be our level 20 battle for Erebor raid this weekend. We have all created new toons and we are looking forward to the turnout of this. I will let you know the outcome if you wish



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