#LOTRO: Housing Market Increasing Soon

TYpical-House-2[1]LOTRO players will hopefully start seeing some space opening up in player neighborhoods shortly!

With Update 11 came the new rules for Housing Upkeep and Foreclosure that will allow long abandoned houses to be put back on the market for active players to buy.

With Update 11, if you own a home that has been locked for more than 180 days you will be issued a final foreclosure warning. At that point you’ll have 60 days to get your finances in order and pay down the upkeep or your home will be foreclosed and put back on the market. All your items that were stored in the house will be put into escrow. These items in escrow will stay there indefinitely but you will need to clear out your escrow before you are allowed to buy a new home.

Sapience mentioned in the forums that this will take effect starting on July 26th.

Any houses that qualified for the 180-day or greater lock out and were not unlocked by the owner will be foreclosed and put back on the market. I suspect that a lot of foreclosed houses will appear on and around July 26th for the really old lot of players who haven’t played for a long while. Now might be a good time to go scout some good locations or think about moving into the same neighborhood as your friend or kinship.

It is important to note that not every abandoned house will be up for sale right away. Locked houses get a final foreclosure warning and 60 days to unlock the home. I think it’s important to keep in mind in case that prime real estate you hoped for doesn’t open up right away. The owner still gets a chance to keep the house before its once again available.

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10 Responses to “#LOTRO: Housing Market Increasing Soon”

  1. Flixxer Says:

    great news! maybe i’ll be able to get the house next to the kin house


  2. Cinnamoon Says:

    I think you’re right about not getting hopes up about abandoned homes. I haven’t paid for mine in several months, and the housing panel tells me I won’t be foreclosed on until January 25.


  3. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    You can also pay up for something like 6 months in advance (I’m paid through November or something ridiculous like that), and the maintenance fee is such a paltry amount for high level characters that I don’t see too many houses going into forclosure.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I’m thinking that a good number of houses will at least initially. The folks who haven’t played for years but have a house locked up should be freed up. That’s what started the whole conversation about releasing the locked houses. So many homes are abandoned but since their player doesn’t return cannot be sold back out to active players.


      • Siqua (of Landroval) Says:

        I would expect that this would also keep a “churn” of houses coming onto the market.

        A three month foreclosure process and being able to pay six months in advance (9 months total) isn’t that long really. There should be a steady trickle of houses coming back on the market as players leave the game. Even if there isn’t, at least we know that someone is logging in a couple times a year to pay housing maintenance. I would suggest that even that is better than the scores of houses that have been abandoned for years.


  4. Julikoy Says:

    Finally! So many houses locked of users don’t pay so many time and is still there… Thankfully shall withdraw these slackers.


  5. susan Says:

    wait… “you have to clear out your escrow before you can buy a new home’. are you kidding me? hundreds of items to find space for in inventory before you can drop em down into the house.

    that cant be right…………….


    • Summer Raine Says:

      Yup, it’s right. I abandoned my house recently to move into a new neighborhood and couldn’t buy the house I wanted until I cleared out escrow. What a pain that was!

      Summer Raine


  6. Avatar of Sullo
    Sullo Says:

    A bunch of houses opened up on Landroval yesterday (finally). Yay for a new home! :)



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