Keeping in Touch with Merric and Goldenstar

July 2, 2013


Just because we will not be posting here as often doesn’t mean we’ve disappeared. We love the community of players we’ve got here and don’t want to lose that. If you are interested in all in keeping in touch with Merric or myself, here are some ways to stay connected.

Keep in mind, they wont be gaming focused 100% of the time but gamers are who we are it’s going to be part of our life wherever we are.

CSTM Social Networks We Still Run:

You can expect links to LOTRO articles I find interesting and probably broadening now to more gaming general interest links as well. I also like to post good game sales I find to these services.

Follow Merric

Podcasts he is still on:

Follow Goldenstar

Non-Gaming stuff you’re welcome to interact with me on:

  • Instagram (this is 90% pictures of Baby Hobbit)
  • Pinterest (this is mostly recipes my Hobbit belly wants to eat)

Follow Baby Hobbit

Both of these are run by Goldenstar. Baby Hobbit could probably work the Soundcloud on her own but doesn’t know how to read/write yet for twitter to be her own. Posts are infrequent but typically centered around some fun thing she is up to.

Also as mentioned above the best way to see current pictures of Baby Hobbit would be to follow Goldenstar on Instagram.

This picture from just this past weekend at the Farmer’s Market!

Rift CSTM Guild

RIFTlogo2013This past weekend we made a CSTM guild on the Faeblight server on Rift. We were asked about it quite often and so we decided why not. It is a casual family friendly guild for people who play sporadically like us but like to be in good company when we do play.

All are welcome to join, there is no faction or level limitations.

Here’s a link to Merric’s Ascend a Friend (their invite friends program).

Merric and Goldenstar are Rift noobs and will be low level for a while due to our casual play-style. We just wanted to make that clear in case you expecting some super-hyper active grand Rift adventure. Plus Goldenstar will still be found on LOTRO Monday nights with her Dums.

How to Join the Guild:

Best way to get an invite is to join the CSTM channel (/join CSTM) and ask if anyone can invite you.

Goldenstar will be promoting more people with invite powers soon so you don’t have to wait for Merric or her to play for an invite. We will get you in the guild as quickly as possible.

Just Join Us for Chat:

Already have a great guild in Rift but still want to chat, you can still join the CSTM channel and join in the discussion. /join CSTM

Those not on the Faeblight server can join by using the command: /join CSTM@Faeblight

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17 Responses to “Keeping in Touch with Merric and Goldenstar”

  1. Pjotr Says:

    Wow, Merric. Great to see your success so far :) Well done!


  2. susan Says:

    farewell and good adventures to you all.

    Me and my sis have been playing rift now for awhile, we absolutely love the whole dimensions (housing mods) and spend most of our time there visiting dims and decorating our own. lotr wore me out for grinding mmo’s so rift for me is extremely casual, mostly rp and scavenging for artifacts or fishing. lol


    • Avatar of Zyngor
      Zyngor Says:

      Oh man, the whole artifact hunt is rather addicting on my end. While I certainly still love and play LOTRO, I do applaud Rift for essentially rewarding players for exploring and trying to see where they can get themselves (this would tie in with their achievement system too, I suppose).


  3. Avatar of Haffleheim
    Haffleheim Says:

    Merric looks great holy smokes! And, I want some of what he’s eating.


  4. Kristaa Says:

    Lost 209 lbs?? Holy geez! Good job man!


  5. James Says:

    What side are you guys on in Rift?


  6. Avatar of Mzrts12
    Mzrts12 Says:

    “Keeping up with the Stroll-dashians”?


  7. Avatar of dtchris
    dtchris Says:

    I got to say I just recently put in an application to join The Council of Secret Fire on LOTRO… so I’m hoping to get accepted and have my newest character rise in levels to have much fun with you guys… and might try looking into rift… just hope my net here will allow me to download it lol


  8. Hildifast Says:

    I love how all the comments are about Merric’s weight loss, but holy moly that’s impressive :D You look like a different man, congratulations and well done.


  9. Belwynne Says:

    Merric – how has your life changed after losing all that weight? Do you find people treat you differently? Do you find you want to do things with your leisure time that are wholly new and different? What keeps you motivated now to keep working out etc?

    Congrats. That much weight loss is life changing, I’m SURE. You’ll always know that you did it ~ major lifetime achievement. What a great role model for baby hobbit. She’s going to have to worry about keeping up with YOU!

    Thanks for many years of enjoyment at CSTM. You all rock.


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