Goldenstar Games: Week of July 1, 2013

July 5, 2013

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Hello! So I didn’t stop playing games just like I promised and thought it’d be fun to just give you an idea of what I’m playing!

No promises I can do this every week. Life is busy and full of stuff that prevents gaming every week for the causal folks but I’ll do what I can to keep you informed if possible. Let me know if you like this idea or you wish I would just go away like I said I would.

LOTRO: Landroval Dum Time

Dum Time this week we kind of were not sure what to do. There definitely seems to be a lack of group content where we are right now (everyone is hovering around level 70). We’ve gone back and cleared out old quests, completed all the 6-man mirkwood dungeons, done all but the raid of in their absence, and done quite a few skirmishes but we’d kind of like to do something new!

So we got everyone to buy the Riders of Rohan instance cluster (had no idea ROR was going to be on sale this weekend!)  and we decided to do “Bells of Dale” 6-man instance. This was the first time any of us had been there.

Also big woop-woop as it was the first time Laydedum was able to rejoin us since becoming a mommy! She was kicking butt while holding a sleeping baby.

Dale has a rat problem. In fact, one of my favorite parts was while fighting a mini-boss orc dude Graz, some rats appeared and we all decided “OMG RATS” and turned to kill them because obviously rats were the largest worry at the moment. Never mind the large scary orc. We gotta fix this vermin problem.


We didn’t find anything in the dungeon particularly challenging. We would arrive at a boss, stare at him for a bit and then all agree that we’ll stick with the tried and true Dum attack pattern of run in screaming and see what happens. It continues to be our working method of choice.

The hardest part of the dungeon was a section that Sodum found where you could get stuck on a bridge. Naturally we all jumped in it because… solidarity or something. Yes, I did /bug it because I don’t want anyone else enjoying getting stuck as a group


Afterwards I went to Rohan as I had dinged 71 and the quest chain to get the war-steed was available! So I summoned Sodum, who also dinged 71, and together we went out to murderize salamanders (as you naturally would do if you wanted to get a horse). We didn’t get any farther than that though. I hope I can get him to help me get a bit further later on because all these Rohan mobs are red and very angry so I don’t think I can do it on my own.

Rift: Faeblight

Goldenstar AKA the dwarf in hot pants this week mostly avoided getting any levels so Merric’s toon could catch up. Merric (AKA Trystan in game) and I did meet up yesterday and started leveling in Gloamwood for a bit before he was sent outside to rebuild the porch I made him tear down.

Not leveling is something I happen to excel at. So what did I do, you ask? Brace yourself for this may be shocking for those who know me.

FishingI fished.

I fished a lot.

With the fish I caught, I worked on my survival craft to boost my cooking. I had a goal to make pie and I did it. I unfortunately cannot eat the pie as I am too low a level.

Why so much fishing when in the past I’ve stated how much I dislike the task in other games? Simple, I’m fishing up housing items for my dimension like a mad woman! Decorating my house with waterlogged junk is apparently very appealing to me.

Also I got a puppy dog pet. Basically I wanted the ascend a friend (link updated to Merric’s)level 1 gift SOOOO bad that I made Merric apply my ascend a friend code (link updated to Merric’s) to his alt account and subscribe for a month. All so I could get this pet puppy. It was totally worth it. I love non-combat pets!!


Also shared my ascend a friend link (link updated to Merric’s) on twitter and facebook and it’s pretty cool, you don’t have to subscribe but you and I are linked and can summon each other and you get a trinket and a title for signing up. I don’t need any of the other perks as the inviter so no need to subscribe but if you want the benefits feel free to use my link (link updated to Merric’s). Warning – we’re basically forced to be Rift friends so don’t do this if you don’t like me.

The CSTM guild is going great with new folks joining all the time. It seems I get to meet someone new each time I login! It’s so nice to get to ask friends and share tips we discover together rather than dealing with general chat. We now have a guild bank thanks to a generous guildie donating funds to buy it and people are filling it with stuff they made to share. It’s like a giant happy commune and I like it!

Finally I did my very first Rift dungeon this week. It was larger and more epic than I expected. I volunteered to heal just because I enjoy healing. I died twice in spectacular fashion and I dinged level 21. It was a success and I had a great time!


That’s all for me this week. What did you do this week?

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24 Responses to “Goldenstar Games: Week of July 1, 2013”

  1. Avatar of Limm
    Limm Says:

    That little dog is so cute!


  2. Avatar of Suzhran
    Suzhran Says:

    Love the update, and that given that you guys said you were stopping, you are still posting some stuff… just not as frequently (and that is fine :)):


  3. Stana Says:

    Casual stroll to Meridia? (the defiant main town in Rift) ;)


  4. Cyraith Says:

    I’ve been playing STO, trying out SW:TOR, and continuing my FF7 replay :)


  5. Tori Says:

    Yes, please stick around for updates! It’s fun to hear what you are up to.


  6. Isilwren Says:

    Calamintha just got her dire wolf ranger pet. He’s beautiful, but if I try to pet him, he’ll bite my hand off. This little puppy, on the other hand, might have to be the lap dog I’ve been looking for. I wish the dog pet in LOTRO was this cute.


  7. Avatar of Andang
  8. Jestro of Windfola Says:

    Lotro and Rift for me too!


  9. Avatar of Draculetta
    Draculetta Says:

    Lotro/Rift/Alan Wake for me….


  10. Gilidie Says:

    Lotro. Civ 5. Far cry 3 and trine 2. Good times all round. Thanks for still posting too.


  11. Zandoriel Says:

    What RIFT server are you on guys?


  12. Ilse Says:

    Oh, that little dog is so cute! Now I’m even more tempted to start playing Rift, especially now it’s also free to play :)
    The non-combat pets is something I miss in Lotro. The mounts are wonderful, but it’s not a pet…..
    Currently I’m still only playing Lotro, bit I’m very much tempted to try out Rift…….


  13. susan Says:

    I am doing rift mostly now, still interested in lotr but not playing anymore, taking a break. We wanted the pet from referral too but realized in order to get it the referee had to sub, pay for a month at least. that took care of making numerous alts and referring them to each other (sister) like we did to get the referral steed in lotr. lol.

    fishing for dim items is addicting, between that and decorating my dims and artifact hunting I may never actively level my toons. lolol

    faebight Cirocco, Laweh


  14. Caelas Says:

    Too many games for my available time: SWTOR, Rift, Marvel Heroes, Neverwinter, Diablo3, Lotro, Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, The Secret World etc etc ;)

    Good to hear you guys are still enjoying gaming :)


  15. Hobbitmeister Says:

    After CSTM’s last podcast, I went to Biobreak and listened to the episode about Rift. When I finished, I saw the Tweet by GS about their Rift guild. I guess it was like some kind of sign so I proceeded to download/install Rift. Been playing about the past week, already got a mount and pet drop from one of the Rifts. So if any doctors ask about me, I blame CSTM :D

    It’s been a breath of fresh air. Rift seems like a pretty good game so far. Like Goldenstar, I am completely enjoying the fishing, Why?, because it’s not BORING (are you listening Turbine?) and I get to decorate my Dimension (small house with a yard) with goodies I fish up every now and then.


  16. sean Says:

    you know in Rift that you can mentor down your level, yeah? So even if you’re level 60, you can mentor down to Merric’s level and play alongside him. To mentor down, right-click your portrait and select ‘Set Ascended level’.

    Of course, if you’re wanting to do *the same quests* together, then yeah, mentoring won’t suit your purposes… but otherwise, it’s great :)


  17. Hagges Says:

    I just downloaded and started Rift after seeing your posts about it, Rolled a cleric on both Guardian and Defiant sides on the Faeblight shard, looking forward to hooking up with your group/guild as I find time to play.

    Happy to find a immersive mmo similar to Lotro that I can derp around in while Turbine deals with growing pains and cash shop problems in Lotro.

    Keep an eye out for Hagges and Gabrandor in game :)


  18. godmode Says:

    don’t be afraid to admit it, as a MMO, RIFT is better than what Lotro has become.
    if you place shadows of angmar next to rift, they may be equal. but when you look at rohan/wildermore, rift is definitely better. that’s all there is to it. it was inevitable that most of the lotro player base would switch to rift.
    also, have you seen some of the mounts there? pure awesomeness



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