#LOTRO: Play (Like) a Champion today!

July 29, 2013

Podcast, Roundtables

This past weekend, we had a class roundtable (yes, I’m caving and calling them roundtables now) for the Champion class.

Joining me are three of The Osgiliath Guard’s champions:  Renani, Taur and Osdor (you’re welcome, GS!).  My champion has been pretty much parked at level 53 at the beginning of Moria, so I don’t have much to add to the conversation, but these three offer lots of insights into playing a champion (well).

We touch on all of the usual topics:  the class role, traits, stances, legendary item legacies, etc. plus some discussion about aggro management and playing in a group or raid.

We don’t talk too much about virtues since the general consensus in our kin is that stat virtues are dead now that the stat caps have come off and gear seems to have a ton of stat increases on it now, while the maximum stat increase you can get with the current rank 16 virtue cap is +48.   In the Minstrel not-round-table, we talked a lot about virtues and using them to boost mitigations and resistances, so forward to about the 49 minute mark.  That conversation talks a lot about virtues and minstrels, but the basic gist of the conversation applies to all classes.

As with the other roundtables I have posted here, this is not intended for experienced or raiding champions.  These are for folks who are new to LOTRO or new to the class.  If you have any advice or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

If there is enough interest, we may do a follow-up Q&A style roundtable in the future.  Also, if you’re 25 years old or older, on Elendilmir and not a jerk, The Osgiliath Guard would love to have you.  Send a tell or mail to me in game, or ask in one of the general channels for a TOG officer.

Thanks again to Osdor, Renani and Taur for helping out.

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11 Responses to “#LOTRO: Play (Like) a Champion today!”

  1. Ben Says:

    One comment I can’t help but make, +480 to might/vit/agi/fate/will would be way overpowered… I’d immediately slot that. If they merely doubled all the stat increases I’d consider them.


  2. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    +480 is probably asking a bit much. But what if rank 16 virtues gave +160 to stats? That would be x10 instead of the x3 that it is now.

    Until they do *something*, I just don’t see raiders slotting stat virtues again.


  3. SenorMateo Says:

    FYI Gimli is actually the fellowship member who gives you the Champion Legendary quests, as I just did them :) Boromir does the Captain Legendary Capstone.


    • Osdor Says:

      Those class quests were so long ago, I’d forgotten! Yes, it was Gimli :) It makes even more sense if you remember Gimli (Champ) and Legolas (Hunter) in the LOTR books competing on body-count…


  4. balmrog Says:

    Hi Vræden,
    thanks a lot for this last very interesting roundtable. I’ve a very low level Champion alt parked at Bree waiting just for such useful class guides!

    just FYI, the Minstrel podcast you mention and link here is no more to be found on the server, I couldn’t play the file nor download it…
    that’s a pity, I remember it was also very interesting…


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      The minstrel podcast is still there and still works. I just clicked it myself. It’s also still available via itunes or through an rss downloader. I’m thinking try again or maybe try with a different browser/device. The file is fine.


  5. Avatar of Sullo
    Sullo Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Always interesting to hear what others have to say about my favorite class.


  6. Siqua (of Landroval) Says:

    Thanks for posting. Good info as always.


  7. Cadd Says:

    I’m a little bit surprised by the love for the Man Heal (Strenght of Morale). I’d think that by cap, 10 seconds of drastically reduced damage, which is the effect of both Eldars Grace (+75% Parry) and Endurance of Stone (-50% incoming M/R/T damage) would save a whole lot more morale than the man heal gives back (~3000), especially since the man heal actually takes a second or so of animation to trigger.

    Wonderful to have these roundtables, a super great work you’re doing. Now off to listen to the one I’ve waited for – Captain :D


    • Durrendel Says:

      Agreed. Strength of Morale is overrated. Endurance of Stone saved my butt much many more times.


    • Avatar of Vræden
      Vræden Says:

      Back when LOTRO was a level 50, 60 or even the level 65 game, the man-heal was much more valuable as a skill, especially for the light and medium armour classes. Even for the captains, guards and champs, +2200-3000 morale could be a third of your total health (more for the other classes).

      Now that we regularly see heavy armour characters with 12-18K morale, the Strength of Morale heal just doesn’t seem to be that much of a difference. Plus, at level 85, Bolster Courage heals more than that in one pop.

      Having said that, if I were already going to roll a human character, I’m not going to turn down the healing that comes with the man-heal, but the Strength of Morale trait isn’t enough to be the sole reason that I roll a human character.


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