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July 25, 2013


InjusticeRecently my mobile gaming time has been largely taken up by one game and that’s Netherrealm’s Injustice: Gods Among us for the iPad. For those who may not be familiar with the game, it’s a combination of a Fighting and Collectible Card Game. And while I won’t go into a full review of the app, but I would like to talk about the most recent update to the game.

So far the game has seen two updates. The first one introduced three Red Son characters as well as Lobo nothing else really changed within the game. With its latest update the game has not only added the character of Batgirl, but it’s offered a limited time challenge where you can earn the character for free rather than getting it randomly through Gold Card Packs. This differs from the previous Red Son characters in that you could purchase the three characters separately in a Red Son pack, or you could get them randomly through a Gold Pack. Lobo was available separately through the normal card store or through a Gold Pack.

Anyway, the goal of the challenge is fairly simple. Within a select number of days you must go through a series of 5 challenges; each one consisting of a number of fights. Each challenge may have a certain condition such as what type of card may be used (silver, bronze, gold) or perhaps a certain character must be in the team (like Bane in Challenge 5). Each fight will also use up a character’s energy and a number of Challenge Points. As within the normal game you can “Recharge” a character’s energy with Energy Cards (if you have them) and Challenge Points can be earned by winning normal fights or by purchasing packs with tokens.

While myself and another friend both were able to finish the challenge in a day, we both have been playing the game for a while now and have a number of high-level characters and plenty of resources (in both credits and energy cards) to accomplish the goal. I think that due to some of the requirements of the challenges that someone brand new to the game or without such resources may have a very difficult time completing the challenge. All-in-all I think that this Challenge was a great way for Netherrealm to introduce a new character and I hope that they’ll do this or something else just as fun the next time they introduce a new character.

Speaking of new characters, while Batgirl was the only “new” character the game also introduced new costumes/versions of existing characters, but the company remained quiet about which ones were available.

Last, but not least the ability to sell your extra cards was also added to the game; a feature that has long been missing. While you still may need to be careful about which ones you sell back (some cards may be for characters you have yet to acquire) I think that this will make a huge difference in whether I purchase individual cards or booster packs.  Why is it so important?  Mostly because due to buying booster packs instead of individual cards (which was the cheaper route) you ended up with multiple cards (such as Braniac) which you only need one of since having two or more don’t provide additional bonuses.  Before this update you just groaned inwardly and dealt with the bad luck.  Now, you can at least recooperate some of the money you spent on the booster pack and put it towards something else! (I ended up selling over 50,000 credits worth of cards.)

Obviously I love this game and I’ll be playing it for a while, but I am overjoyed at how its been updated considering it could have easily been passed off as a marketing tool with its tie-in to the console versions (which I have rented, but have yet to purchase). With these updates Netherrealm seems to be acknowledging that the game is profitable enough to continue with updates and for now seems to have some longevity. And with the wide array of DC characters available the updates could be coming for a long while to come.

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8 Responses to “#IOS – Injustice: Gods Among Us”

  1. Wilros Says:

    Cool, thanks for the info. I actually have this game on my iPad but didn’t know about the latest update, so I will have to check it out!


  2. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    I’ve got this lurking on my ipad but keep being distracted by plague inc and uplink.


  3. Paopee Says:

    i’m so going to download this later!


  4. Paul Says:

    Should I delete the cards that say upgrade? They don’t seem to be helping any? I just feel like they could earn me some extra credits to sell.


  5. Mir Faizaan Says:

    Daily player on iOS.Add me on facebook.


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