Kinship Renames Available For Free!

July 8, 2013



The ability to rename your kinship has not been available for some time. I wasn’t even aware this was an option so I cannot speak as to when the option was closed. Today CarpeNoctem on the forums has announced their return and a significant price change!

We are pleased to announce that Kinship renames are again available. Previously, players had to pay $12.95, €11.49, £9.95 or 1550TP for these renames, but there will no longer be a cost associated with them! These will be offered free to players who are either VIP, or Premium players have purchased Turbine Points within the last 45 days.

To submit a Kinship rename request, the Kinship leader will need to submit an In-Game support ticket by pressing Esc while logged in, and then going to the Help options.

Yup, free! I wonder if it was just low enough volume that Turbine is ok with helping without cost. It’s still a very nice service they are offering for free.

I’m not certain if this means it is still available for pay options if you are not a kinship leader that falls into those two player categories. It sounds like it’s free but if you aren’t VIP, you’ll have to have purchased some Turbine Points.

Source: LOTRO Forums

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7 Responses to “Kinship Renames Available For Free!”

  1. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    I wonder how many kinships actually rename themselves using the paid service.

    I know sometimes kinships get flagged because their names are “inappropriate”, either because of innuendo (ie-Show Us Your Noobs, That’s What She Said), or because they’re not “lore-appropriate” (ie-We Met On eHarmony, My WoW Account Got Hacked, etc.).

    But it seems that rather than pay real money to rename, it’s much easier just to dissolve and reform under the new name for a paltry sum of in-game money.


  2. Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
    Lilikate Buggins. Says:

    Good move by turbine, ditto to all Vraeden said :)


  3. Gentoo Says:

    Our kin was prepared to have ourselves renamed using the paid service and we had been waiting for months. We had a kin name migrated over from a previous MMO some of us had played together. We wanted to change it so we could establish the final separation between that game and this one. Of course, other members felt too much attachment we had a small split.

    And finally yesterday we were able to do so and now have a kin name that reflects our group as a whole. And for free no less! Most awesome.

    Gentoo of Easily Amused


  4. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    It’s not quite free but it should be open to the majority of kins.

    I usually struggle with chosing names for characters in mmo’s but I’ve never seen the sense in having a comedy name that will become a tired overused joke before the names even been completed.

    At least now those who want to change but were put off by the cost can get it done with no more hassle than maybe juggling kin leader status.

    Opens a new source of income to vip/premiums by hiring an alt for kin renaming.


  5. Pasduil Says:

    “Bought TP in the last 45 days” is an odd sort of criterion. You could be sitting on thousands of TP and not be eligible to do a rename.

    I for one bought a ton of stuff between last Oct-Jan and was VIP for a while on top of that, but I haven’t bought any TP recently.


  6. Rufusstan Says:

    This is very much a ‘you have to read the small print situation, as a premium player the free rename would still cost me one way or another.


  7. Kefvinius Says:

    Thanks for the note on this. After seeing this news, I was finally able to score a rename from a dissolved kin that was not available when I formed mine. Now, we’re comfortably settled with our sought after name. Yay!


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