Vraeden Hates Hunters

I am a bad hunter. I’ll say that right off the bat. A hunter was the first toon that I rolled in LOTRO (and in any MMO really), and it’s a fun class to play. Unfortunately, it’s also a class that can very easily make things go bad for a raid very quickly.

I leveled my hunter up to the then-cap of 65, then realized I couldn’t ever find a group. Part of it was that there are a gajillion hunters out there and DPS is easy to find in a raid. And part of it is that I was a new player and I had no clue on what I was doing in a group. So I parked my hunter and rolled a minstrel. Gradually, my minstrel became my “main”, but the hunter was my first toon.

This past weekend, I got together with several of The Osgiliath Guard’s hunters to talk about the class.

In this is-it-really-a-roundtable? discussion, we discuss the basics of the hunter class including class traits, legendary item legacies, raiding, stats, consumables and the like. We also talk about how you can avoid getting the reputation of being a “bad hunter” and having to wear a giant scarlet H that wards off all raid leaders.

One of the other attendees is one of our kin’s main raid tanks, and he gave us some insights into how a hunter can make his job easier, and things hunters do that make him crazy.

As with the discussions we had about minstrels, this talk isn’t designed for hardcore raiders, but for players who are new to LOTRO or new to the class. This is a long talk (almost an hour and a half), but there’s a lot of content in this one.

If you have comments or other questions, please leave them in the comments below.

Special thanks to Grayman, Juliehood and Kep for their insights into the hunter.

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18 Responses to “Vraeden Hates Hunters”

  1. Strunto Says:

    But we hunters love you, Vraeden. So much.


  2. Feklahr Says:

    I have grouped and raided with almost every class, in fact I raided heavily with a hunter at level cap 75. A common mistake I can see from hunters is that they really try to nuke baddies with large bursts of short term DPS. This is a very poor philosophy to group and raid with.

    Ideally, a hunter wants to provide a steady, “medium-high” level of single target *STREAMING* DPS. I often achieve this by traiting five red and two blue and running in Precision stance. You can hit decently hard almost nonstop throughout a fight without falling into some of the big burst damage traps that can draw unwanted attention to yourself.

    Finally, make sure you know for sure what the primary DPS target is during any battle. If you don’t know, just auto-attack the main tank’s target and ask the group leader where DPS needs to be.

    Very experienced hunters can be a main cc class in a raid (my wife would often be primary cc with her hunter in Ost Dunhoth). If your main is a hunter, it is good to practice cc in groups and skirmishes so you can be cc ready for a raid. CC hunters are a wonderful and awesome thing.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I will check in from time to time.


  3. Lilikate Says:

    Yay! A hunter rectangle table! What a treat…Thankyou.


  4. Duinathel Says:

    Hunter is a bad class to play drunk. Very easy to screw everything up. Just saying.


    • Royalbob Says:

      That’s why I backed out of a raid last night on my hunter before it started.


    • Shaidde Says:

      I didn’t know Hunter’s ever played ‘not drunk’. Hmmm, I definitely learned something today.

      Honestly, every time I hear ‘Heartseeker’ or ‘he’s below half, now I can do this!’ on headset I laugh…because either it’ll be fine, or if we don’t have threat firmly established, brave Sir Robin is about to run away.


  5. Kelly Says:

    I am a hunter and everyone on my server hates me….that is until they need to go somewhere. I also hate being one.


  6. Narnian of Vilya Says:

    Hunters are like heart surgeons. They can save lives or with one slip up, ruin everything. I think it’s a misnomer to call the Hunter an easy class. The mechanics are simpler perhaps, but the dynamics of operating the class in combat are anything but.


  7. Cadronas Says:

    I also went from hunter to mini. I still love my hunter but went mini as they are in more demand.
    When I first started grouping I was a classic huntard. I aggroed the whole room and wiped.
    Now when I use my hunter I find that if there is a wipe I might be the last left. I try to judge how good the tank is and adjust my stance and shot choice accordingly. I still play it and group sometimes but this is becoming less and less. An AOE enhanced hunter is awesome for sammy funs.
    On average the hunter is generally hopeless in melee situations against bosses or ranked creeps but what I discovered over the last year has how I had so under-utilised swift stroke, low cut and agile rejoiner. These are awesome skills especially with LI enhancements.


  8. Osdor Says:

    I really enjoyed taking part!

    And they don’t really make me crazy when I tank (well, mostly).


  9. Lilikate Says:

    Thanks and thumbs….I love my class and always will…And you àll all love me so long as I remember to pop endurance and not shoot anything with Barbed when in a group.


  10. Grayrider Says:

    “Special thanks to Grayman, Juliehood and Kep for their insights into the hunter.”

    Well, thanks to Juliehood and Kep, really. My “main” is my Captain and I learned a *lot* more from the discussion than I contributed. In fact, later that same evening I switched my traits around after hearing what Kep had to say about the blue line. I probably should have talked even less.

    Good job putting it together, Vrae.



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