Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 9: We’re Going on a Troll Hunt.

July 3, 2013



Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this edition of Lilikate’s Creatures. This is a very special episode as I had some  good friends help me prepare this story for all you excellent freefolk.

On a sad note, this is the last Lilikate’s Creatures for CSTM. I will be posting future editions of my series on

I wish Merric, Goldenstar and the adorable Baby Hobbit many Saturday family evenings filled with joy and happiness!

Let us continue with our tale…. It all started when I happened to cross paths with a Bounder of The Shire on the road to Brockenborings….

1. Intro Bounder


Bounder “Theres’s talk of a troll in Rushock Bog… I hope they don’t expect me to go kill it.”

2. Welcome Plough and Stars

Meeting at The Plough and Stars

Here we are gathering at the Plough and Stars. Today we go on a quest! Recently there have been many rumours about Trolls in the Shire. My friends and I are going to spend the day seeing if we can find any! Should be easy right?

3. Brock Bridge

Brockenborings to Overhill Bridge

So we figured Trolls live under bridges right? Scaring goats! Maybe this bridge is not big enough. See anything? Anybody? It’s a nice spot for a little fishing!

4. Rickety Bog Bridge

Rikety Rushock Bog Bridge

This bridge has a little space underneath, however I can’t see any Trolls here! My friends seem to be having a jolly time tho… Time for a snack!

5. Needlehole Bridge

Needlehole Bridge

I still think these bridges are all a bit small. We can see right through this one, no trolls here… How about we go have a word with some locals?

Amberflower- Where are all the trolls?

7. Falathlorn Bridge

Under Falathlorn Bridge

So this bridge is much bigger. A Troll could fit here for sure! even several Trolls! Bot nobody has spotted anything so far. Not even a footprint!

8. Trolls Knoll

Trolls Knoll

Here is something… A dead cow and a big fat stone Troll! I wonder what the answer of this riddle is? We were told that some rascally dwarves have been up to no good in a camp north of here.

9. Troll in Trees

 Troll in Trees

While some of my pals are chatting to these unfriendly visitors to The Shire. I spotted this scene. The tree fell down and the Troll got caught in the sun? Why are rolls here in this bog?

10. Gift for the North

 Gift for the North

So we found a letter. Some angry men want Trolls for a war and these stupid dwarves are trying to catch Trolls! This is our first sight of a real Troll, but he’s so keen to squish us.

Barrelrider – “You dented my best frying pan!”.

11 The Ivy Bush

The Ivy Bush

Phew.. What a day! Cheers everyone and thanks for all your help… Now lets have a few more drinks and enjoy the music. We earned it! Where is my order of mushrooms?

15.Rare Elite Troll


The Lasses all went home after our party. I was on my way to talk to Bounder Chubb. Look at what I found wandering the bog, Krankluk – The biggest Troll I have seen! I wonder where he hides during the day? I think I shall talk with Halros the ranger about this problem.

Names Bridge

 Thanks to all my friends for your help today!

Goldenstar, Amberflower, Fayah, Byrcha, Anthemisa and Barrelrider. You were awsome!

Everyone in the cage!

Could not resist getting in the cage for a screenshot

12. Goldenstar

 Butterfly for Goldenstar

This image is for Goldenstar a very special friend of mine. A beautiful butterfly just for you.

(Thank you for letting me contribute to CSTM)

13. Merric

 For Merric

Always tickled when hearing some lotro names read aloud, was in stitches hearing my own live on air…

When creating a free to play account to obtain a storage alt kin, I knew exactly what name to give my character!

14. Baby Hobbit

Baby Hobbits Rainbow and Next Time on Lilikate’s Creatures

A Rainbow for Baby Hobbit.

Lilikate’s Creatures will be back with Series 2: Ered Luin in September. In the meanwhile I hope to keep you all entertained with special episodes of my favourite creatures from these past weeks.


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21 Responses to “Lilikate’s Creatures Episode 9: We’re Going on a Troll Hunt.”

  1. Avatar of Elinnea
    Elinnea Says:

    Oh no, Lilikate, turn around! That nasty troll is looking Right at YOU!

    What an adventure for a group of hobbits! Who’d have thought there could be so many bridges in the Shire with narry a troll to be found?

    Very well done!


  2. susan Says:

    as always so cute and a joy to read. where are you going to post from now on?


  3. Byrcha of Landroval Says:

    Hooray! I got to meet Goldenstar! *faints*

    It was nice of Tinki to stop by also! ;-)

    Wait … does this make me an honorary Creature?? This was so much fun, thanks for doing these.


    • Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
      Lilikate Buggins. Says:

      I noticed Tinki stopped by too! Your not an honorary Creature, but an honorary Lilikate! I am sure we can meet up in some part of the world and share another adventure. When I need some real backup!


  4. Avatar of Limm
    Limm Says:

    What a wonderful post, Lilikate!


  5. Eva Says:

    This is the most adorable one yet!

    Seeing hobbits run around, particularly in the Shire, somehow always makes me happy. I do wish more classes could be played by hobbits, because I just enjoy playing my RK and LM, but would really have preferred to play them as hobbits. ;-)


  6. Gennyrose Says:

    I’ll be sad to see you leave the Shire, but I’m looking forward to series 2! Wonderful job, Lilikate!


  7. Korthe Says:

    I think this is the best “Lilikate’s Creatures” episode so far :) That Troll’s Knoll picture with Barrelrider doing a hand-stand on the stone troll is simply hilarious :D And all the rest, really. Very well done, everybody! :)

    PS: I’m already eagerly awaiting season 2 and those specials :)


  8. Avatar of anthemisa
    anthemisa Says:

    uh oh! I had an adventure with Goldenstar! I’ve met trolls and didn’t die! Now I’m famous at CSTM! *faints*
    Lili you are an amazing group leader!
    Thank you very much for fun! :D


  9. Avatar of Sullo
    Sullo Says:

    Congratulations on a successful troll hunt. And yay for Amberflower, my favorite hobbit! :)


  10. Avatar of Amberflower
    Amberflower Says:

    This looks great! Thank you so much for inviting us along, Lili! It was so much fun.

    I feel quite starstruck as well, lol.


    • Avatar of Lilikate Buggins.
      Lilikate Buggins. Says:

      As I said to Anth, my guests made this episode the most amazing experience. Look out for the extended video version in a few weeks on LOTRO Players…. I have more screenshots to share!


  11. BarrelRider Says:

    Thank you so much, Lilikate, for leading our grand adventure! And thank you, all you wonderful fellow troll-hunters! It was an honor and tremendous fun. And no one was squashed! Hurray!!


  12. Fayah Says:

    I have never been on such a fine adventure! And with so many famous hobbits! I thank you for the honor and fun!



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