Poll: Which dungeons will be scaled next?

June 1, 2013

Weekly Poll

This poll suggestion comes from Melneth of Nimrodel who said a while back her and her kinship were discussing this and thought it might make an interesting poll. Thank you Melneth!

What will be the next set of dungeons to be scaled?

  • Moria Instances and Raids (38%, 207 Votes)
  • Angmar Instances and Raid (22%, 121 Votes)
  • Isengard Instances and Raids (14%, 75 Votes)
  • Garth Agarwen Instances (8%, 46 Votes)
  • Turbine won't scale any more dungeons (7%, 41 Votes)
  • Lothlorien Instances and Raid (5%, 30 Votes)
  • Goblin Town (4%, 22 Votes)
  • Roots of Fangorn (1%, 6 Votes)
  • Other (leave a comment) (1%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 552

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18 Responses to “Poll: Which dungeons will be scaled next?”

  1. imweezle Says:

    Please Turbine, scale The Rift next! I ran it once at 50, but haven’t since them because finding a group for it is so difficult! I would love to see a higher level Rift with some unique rewards! I’m still even rocking my, “Vanquisher of Thauralach” title.


    • Avatar of Ethelros
      Ethelros Says:

      I imagine they’ll be saving the Rift for last. It’s a very, very well loved raid(for reasons I do not know of) and they’ll probably keep that one to an update of its own.

      As for the next set, my bet is Isengard.


    • godmode Says:

      that’s weird, in our kin we still run the rift every week just for fun and usually take anyone from global that wants to come along.


    • Shelias Says:

      I know a lot of people voted Angmar and Moria but those are going to require tons more work vs. the Isengard instances. Moria has 2 raid level bosses and 9 6 man instances! 9! Plus no 3 mans which the focus has been on smaller content. Remember WW and HOW are NOT Moria instances.

      Angmar would require so much work breaking up CD, URU and Rift. And lets be honest, we all no we would be so disappointed with the end result of them butchering the Angmar instances.

      Iseangard has a raid that is already broken in to wings, 6 mans and plenty of 3 mans.


  2. Beastybunny Says:

    Considering they just revamped Moria, it seems logical that the instances would be next. There are still groups going in to them even not scaled so I think they would be popular once available to higher level players.


  3. Tuiliel Says:

    I’m guessing Moria, if any. I’d much rather see newly designed content than any more scaling, but if they could do it properly without breaking anything into smaller bits, I’d love to see CD/Uru/Rift scaled into long, intense, level 85 instances that bring back some of the old feeling of an epic accomplishment when we finish them.


  4. Bryandt Says:

    I’d say it will be the Isengard instances, as they’re the most recent dungeons on the list. Moria would be my second choice, as those still seem to see a lot of play.

    Goblin Town, outside of the Goblin King’s Throneroom, will probably never see scaling as the majority of it is a public instance.


  5. Erunineriol Says:

    Isengard or angmar (more Isengard)…

    Moria are still instances which are runned enough, also to scale them: its a bunch of work ;)


  6. Rinvan Says:

    I think the Moria instances are long overdue for scaling.


  7. Mave Says:

    I think Moria seems most likely, although I picked Angmar because that’s what I want to see done next, and that’s what I’d choose for a variety of reasons. Moria has all the class quests, it has all the deeds, it’s really popular and even without scaling all the instances are constantly being run. Turbine may decide that with all the people going through that content, even over-leveled, it’s worthwhile to update and scale it.

    Having said that, I LOVE the Rift and want SO BADLY to see it scaled and updated. All the Angmar instances are awesome. Most underappreciated area on the map as far as I’m concerned, and most deserving of some extra love. An argument could be made that they’ll do Angmar next because it’s well-loved and the Rift is a big, satisfying multi-boss raid that would probably make the end-game/raid whiners a lot happier. It’s also most likely to feel “new” to a lot of people precisely because it’s not being run much, and there are a LOT of people who’ve never done it. The Moria stuff is being run so frequently that people may be sick of it already. If I were Turbine I’d go with Angmar next.


  8. mrtoad Says:

    I hope they’re all scaled next, I love the scaled instances! I see a lot of people running them on my server too, imo the scaled spaces have breathed some new life into this game.


  9. Pasduil Says:

    Looking at how they’ve gone about it, my guess is they work on what is easiest first. Angmar and Moria would be a lot of work for them, so the GA ones might be next. They also seem to be keen on making more instances available to players at low levels, so GA fits with that too.


  10. Avatar of Tsu
    Tsu Says:

    Er…NEWB question…what does scaling entail?


  11. Daoin Says:

    scaling means that players will be able to run an instances at max lvl (and usually all levels from the original level and up) which means that mobs and loot will be set at a level you input at the instance finder.

    As which one will be scaled next, I had the same thoughts as Pasduil. My guess is they will go for whats easiest first. They are pretty busy with Helm’s deep now and no hints were given about upcoming scaling instances (and revamps of regions). Also most of the scaled instances so far are low level ones. This suggests GA. but it could be easiest to scale isengard. I really don’t know what it takes (technically and how much work it is).
    I would love to have the angmar stuff scaled, because it isn’t run anymore and I would love to do that. Moria is so good that it doesn’t really need scaling, it is run even now by max levels (although mostly in deed runs) running moria instances on level anytime you want would be awesome. In the end they all should be scaled.


  12. Rufusstan Says:

    I think the Moria ones would make more sense, but I think it will be the Isengard ones nexts.


  13. Siqua of Landroval Says:

    I not sure Turbine will scale any more instances.

    I think if they do scale any more, it’s going to be the ones that are easiest to scale and not the ones that players necessarily want the most. I’m also surprised that recent stuff l Isengard wasn’t designed to be scaled more or less automatically whenever the level cap is increased. Maybe Isengard was and they just haven’t switched to the scaled version yet so as to push people to the newer content.

    I’m also thinking that Turbine had a reason for scaling the Barad Guldur instances before scaling the Moria instances. Certainly, there are fewer BG instances, but I suspect that is a best only a partial explanation since they could have released scaled Moria instances in several waves.

    To my mind that puts Isengard at the top of the list of likely candidates with Garth Agarwen and maybe Barad Gularan slightly more likely to be scaled next than the Moria instances. Anything old and big, and with complex mechanics (behind the scenes) is unlikely to be scaled unless they’ve been working on doing so for a considerable time before now (like they did for Fornost & Helegrod). I’d be pleasantly surprised to see scaled versions of The Rift, Carn Dum, or Urugarth, before a scaled Isengard.

    However, even non-scaled, there is at least one quest instances (Haudh Elendil AKA “The Tomb of Elendil”) that I would like to be changed into a world instance and added to the Instance Finder. The 17 quest “Blade that was Broken” series one has to complete to open it has become a serious barrier to completion. If I start a group I usually end up with maybe one other player that has completed all the quests and a half dozen people that might be interested in running the instance, but haven’t taken the time to to the preliminary quests. I’ve spent months trying to get a group together for some of my alts. I suppose simply adding an “Inspired Greatness” buff would be an alternate solution, but I’f rather just run it.


    • Pasduil Says:

      I’m with you about The Tomb of Elendil. I got lucky with my first character and got to run it more or less on level. But none of my other chars have ever gotten a group for that, and it is definitely one quest chain I would actually like to do in full again.


  14. Tatuaje Says:

    I would hope they never re-vamp Angmar. It is proof that at one time there was superior content in the game. For me The Rift is the measure that all raids should be set at, DN is my second favorite. These 1 boss, 10 min skirms (RoR)Turbine now calls raids are just sad jokes. RoI was no better, 4/5 “raids” all the same except the end boss. More like skirms than a raid.

    I have a level 50 LM locked at level 50 (no LIs) just for running Angmar content. Love me some CD/Uru on level :)


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