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July 19, 2013

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Howdy, CSTMers!

With summer here, it’s hard to stay current with computer games.  After all, the kids are out of school, people go on vacation and the in-game population generally drops.  Me?  I’ve got a honey-do list I’m just now getting through, but I still make some time to play my favourite MMOs.

What have all ya’ll been up to lately?  I hope it involves some combination of the beach, a pool, air conditioning, a road trip, boats/jet skis/4-wheelers, the grill, a fishing boat and Christina Hendricks in a bikini.

I just thought I’d drop in for a few and give a quick update on my “main” toons.

 Vraeden LOTRO Name: Vraeden
Server: Elendilmir
Class: Minstrel, level 85
Last Seen:
Vraeden is taking the summer off from questing. Her last big outing involved taking down Saruman in the Tower of Orthanc raid with kinmates from the Osgiliath Guard. Along with her brother, Voontak, she recently bought a nice riverfront vacation tree house along the Anduin, and is in the process of renovating it to become an income property until she goes into the West. Look for weekly rentals beginning sometime around November. Contact Lothlórien Vacations2Go LLC for details; ask for Laraël Isarawyn.
 Vraeden STO Name: Vraeden
Game: Star Trek Online
Ship: USS Constellation
Rank: Lieutenant
Last seen:
Just recently promoted to lieutenant, Vraeden took command of the USS Constellation, a Miranda-class light cruiser. Since completing her deep space trials, the Constellation has unfortunately experienced a series of malfunctions which have resulted in being confined to spacedock until further notice. The latest reports from the chief engineer indicate that the Johnson rod in the main dilithium matter/anti-matter intermix chamber was bent at an odd angle and needs to be replaced.
 Vraeden GW2 Name: Vraeden
Game: Guild Wars 2
Class: Elementalist, level 3
Last Seen:
Hugging trees and doing sylvari stuff.
 Vraeden SWTOR Name: Vraeden
Server: Harbinger
Class: Jedi Sage, level 50
Last Seen:
The family matriarch of the Xur legacy, Jedi Master Vraeden is taking some time away from adventuring to help out the newer members of the family and dote on her grandchildren. She currently resides on Tython. Sadly, none of her romance options are working out right now, but interested parties can view her profile at She is a body type 4 twi’lek who likes long walks on the beach, puppies and turning Sith to the light side. Must be at least Light III and have your own starship. Species, class unimportant. No mind games, please (she’d crush yours anyway). Be the light in her lightsaber!
 Vraedyn SWTOR Name: Vraedyn
Server: Harbinger (formerly of The Ebon Hawk)
Class: Sith Sorcerer, level 51
Last Seen:
After getting through Chapter 2 on the Ebon Hawk server, Vraedyn (evil twin sister of Vraeden) transferred to the Harbinger for a change of scenery. After defeating evil Darth Thanaton, Vraedyn recently took his seat on the Dark Council and founded the guild <Army of Därthness>, which is dedicated to doing darthy stuff and shopping smart. S-mart.
 Vraeden SWTOR Bastion Name: Vraeden
Server:  The Bastion
Class: Jedi Sage, level 30
Last Seen:
While adventuring on Tatooine, Vraeden got ganked by a group of level 50 Sith who were joyriding on a planet 25 levels lower. After finding out that others were having the same experience, a raid was formed which followed the offending parties. Right after the gankers activated the world boss, the Jedi raid swooped in, killed all of the Sith healers and then ran like hell. From a safe distance, we watched Trapjaw kill the rest of the dark-siders before taking him down ourselves for some nice purple gear. Good will always triumph over evil, suckas!
Mrs. Vraeden Name: Mrs. Vraeden
Game: Life
Class:  Nurse, level 50, Awesome Home Cook, level 80, Mongo-Like Pawn, level 1
Last Seen:
Last weekend, we took a road trip through Ohio where we crashed some outlet malls, restaurants, Marriott hotel properties and Ikea.  She’s been overseeing a project making the old family room into a play area for the grandchildren, and we needed furniture, toys and such, so she devastated my credit card and got a couple of sales guys to proc a discount on some of items.  By the way, she won’t let me publish a photo of her here, so just pretend that the lovely Kym Johnson is Mrs. Vraeden.

Other news and announcements:

The USS Constellation is looking for a new chief engineer/miracle worker.

Sitharella (SWTOR, Harbinger, Sith Assassin 24) is guildmaster of <Assassins Do It From Behind> and wants you to help her eff up ‘Pubs in warzones.

Chiss triplets Ann-Marie, Gwendollynn and Leigh-Ann Xur (SWTOR, Harbinger, Jedi Guardian 50, Mercenary 52 and Gunslinger 24, respectively) will be attending Dragon*Con over Labor Day weekend and want to have a meet-up with other toons from SWTOR. Blue skin and red eyes are a must.

For Sale: Polished Red Agates. I have them out the wazoo (and it hurts like hell!). Cheap! Contact Vraeomir (LOTRO, Elendilmir, Captain 85) for details.

Look what I got. Welcome to Jealousyville. Population: You.

Vuvu and her pet black bear Bubu (LOTRO, Elendilmir, Lore-master) are level 46 and only have virtues at rank 2 or 3. Crafting XP rules!!!!!

I just started a toon in Rift named Vraeden (Rift, Faeblight, Mage 1), but I don’t know when I’ll get around to playing her.

Who’s tired of getting the “You can’t mount here” message? Bretlynn (SWTOR, Harbinger, Operative 51), that’s who. Every time I see that, I have a flashback to my last trip to Barnes & Noble.

Voontak & ElaraYou are all invited to the wedding of Major Vootak Xur (SWTOR, Harbinger, Commando; formerly Major Buu, until the server merges resulted in someone else getting his name, even though the current Buu is still level 5 and hasn’t logged on in months), commanding officer of Havoc Squad, and his executive officer, Lieutenant Elara Dorne.

The happy couple met while serving on Taris together and have fought in campaigns on Nar Shadaa, Balmorra, Quesh, Hoth, Voss, Aderaan and Belsavis. Both were instrumental in the Republic victory on Corellia. Lieutenant Dorne, who is keeping her name, attended the Imperial Battle Academy on Dromund Kaas before defecting from the Empire upon learning the true depravity of the Sith. She is an upstanding Republic citizen and Army officer.

For her it was love at first sight, even though their relationship is slightly irregular, but his compassion, dedication to duty, loyalty to his men and fierce fighting spirit finally won her over. She also adores the way he handles his BFG.  To Lieutenant Dorne, he will always be her “Buu”.

Major Xur rose through the ranks, first as an enlisted soldier, then received a commission in the Republic Army. He was also immediately smitten and describes her rack as “awesome”.

After a brief honeymoon off the Shoulder of Orion and the Tanhauser Gate, the new couple plans to go to Makeb to break up an alliance between the Hutts and the Empire.  In lieu of gifts, please make a donation to Child’s Play, the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, or the charity of your choice.

Most of my other toons are lowbies and storage mules who are stumbling along through the summer.

As far as CSTM is concerned, I have a couple of other items in the works including new class not-really-roundtables.

Hope all ya’ll are having a great summer.  LOTROcon is next weekend.  Dragon*Con in a month.  International Talk Like a Pirate Day in two months.

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4 Responses to “Catching up with Vraeden”

  1. Strunto Says:

    That 12 character limit for subs on SWTOR is just too tempting. I’m up to 10 characters now, and who knows if I’ll ever even log into some of them again. :P

    I have a giggle every now and then over “You can’t mount here.” I think that makes me immature.


    • Avatar of Vræden
      Vræden Says:

      What’s sad is that I just bought another character slot because some guys from work started playing and I don’t have any lowbies to level with them. I may have to buy another one because having 13 character slots per server would be unlucky.


  2. Lilikate Says:

    Great to catch up, have a wonderful summer Mr and Mrs Vraeden!


  3. Avatar of knowfere
    knowfere Says:

    Wishing I was going to LOTROCon! Instead, me and the fam are going to Cedar Point in October during Halloweekends. Best.Park.On.The.Planet!


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