Poll: Do you use the in-game instance/dungeon finder?

July 17, 2013

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An instance or dungeon finder seems to be a feature most MMOs now have and on the surface seems to be a very handy tool for players to quickly group up and get things done. Are players using it for this though? I’ve gotten several questions recently asking me about the instance finder tool and if I ever use it. So I’m turning the question back towards you. Do you use the instance finder tool and how do you use it? I realize these quick and easy choices may not describe the complexities of your play-time so pick what you feel is best and feel free to elaborate in the comments below!

Do you use the in-game instance/dungeon finder?

  • Yes but with a full group looking to get the boost (36%, 172 Votes)
  • I don't use the instance finder (29%, 140 Votes)
  • Yes sometimes solo and sometimes grouped (20%, 98 Votes)
  • Yes to quickly find me a group (7%, 35 Votes)
  • Other (4%, 18 Votes)
  • What is an instance finder? (2%, 10 Votes)
  • Yes but with a group already partially made (2%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 481

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24 Responses to “Poll: Do you use the in-game instance/dungeon finder?”

  1. Joshua Says:

    I’ve *tried* to use the instance finder to get a group, but I haven’t actually *succeeded* in about a year. Seems like nobody else uses it unless they have a full group already, so anybody trying to *find* a group via the IF is out of luck.


    • Deledrius Says:

      That’s been my experience as well. I leave it running during entire play sessions but have yet to get a group with it.

      I’d really like to be able to use it to fill in all those end-of-quest-arc stories I can’t do solo, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to queue for those specifically, either.

      The whole process is far too blind and random, I think, and so it is little-used.


  2. Taryag Says:

    I almost never use it, and when I do it’s a solo skirmish for which I want to get the boost. For what it’s worth, though, if I thought I could find a group that way I would definitely use it more: I don’t have a kin but would like to do more group content.


  3. nalric Says:

    I want to use the Instance Finder to find groups but I find that I’m nearly the only one.

    The IF revamp they did was good, now it just needs to find groups for instances and we’ll be all set.


  4. Lorgelas Says:

    Depends on the game. In WoW I used it all the time. I Lotro I never used it.


  5. Greg Says:

    I’ve used the instance finder with my Captain for 3 man instances a lot with (mostly) good success. I choose the support role and always get teamed with a tank or healer. Since the Captain can tank or heal, I can cover the other role. Once I’m in a group we’re successful most of the time.

    The issue is getting that group to start. There have been plenty of nights that there just wasn’t anyone else using it.


  6. Lothirieth Says:

    This looks heavily Lotro swayed… I think that’s what people have in mind when voting.

    In Lotro, I only used it with a full group for the boost, especially after hearing the horrid stories of how it makes groups. In Rift, I used it frequently solo queued or queued with my boyfriend with great success.


  7. Saurio Says:

    I think the instance finder would be more useful for putting together random groups if there were a better way to screen the other players looking to join. If I want to run a 6-man sized instance and none of my friends are on, I would much rather ask in the chat channels because then I can see everyone who is interested and choose who I think would be a decent team. Or I can choose to only join a group being organized by someone I trust. I’m a lvl 85 healer, and have grown weary of the “tanking” guards with only 12k morale or the dps players with all crits and no mits. I perform maintenance, not miracles. As it is currently setup, I don’t beleive I can find out those things until we’re actually in the instance and the cd on the using the finder has triggered.
    That said, once I am in a pre-organized fellowship, we always use the finder for the bonuses.


  8. Jennifer Says:

    Depends on the game. In LOTRO I never really succeeded in finding group so stopped using it, in WoW and Rift I use it all the time.


  9. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    In the chat channels, DPS players are always complaining about the instance finder, something I’ve noticed in both LOTRO and SWTOR.

    As a healer, I’ve never had problems finding a group with the instance finder; I just don’t use it a lot because I’d rather group up with people that I know, not a randomly selected PUG.


  10. eric Says:

    LotRO: just complete group. No one uses it, never found a group for an Instance, except skirmish from time to time.

    SWtOR: always. If there are players I don’t want to play with (for some reasons) and they are on my Ignore-List, I would never get in a group with them – great!


  11. Tambookie Says:

    I used to try using the IF in LOTRO, but only ever found a group one time. It was me and my husband already grouped; tank and healer looking for ONE other for any 3-man instance or skirmish. It STILL took an absurdly long time to fill the spot. REALLY? Then we got put into one of the Moria skirmishes and the random guy dropped because he didn’t want to run that one. lol.


  12. Bob Says:

    My kin is my instance finder.


  13. Teo Says:

    In SWTOR, I’ll use it with a full premade group, partial group or solo.

    In LOTRO, I’ve never tried it. That’s more to not being in a kin–I’d rather get the feel of LOTRO instanced content with friends before braving it with ransoms.


  14. Siqua (of Landroval) Says:

    Yes I use the instance finder, but only very rarely and really just for the slight bounty bonus you get for doing so. Most PUGs are a bag of ninja-looting fail. I might join a PUG just to run the instance, especially if I’ve never seen it before, but usually all I get from a PUG is a costly repair bill.

    I’ve had better luck running short-handed with friends than PUGing with full fellowships. My regular SWTOR group routinely runs on-level HEROIC4 and Flashpoint instances with just two of us. This is a bit harder in LOTRO, but I just trioed the 6-man Haudh Elendil instance (AKA Instance: The Tomb of Elendil) with a couple friends because I couldn’t find any groups that had done the quest-chain that gates it.

    I don’t PUG for loot because I’ve been cheated out of drops far too many times. Heck I don’t trust my own kinmates since too many of them have proved to be ninjas when it comes to any drops I might actually want. I am depressed by the number of times I’ve been in a PUG where a “leader” has switched to Master-Loot and/or disbanded the Fellowship prior to looting the final chest/corpse. Granted, the implementation of individual loot-tables have decreased this, but it still happens in those instances that haven’t been updated. I’m still bitter about it.


  15. Jestro of Windfola Says:

    Someone in GLFF summed it up (at least for Windfola) “no one uses the Instance Finder because no one uses the Instance Finder”


  16. Brainslug Says:

    If you can’t get a group after a few minutes after entering the queue, there’s little to no hope you’ll get one. It was a great idea but poorly implemented.

    I just use it when I’m off doing deeds (hoping maybe something pops up)


  17. Pasduil Says:

    The most I ever get matched for from instance finder is a 2-person skirm.

    I occasionally use it for pre-formed groups or if I was going to solo-skirm anyway. i.e. Just use it to up the marks I get; it’s a rare bonus if I actually get matched with anyone.


  18. Cadronas Says:

    I use it sometimes when solo and sometimes when duo. Only once when solo has it come up with a 6 man instance for me.
    Personally I think it is a great tool and wish more folks used it.


  19. Melneth Says:

    I use it to choose an instance for us if everyone is being wishywashy about what they want to do. IF Roulette!


  20. Bango Says:

    LOTRO – Used with a pre-made for the buffs but it’s not a good tool as a “tool finder”. Sometimes for characters that I have been leveling I’ve used it to join a skirmish but that’s the exception.

    WoW – Very often – great facility for getting dungeon groups whilst leveling but also LFD for HCs and of course LFR. Unfortunately with WoW it’s not the the utility of the finder rather it’s the people one ends up grouping with that’s the problem!

    SWTOR – As with WOW. I always have a group finder running in the background whatever character I play.

    Rift – The Instant Adventures are just excellent! Excellent idea and great implementation.

    Neverwinter – Still to get a character beyond level 10 so have not tried their instance queuing system but as it is D&D I’m looking forward to it.


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