#LOTRO: Dum War-Steeds

July 23, 2013

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Hoppy Up Up And AwayWe were floundering a bit again this week on “what should we do?”. Dumidum was no able to join us tonight so a pack of five Dums stood around asking what to do.

Well first I have to point out this picture of Hoppy on his invisible horse. I hade to take a picture as he looked like a freak Superman launching into flight.

They put me in charge and I suggested a fashion show which Laydedum cheered for and everyone else… not so much.

So we went for the big guns. We asked Baby Hobbit. She instructed us to “Ride around on our horsies and kill stuff sometimes”.

Since we couldn’t kill stuff while riding our horses we decided this translated into getting the Dums their War-steeds. Poor Laydedum wasn’t level 71 yet but she tagged along and said helping us kill the things gave good experience.

SalamandarsA lot of the stuff was very deflective of our attacks since they were all red to us but with five of us attacking, it had no choice but to die eventually.

Sodum, Laydedum and I killed the War-band Cinder but we were too low for the quest to actually get credit for the kill. Cinder is level 77  so we were impressed with ourselves.

In the Brigand camp I dinged level 72! Woo! Things turned orange and I could start successfully riddling things and hitting them more solidly again.

I wish a had a picture but in the camp with all the Battle Cats, Opdum (not sure if on accident or on purpose) trained pretty much the entire camp to us and we killed them all and it was epic!

We finished up and earned our war-steeds and completed the tutorial. Now we just need to help Laydedum and Dumidum get to 71 so they can get their war-steeds as well!

Dum Warsteeds

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2 Responses to “#LOTRO: Dum War-Steeds”

  1. susan Says:

    getting your warsteed is such a good feeling, then add in all the cosmetics and dyes and its a great time. Once you look purty then its off to kill things, stay patient it will all get easier and then you will realize what a blast you are having killing warbands.

    once you get to hybolt it all goes stale… but its good times till then. cheers!


  2. R.J.Willi Says:

    i remember the time getting my war-steed ability… what a great feeling that was. looking back at almost one year of RoR riding a war-steed could be such a blast but Turbine hasn’tintegrated it well into gameplay – not to talk about instances.
    one think susan mentioned i totally agree with: making your war-steed pretty and individual with cosmetics, dyes or even buy your class war-steed make everyone happy including Turbine. And Turbine needs to make money to keep going! Beside that i hope Turbine will massively improve the war-steed experience much better with Helms Deep, e.g. war-steed Raids. btw riding a wars-steed in Balewood sucks big time^^


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