#Rift Network Connectivity Compensation Granted

July 28, 2013


Last Thursday, July 25th,  some Rift players were experiencing some pretty intense lag making the game basically unplayable for those who tried to login. It didn’t effect everyone as we had a few guildees who told me their game time was fine.

I had a heads up from friends that it was pretty horrible before I even got home from work. Although I wanted to jump in and try the first day of the summer festival, I thought it wiser to get some extra shut eye and avoid being annoyed by server issues. Yes, I’m an old lady who chooses sleep over frustration.

Trion has recognized how frustrating this was for those affected and posted on Friday that anyone who had played Rift within four days was getting a gift. That would be July 22-26th.

Users that logged into one of our servers in the North American data center over the last four days will have 450 credits added to their account. We’ve already pulled the data for affected accounts early this morning.
Again, I know this doesn’t make up for not being able to play, but we wanted to get something out asap. It will be on its way over the next two days and applied in waves.

Happily I had played within that window so I didn’t have to deal with the lag and I got the free credits!

If you are like me and had no idea how many credits you had and if your gift has been applied, Rift Scene has a post showing how you can check your transaction history and identify if your free credits have been applied.

I had already spent my credits on my new swimsuit before I even realized I had them!

Oh and on the subject of free credits, I thought it important to also mention the free credits handed out in the daily gift. I have been getting 25 credits daily from my gift box and I got some from the weekly patron gift box as well.

Source: Rift Forums, Rift Twitter

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5 Responses to “#Rift Network Connectivity Compensation Granted”

  1. Ilse Says:

    It’s good they do this! Wow, that’s a lot more than Turbine does, I think…… And yay! I now know how to get to the Faeblight server! Hope to find you all there :)


  2. Sean Says:

    Thanks for the post about this. I also got the credit and probably would have been months until I actually noticed :)


  3. susan Says:

    the customer service and open dialogue and rapid fixes to errors are stellar in this company.


  4. Draculetta Says:

    Thanks.. I was trying to figure out how I got those Credits!


  5. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    The rift gifts are done in a better way than lotro’s, I think.

    You have to go find them rather than a button sitting accusingly on the screen and there’s no additional button asking you to spend coins for another shot.

    A daily gift is indeed daily and apart from the fact it’s on the store page there’s nothing telling you to buy another, which would negate the whole gift thing.


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