Player Achievements of the Week

June 28, 2013

Player Achievements

Each week we ask you to share your successes in Middle Earth with the rest of the community. Post a comment letting us know what you’ve accomplished this past week. We will pick comments at random to read on the podcast giving you a chance for a little shout out for yourself! Our shout-outs are only as good as the information we get so remember:

  • Don’t forget to add your character name, what server you play on and, if you like, add your Kinship if you have one.
  • Please keep your posts brief. We won’t be able to read full novels of your adventures. At least make it so we can easily sum it up!
  • Do not be afraid to post any of your achievements. We don’t care if you just saved Archet or finished up Hytbold. We want to hear from you!

These shout outs will appear in tomorrow tonight’s recording of A Casual Stroll to Mordor Podcast. You are welcome to join us live at 9:30pm Eastern! First time joining us live? See our post on how to join CSTM’s live broadcast. Comments for this thread will be closed after recording as this is a weekly thing. If you missed this week’s cut off, don’t fret! A new thread just like this one will appear next Friday.

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14 Responses to “Player Achievements of the Week”

  1. Bravd of Evernight Says:

    Finally after 3 years of grinding, Ding… for the 9th time I have a new 85, and now one of each. Hail to Bravd the Champion, Bandolin the Warden, Hurbey the Captain, Felarast the Lore Master, Blagar the Minstrel, Hodgard the Burglar, Colathrod the Runekeeper, Hruni the Hunter and Gloinon the Guardian.

    Will miss you CSTM.


  2. Kuba Says:

    Finished Book 8, reforged cool LW and (finally!!!) completed Helegrod raid quests:)


  3. Almeric Says:

    we’ve 3manned Erebor T1 with a tripe cappy group!
    Video Here :

    Almeric of Evernight [Furia Italiana]


  4. Lilikate Says:

    Still completing deeds in Evendim, I have been Skirmishing with some success. I was forced to rename my skirmish soldier, Lizzy the Herbalist and I have been kicking bottom!
    I am going to miss you! Can’t believe the 200th CSTM has arrived so quickly.


    • Avatar of Tsu
      Tsu Says:

      This week TP ground Evendim, new Area to explore:)

      Waywnn, Warden levelled to 21!

      (Weally wanna wite ‘Waywnn, Warden wevelled wo wenty wone!’ waybe woo waft!)[not 'silly' for obvious reasons...]


      Last acheivements for CStM :( You are gonna be missed!


  5. Supergirl Says:

    After a long search looking for my lost steed, I found him.
    The Red Painted Skeleton Horse came to me this week. FINALLY. :)
    He is my 101st steed, but obtaining him was an achievement of persistence.

    Thanks for being you,
    Supergirl of Lorien


  6. Avatar of Limm
    Limm Says:

    In game, my hunter Limmenel, of Gladden, achieved level 80, woohoo! And for a little shameless self promotion, I have an out of game achievement too, I finally started a blog about lotro (something I’ve wanted to start for a while) at :)


  7. Kazren Says:

    This will be the last time I post here and I’m saddened by the loss of the site and the podcast, even though I really do understand. I was always encouraged by other posts here, along with all the help the site has provided me since the first week I discovered LOTRO I discovered this site.

    I now have 9 level 85s and 11 grand-master crafters.

    This past week I got my Champ on Landroval, Vanyasule, to 50 and hoping to find a treasure-laden goat (but no mounts have dropped for me after running 11 of my alts through the treasure camp for 4 solid hours last night). My Burg, Raegemar is now 64 and he’s done with Mirkwood.

    I’ve also got several of my level 40 alts up in at least two levels each, my Guardian up from 28 to 32, and I created a hunter and got him from 0 to 21 in about 11 hours of play. He’s now 28.

    It’s been very quiet over on Elendilmir. I suspect vacations are to blame, but my Lore-Master Gandast got his war-steed with a liitle help from his friends Soaringeagle, Shootgun and Grimwhiz.

    I hope everyone continues to have fun romping through middle-earth and all the best of luck to Goldenstar on Merric in their Adventures.


  8. Mark Says:

    Leveled my 74th Hunter up to level 85, which means I now have 322 toons all level-capped and all with rank 16 virtues. I now have 22 million Marks and 4.5 million Medallions. The amount of Seals I have is a shameful 217 thousand. I now have 92 accounts that I regularly use on a daily basis.

    In real life, I haven’t been outside in about 6 months (Christmas 2012 was the last time I had human-to-human interaction) but my online life more than makes up for it!


  9. Andadrien Says:

    My kinship, The Phoenix Rising, beat Battle for Erebor on Tier 2 Challenge mode. That was a server first on Vilya and my first server first!


  10. Avatar of dtchris
    dtchris Says:

    So this week has marked the end of many things In my life. The end of CstM which though I do understand (I happen to have a 14month old baby hobbit myself, oh e joys of her learning to walk.) it still saddens me, for I had come to look forward to the knowledge you shared and the laughter that your shows were filled with.

    I also put an end to a challenge I have been dealing with for 4 years now or rather at least since the release of the Mines of Moria and the Rise of Isengard. The allusive level 65! That’s right my dear hobbit Warden, Calilie Tylpe of Kindred Spirits of Gladden, hit level 65 and is now inside the Golden Forest.
    And yet sadly though I ache to keep adventuring, my quests for such things are on hold until I can find a replacement power cord for my laptop :(


  11. XxyumeganxX Says:

    My Xxyumeganxx (in Withwindle or whatever that servers name is…) finally entered Moria and got a Lagendary weapon. I waited so long and finally it happened :D And he reached level 50 too.


  12. Whiteberry Says:

    I managed to finish a 6-hour stretch as a chicken in the “Free Range” paranoia tour. Phew!


  13. Avatar of Aegraes
    Aegraes Says:

    Hi CSTM

    Guess who just got a red painted skeleton horse out of a loot box WOOOOOOO

    kinda bittersweet given your stopping :_(

    now i have to go redo my outfit for it to match my new horse

    have fun out there



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