LOTRO Summer Festival Guide 2013


Summer Festival is running this year from July 24 – August 6, 2013. This guide is here to help you find all the events available.

The currency of this festival is the Summer Festival Token. Collecting these can help you buy the goodies listed in the rewards section below.

The big events for the Summer Festival are the Hobbit and Dwarf races and the fishing quests. There are other quests available in case these two aren’t your cup of tea. The quests are mostly broken up into four major regions in Middle Earth. These are where you will find the festival vendors as well as other festival activities.

What is not included in this guide The festivals of Middle-earth include certain quests that appear with each and every festival. Please see our guide on these General Festival Quests for help with those events. This would include the:

What is different from last year?
The short answer to this question is “not a lot”. However, there are some small differences that may be worth noting.

  1. The races no longer require festival tickets. They are simple quests repeatable with a 1 hour timer on them or can be reset with Mithril Coins to play again sooner.
  2. A new robe and cloak are available. Theme of the rewards this year is Midsummer.
  3. A new steed purchasable from the festival vendors “Steed of the Midsummer”
  4. Caparison of the Midsummer available for your war-steed.


  • Lucky Day at the Races Winning the Dwarf and Hobbit races (see descriptions below) with each racer will grant you the title “Lucky Duck”.
  • Much Drinking, Much Running Win with each of the Dwarf racers 3 times. Reward is 6 Festival Tickets.
  • Much Eating, Much Running Win with each of the Hobbit racers 3 times. Reward is 6 Festival Tickets
  • Too Much of Everything Complete the Much Drinking and Much Eating deeds. Reward is 15 summer festival tokens, the /heave emote and the title “Picky Picker”
  • Celebrating Sunshine Complete all the fishing, finding lost things and firework quests for the title “Sunshine”.
  • Fortune Festival Fish Catch 10 each of the rare festival fish: Silver Haddock (Thorin’s), Celebhal (Celondim), Golden Redfish (Bree), Starry Flounder (Bywater), Reward: Title “Rare Fish”
  • Consume Consumables: Saffron’s Lipstick Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Vile Vittles Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Foul Blast Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Fire Breathing Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Essence of Toad Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Monster Fare Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)


You are invited to the Summer Festival through one of the pop-up quests that will appear on your screen. Accepting this quest will swift travel you to the Party Tree in the Shire and rewards 1 Summer Festival Token.

Bree-land Festival Grounds

Fireworks for the Festival

Quest Giver: Robert Greenverge
Rewards: Summerdays Fireworks or 1 Summer Festival Token
Repeatable: Daily

You are to collect fireworks from all the festival areas and you have 1 hour to do it. Not a difficult quest and super easy if you are (or pair up with) a hunter. Each Festival area will have a Fireworks vendor that will sell you their race’s fireworks.

You can pick up these fireworks ahead of time just while wandering around doing other festival stuff and have it ready when you go to Bree to turn it in.

Thorin’s Hall

backpackForgotten Errands

Quest Giver: Ambi
Rewards: 1 Summer Token
Repeat: Daily

Ambi has a list of missing items that is scattered around Thorin’s Hall. There are 5 items you need to find. They aren’t too difficult if you just travel around every hallway. For a hint on the tricky one, look near the bridge near the waterfall.

Losing More Than a Wager

Quest Giver: Skalli (inside the Dwarf race instance)
Rewards: 1 Summer Festival Token
Repeat: Daily

Skalli is very unlucky when it comes to betting on the Dwarf races and in a tantrum has thrown and lost some of his items. He will hand you a report that will go into your inventory that will will give hints where to find his lost items.


Missing Things

Quest Giver: Lalfor
Rewards: 1 Summer Festival Token
Repeat: Daily

Lalfor has asked you to help him find his poems and gifts for his love, Nedhrien. They are scattered around Duillond and all pretty easy to locate.

The Shire

These quests are located by the Party Tree in the Shire just north of Hobbiton.

Too Much Festival book

Quest Giver: Foxglove Tunnelly
Rewards: 1 Summer Festival Token
Repeat: Daily

Foxglove has misplaced her things in the festival ground and asks you to help find them. They are all in the party tree area. To help with that final item I’ll give you the suggestion to go visit Samwise’s old Gaffer.

Pro Tip: using the delete key will target these items when you are near them

Going Hungry

Quest Giver: Melilot Hayward
Rewards: 1 Summer Token
Repeat: Daily

Melilot has lost all the food she brought with her and hands you a list of what she did that day to help her find them all. You will find the list in your inventory that gives clues where to look for her lost items.

Fishing Quests

Fishing is the most efficient way to collect Summer Festival Tokens (unless you supremely lucky at the festival races and have lots of tickets). I’ve also heard of member’s of the Inn League or Ale Association running all those repeatable to turn in their badges for tokens.

These fishing quests originate from the Bywater fishing area (same area used by the Farmer’s Festival). There are prerequisite quests that have to be done here before it opens up the fishing in the other festival areas.

Belongings Gone Fishing

Quest Giver: Mosco Smallburow
Rewards: 1 Summer Festival Token
Repeat: Daily

Mosco has a big fishing tale for your and then asks you to help him find his lost items. In your inventory you’ll have an item called “Mosco’s List” that has all the items on it and what was he was doing when he lost the item to help you track the items down.

To the Fishing Hole

Quest Giver: Ned Longbottom at the Party Tree or Maggi in Thorin’s Hall
Rewards: The Basics of Fishing
Repeat: No

Quest sends you to Neddie Grub in Bywater (31.2S, 70.0W Shire).

Neddie is a festival barterer.  He has several lawn decorations and a wallpaper selection. You can see pictures of these in the Summer Festival Decoration and Furniture Guide.


Stocking the Pond

Quest Giver: Neddie Grub
Rewards: 3 Summer Festival Tokens
Repeat: No

Neddie asks you the best place to catch an assortment of fish in a certain order.

  • Amberjack in Thorin’s Hall – head towards the waterfall on the west side of the hall.
  • Luillim in Celondim on the docks
  • Drum in Bree. Fishing in the pond near Pierson’s farm south of Bree-town.(33.0S, 49.8W)

The Fishing Hole

Quest Giver: Neddie Grub
Rewards: Fish you catch are bartered for tokens and decorations
Repeat: Daily
Prerequisite: Stocking the Pond

Neddie asks you to catching as many fish as you can in 10 minutes. Turn in your extra fish to Neddie for additional tokens.

Sitting on the Dock

Quest Giver: Gaellien (in Celondim near the docks not Duillond)
Rewards: Turn in fish caught for bonus tokens
Repeat: Daily
Prerequisite: Stocking the Pond

Gaellien asks you to catch as many fish as you can in 20 minutes. Turn in your fish to Gaellien for extra tokens earned.

A River Runs Through It

Quest Giver: Láfi, West side Thorin’s Hall near water
Rewards: Turn in fish caught for bonus tokens
Repeat: Daily
Prerequisite: Stocking the Pond

Láfi asks you to catch as many fish as you can in 20 minutes. Turn in your fish to Láfi for extra tokens earned.

The Pond

Quest Giver: Will Hindmarsh
Rewards: Turn in fish caught for bonus tokens
Repeat: Daily
Prerequisite: Stocking the Pond

Will asks you to catch as many fish as you can in 20 minutes. Turn in your fish to Will for extra tokens earned.

Trading Fish for Tokens

For you expert fishers who have more fish than tokens, head to your local fishing quartermaster to be able to turn in your fish for extra Summer Festival Tokens.

Trading Tokens for Fish

For those of you have more tokens than they know what to do with and dislike fishing: Ernwyd Brandybuck at the Party Tree (29.8S, 71.6W) will trade tokens for the special fish (Celebhal, Silver Haddock, Golden Redfish or Starry Flounder). The fish are used at the quartermasters for special rewards (see rewards section below).

Racing Events

FestivalHorseThe races take place inside instances rather than out on the landscape. Head to Michel Delving or Thorin’s Gate to find the Festival Horse that will take you to the Hobbit and Dwarf races.

Playing the Races

The two races operate the exact same way even though Hobbits are racing after food and Dwarves are racing for beer.

The races run every nine minutes from when the race starts until the next race starts. Three minutes before the race starts, you will be able to place your bets on your favorite racer with the Race-master.

ConsolationIf you win:
Turn in the quest for 6 Festival Tokens.

If you lose:
Click on the Consolation Present near the Race Trader to collect 1-2 Summer Festival Tokens just for playing.

Win or lose the quest is over and you will need to wait an hour to play again or you can reset the quest to play again for 5 Mithril Coins.

The Dwarf and Hobbit races are on separate timers so you can play both within the hour without having to pay for a reset.

Festival Mounts

Steed of the Midsummer
2013 Midsummer Steed

62% Speed, 200 Morale
40 tokensWar-steed Cosmetic:
Caparison of the Midsummer
40 tokens
2012 Summerdays Steed
62% Speed, 200 Morale
20 tokens
Summerfest Steed 20112011 Summerfest Steed
62% Speed, 100 Morale
Not available
2010 Pale Summer Golden Steed
62% Speed, 100 Morale



Quartermasters (special items and race only items):

  • Gaellien, 28.17S, 92.12W Celondim
  • Neddie Grub, 31.23S, 69.96W Hobbiton-Bywater
  • Láfi, Near the water west side Thorin’s Hall
  • Will Hindmarsh,  33.03S, 49.95W Bree-land


  • Noreth,  24.57S, 93.04W Ered Luin
  • Dodder Twofoot, in the Taste of Hobbiton Race Area
  • Jorfi, In the Keg-Hoppisng Race Area
  • Bernard Oaksey, 24.66S, 51.48W Bree-land


The following cosmetics are available to be purchased by provisioners. Any of the pictures can be clicked on for a larger view.

This year’s new items have been marked as *NEW*. To see a sample of these new items dyed, check out the Elven Tailor’s post here!

Robe of the Midsummer
Robe of the Midsummer *NEW*
20 Tokens
Cloak of the Midsummer
Cloak of the Midsummer *NEW*
20 Tokens
Hooded Cloak of the Midsummer
Hooded Cloak of the Midsummer *NEW*
20 Tokens
 Summerdays Dress
Summerdays Dress
15 Tokens
Summerdays Tunic and Trousers
Summerdays Tunic and Pants 15 Tokens
Sleeveless Elven Tunic Sleeveless Elven Tunic
10 Tokens
Sleeveless Summer Dress
Sleeveless Summer Dress
10 Tokens
Long-Sleeved Summer Tunic and Pants Long-Sleeved Summer Tunic and Pants
10 Tokens
Short Sleeved Summer Tunic and Pants
Short-Sleeved Summer Tunic and Pants
10 Tokens
Long-Sleeved Summer Dress Long-sleeved Summer Dress 10 Tokens Short-Sleeved Summer Dress Short-Sleeved Summer Dress
10 Tokens
Summer Travelling Cloak
Summer Travelling Cloak
10 Tokens
Cloak of the Summer Sun Cloak of the Summer Sun
10 Tokens
Golden Tree Summer Cloak Golden Tree Summer Cloak
10 Tokens
Summerdays Cloak
Summerdays Cloak
15 Tokens
Summerdays Hooded Cloak
Summerdays Hooded Cloak
15 Tokens

Summerdays Hat
15 Tokens
Sun Hat
Sun Hat
10 Tokens
Turquoisee Summer Circlet Turquoise Summer Circlet
10 Tokens

The Ceremonial Dress is a special item sold by quartermasters only. They are not able to be dyed and come in three colors. The cost of this dress is 6 Summer Festival Tokens and the “rare” fish for that race’s area; Golden Redfish (Bree), Silver Haddock (Thorin’s), & Celebhal (Celondim).

Bree vendor sells white
CeremonialDress Thorin’s vendor sells blue CeremonialGreen Celodim’s vendor sells green



Rather than reposting all the images and descriptions of the decorations I’ll point you to these resources:


  • 5 Monster Fare – 3 tokens
  • 5 Foul Blast – 3 tokens
  • 5 Fire-Breathing Potion – 3 tokens
  • 5 Essence of Toad – 3 tokens
  • 5 Mugs of Triple Strength Brandy – 3 tokens
  • 5 Mugs of … Liquid – 3 tokens
  • 5 Saffron’s Lipstick – 3 Tokens
  • 5 Vile Vittles – 3 tokens
  • 5 Piles of Mysterious Powder – 5 tokens

See the deeds section above for deeds related to these consumables!

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  1. Peter Says:

    Wait, so yet ANOTHER festival where they aren’t using the new consolidated festival barter tokens???? I find that both oddly amusing and frustrating at the same time!


    • Draculetta Says:

      I think they gave up on that… :)


      • Joshua Says:

        That would be the reasonable conclusion at this point, yeah.


      • Siqua (of Landroval) Says:

        My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that there was so much whinging about the deed-gating at the Yule Festival that the “consolidated” tokens won’t be consolidated at all and but will remain the de facto Yule Festival token. Apparently we’ll only know after the next Yule Festival.

        Of course, they could solve the whole issue by letting players exchange tokens at the festival vendors, but thus far Turbine has chosen not to add this functionality.


    • Ithoran Says:

      I think they gave up on it too, since they refuse to address that question when asked by many players. I sure wish I could spend the SEVEN HUNDRED leftover festival tokens that I have between three characters from the Yule Festival.


  2. susan Says:

    the new horse is kinda purty, might log back in to see if i have enuf left over tokens on hand to get it.


  3. Elahedor Says:

    I’m so glad they changed the races back to simple repeatables and stopped the nonsense with the festival tickets and once-a-day repeatables. Hopefully, they’ll fix the Farmer’s Faire and Winterfest.


  4. Julikoy Says:

    And the races? I mean… horse race. Shire/near Homestad and in Bree-land/Hengstar, you forgot? Well, they give 3 token anyway.

    Loved the post! Smack and Cya!


  5. Pointy Says:

    Yay festival time again. :D And thank you for taking the time to do this guide. :)

    Not too happy with the mithril coins thing for the races. Previously you went and got tokens from the hobbit or dwarf that pointed you to the race, and they gave you two. For each race. Which meant you could run two races back to back if you wanted and then wait for it to cool down. This hour cooldown after one race doesn’t sound fun.

    Are the races still in the special race instances? The dwarf one was really cool last year, and the Hobbit one was pretty, but left the big track at the top of the Hill empty and sad-looking.


  6. Aethelbehrt Says:

    I hope they fixed the hobbit food race from last year. I want that /heave emote!


  7. Steve Schaper Says:

    So, was that so that we could -not- use tokens from the past?


  8. Frandoc Says:

    What a pleasant surprise to see this posted. Thank you, Goldenstar.


  9. Avatar of Mzrts12
  10. FoxFire Says:

    So what is the most efficient and effective way to earn tokens this year?

    Without having to spend TP on Mithril coins to run the hobbit races over-and-over with a 1/4 chance of getting a decent number of tokens.

    Seems most other quests are dailies and you need to run all over the dang place to complete them.


  11. Ilse Says:

    Thanks, Goldenstar for posting this great guide! I know at least two of my characters will be participating in the Summerfun :)


  12. Gwilliwen Says:

    I’d say the best bet is still the fishing quests. You fish for twenty minutes (at least in Bywater), and you can sometimes get multiple tokens for it. If you have Erebrandir’s Horseshoe, make sure it is equipped. I think that gives you a better chance for catching the better fish. And use the best fishing rod you’ve got.


  13. Ilse Says:

    I didn’t find a barter option anymore for the Bad fish and the puny fish from last year. Are these just trash? You can’t sell them either….


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Those fish are actually for the Farmer’s Faire quests. I don’t think you should be fishing them up during this festival. If you are fishing them up, I’d /bug it.

      Did you just have some left over from the last Farmer’s Faire, perhaps? If so, keep em as that festival is supposed to be up next!


      • Ilse Says:

        Ah, that’s how I got them! The Farmer’s Faire. I had forgotten that! Thanks for the reminder. I’ll put them back in my vault :)


  14. Angela Says:

    Does anyone have a screenie of the warsteed appearance for this years new summer mount? I would like to see what part/s are dyable.



  15. Hadford Says:

    Thanks Goldenstar for this great guide!


  16. Ithildras Says:

    I’m so happy that you’re still making festival guides! They’re my favorite part of LOTRO and you’re the first person I think of when one goes live. Thank you.


  17. Avatar of Anorah
    Anorah Says:

    Is there no “Dress” of the Midsummer? I hope that I’ve just overlooked it, as I am quite fond of this year’s cosmetic designs, and not so much a fan of robes. Collecting festival dresses is kind of my thing. =)


  18. Teneriel Says:

    Thank you so much for the guide!! I’ve come to rely on your festival guides, so I was really hoping for one. Thankfully you share my interests in all things festival-related! Thank you again!


  19. Ilse Says:

    Just a quick update about the initiating quest (Invitation to the Lithe Festival). You do not get this anymore. I just tried it out with a new character of mine. Upon login you’ll get a quest pop-up in the Quest action bar which leads you to the Party tree. The text of the quest:
    Summer is in full swing, with lazy afternoons at the fishing hole, outdoor party games and feasting in the open air. Every race celebrates in their own way and knows this festival by a different name, but all revel in delights of a fine summer’s day.

    In red: After accepting this quest, you can complete it to travel automatically to the Party Tree and join in the Festival.

    Next objective: Travel to the Party Tree
    Reward: 1 Summer Festival Token.

    Thought I’d post it here :)

    Have fun!


  20. Quillo Says:

    I still have not found the festival rewards traders, who barter for consummables. Where are they?


  21. Artie Says:

    Thank you GS and friends for making this guide – with the demise of the Lorebook and other things on LOTRO (dotcom) you are far more of an asset than you know now.

    Hugs and kisses with a basketful of thanks!


  22. Angela Says:

    Just thought you’d like to know that people are still saying you guys have left the game & that it’s not entertaining anymore & that’s why you left.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Yeah we know. I keep running into it all the time as well. Not much I can do as I’ve posted and even verbally said everywhere I can think of multiple times that that isn’t the case.


      • Ilse Says:

        And we’ll just keep answering to those people that you’re still in-game :) It’s great to see you’re both still having fun both in Lotro and in other games!
        Once I’ve done everything I want in the Summer festival, I think I’ll join you guys in Rift. It’s time I try something else besides Lotro and a few webbased games :)


  23. Penniwyse Says:

    Glad to see that you’re keeping up the Festival Guides, even though the podcast has ended.

    Is the Farmer’s Faire returning this year? It happened before the Summer Festival last year, but I don’t think it’s happened yet.


  24. Narthan Says:

    Thank you for these festival and decoration guide. I found lots of resource for my decorating here :D


  25. Ithoran Says:

    As far as the fishing quests go, I haven’t been catching any of the special 2 token fish anywhere other than Bywater and Celondim. My fishing level is 46 and I have a +8 pole equipped. Do I just need a higher fishing proficiency to catch the rare fish in Bree and Thorin’s?


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I don’t believe that fishing skill plays any part in actually catching the special fish, I think that’s random if you catch a fish and what kind you catch. Higher fishing skill should help with not catching weeds as much though.


      • Ithoran Says:

        I only assumed fishing proficiency had something to do with it, although aren’t all four of the festival fishing areas considered low level areas? I just thought it was odd that I haven’t caught a single one of the special fish in Bree or Thorin’s Hall, and generally get at least a few each in Bywater and Celondim every time.


  26. JBB Says:

    Can’t find anyone to exchange Summer Fest 2013 tokens for marks. Thought this was standard after festivals. Am I stuck with dozens of pointless tokens?


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      The festival should have shut down on Monday. I don’t think any vendors that accept summer festival marks are still active. I’ve never turned in festival tokens for marks so I am not even aware this is a possibility.

      The festival tokens don’t expire. They will be useable next summer festival.


    • Martie Says:

      I also can’t find the festival vendor ? doe’s anyone can help ?



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