#Rift: PVP, Achievements and Dimensions

July 12, 2013

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This week in Rift I’m still just goofing around. Surprised? Don’t be. This is how I play games, particularly MMOs. And you thought the casual part of our name was just for show…

I did get some levels in though as last week I reported I was 21 and this week my dwarf cleric is level 30! I assure you the leveling just happened by accident, I did very little in the way of questing. I suspect most of this is due to me being driven to join in the zone events and the experience from PVP.

Oh and I found proper pants this week. No more hot pants. Although I kind of miss them…

Stuff I did this week:


KillerI admit the only reason I tried it was our CSTM Guild had a Guild Quest to kill 600 enemies in PVP. Most of the members (myself included) were like “aww really? We have to PVP?”. So I thought I would get the ball rolling and start us on the road to completing this quest.

What happened was I got hooked. Bad. It was a TON of fun. Even though a number of fellow players are really just dirty mouthed rude turds, the action itself is pretty darn fun. I nearly did the 600 kill requirement all on my own.

I tried it on both my mage and my cleric and overall I think I prefer to heal over damage.

We even ended up doing a bit as a group as I asked if anyone wanted to join me and people were willing to give it a try together. Some of their warfronts were a bit confusing at first but I got the hang of the general idea enough to assist. I even got some nice new armor pieces!

Along the same lines of PVP, I have to put in here that I sparred with Opdum (Matdor in Rift) and beat him! To be fair, he killed me probably 17 times over, I was just able to heal through it. Also I have a real issue trying not to call my dwarf tank Sodum. But as Opdum pointed out, he’s wearing way more clothes than Sodum.


Ascend a Friend Rewards

I had been sending out Ascend a Friend links just to get people the small bonuses that came with it. As I discussed in an earlier post, I already had my puppy, Courage, and didn’t really need the other rewards. Two of my new Rift friends did subscribe this week though so I ended up with the Trailblazer’s Hat and the flaming footed horse (AKA Swift Ember Steed). Woo!

Trailblazers Hat Swift Ember Steed


Mellrin in our guild really got me interested in looking more at the achievements. Checking things off a list really appeals to my crazy must organize everything mentality. Until Mellrin, I was blissfully unaware of how to look at the achievements list (it’s the H key) and considered them magical things that happened sometimes.

Now I’m not cuckoo crazy and feel like I need to finish them all, but it’s definitely fun to see what’s left in a zone before moving on and see what you may want to do. Some still happen auto-magically from what I was doing but I actually made a point to purposely do some this week, too!

My new achievements this week:

  • First Blood
  • Slayer
  • Victory: The Black Garden
  • Favorful
  • Runic Seeker
  • Victory: Library of the Runemasters
  • Taste the Favor
  • Killer
  • The Gloves are Off
  • Gloamwood Adventurer
  • Family Matters
  • Are You Nuts!
  • So Much Fun, I Did it Once
  • A High Point
  • Spelunking in Silverwood
  • Beginner Antiquarian
  • Puzzled at the Top of the World
  • Prismatic Shutout
  • Behind Enemy Lines
  • Victory: The Codex
  • A Silver Lining

New Pet!

RaptrI finally left my PC on long enough… I mean logged enough hours in Rift through Raptr that I received the Raptr pet. He’s the final reward from Raptr so now when I’m done playing Rift, I can actually exit the game. Woo!

He’s not as cute as my Courage, but he’s still pretty darn cute in his own weird huge eyeball way. He’s taller than I imagined too but I’m a dwarf so I’m fairly short.

If you are new to Rift you should check out Raptr as one of the rewards you can earn is a mount which is very handy for the new player!


Dimension Party @ Galuhad’s

Finally this week we had a impromptu party when Galuhad bought a new dimension and we started to swarm in to check it out and ask him a ba-billion questions about it.

The housing system in Rift is completely different than LOTRO. It’s more like what I experienced in Star Wars Galaxies and I’m told is similar to what EverQuest 2 has. Basically you buy a space and you can just free-form build whatever you want on it. Your dimension does have limited space but it seemed very generous. Galuhad’s has 1000 max items (and he told me later he upgraded to 2000 items).

For example Galuhad built this gazebo in his dimension.


And after that it was more party time. Seeing everyone’s /dance emotes. Playing with the /chicken emote. And then Galuhad gave us a boat to play on!


I made them line up for a picture. Oh and so cute that Tzvi out of habit of me forcing him to line up for a picture said “For Baby Hobbits!’

We ended the party doing cannonballs off the waterfall cliff. Thanks for the party Galuhad!

So that was my Rift time this week. Anything fun you did you’d like to share?

If you want a peek into what I did in LOTRO, see my Dum Time Bug Report. People are kind of razzing me about playing so much Rift. I play both and it’s ok!

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28 Responses to “#Rift: PVP, Achievements and Dimensions”

  1. susan Says:

    My first go round on rift I tried PVP for the first time and was surprised how fun it was, i guess its due to the ease of grouping up in the game that PVP was just more of the same. sure there were smack talk but if you got into a good group it was fun. confusing at first as to what you were supposed to be doing. my warriors fav thing was to go for clerics and stop their healings….they were incredibly hard to beat down. eventually pvp was broke at that time with rougues being extremely OP for Pvp, and it got old as EVERYONE played a rogue in it. I stopped playing rift then.

    for that reason on this play thru i made a cleric this week and loved loved loved the class. I am playing a healing tank spec and cant wait to see what she does in group play. On my first day i made level 17 and think this will be my new main. if you are going to play pvp i highly recommend making macros, which i have to do for these new characters. ugh.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Is there a site or resource you can share for useful cleric macros?


      • susan Says:


        yes, this is a good beginners explanation,from this there is a link on more detail, plus if you google rift macros “insert your class spec here” there are many many guides and outright copy down macros to use.

        the trick in the macros is how to chain them together, it all about timing of the spell, vs. instant cast vs. No Global Countdown. in the end rift wont let you tie together masses of spells to prevent total automation, but you can make nice macros for commonly used keystroke chains or using heal pots or bombs etc which will free up you to concentrate on moving from enemies in pvp.

        i just ordered a gaming mouse with programmable buttons to free up my WSAD hand.


  2. Galuhad Says:

    The housing system puts lotro’s to shame, that’s all I can say. It’s totally addictive and a game in itself. I’ve now hit 1000 items, built a small forest with tree houses, a dock for the boat, and I have 1000 items left to build the ultimate elf palace before the next guild party :)


  3. susan Says:

    oh, and thanks for the link on raptor, i signed up and wished i had done it sooner as i had logged many hours into my games already. lol


  4. Avatar of Haffleheim
    Haffleheim Says:

    P…V….P! It is very fun indeed. Looking to log back in this weekend for some more fun with the guild!


  5. susan Says:

    When I do a search in guilds for CSTM it comes up blank, though i have seen guild members playing in game. What do I need to do to apply to the guild? cornfuzzled here…..


  6. Gilreth Says:

    I have to admit I am enjoying Rift lots again and finding all teh changes since I played at launch. Still pop my head into LOTRO from time to time, but as always I periodically need a break.


  7. Rabbitses Starkfoot Says:

    i love these updates! keep em coming!


  8. Avatar of Meneliel
    Meneliel Says:

    I’m considering giving Rift a try, since the housing looks cool. Is PvP unavoidable? I don’t have any interest in PvP.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Completely avoidable. On our server it is isolated to skirmish type quick settings. You can pvp in the general landscape but it is an opt-in scenario. Not required.

      And I’d like to add don’t write it off. Like I said, I didn’t have any interest and I am really enjoying it!


      • susan Says:

        you can also go into your settings to toggle off your PVP autoflag, which means you cant be ‘forced’ into pvp by someone spamming attacks/heals at you during mega events, whether by accident or not or even initiated by mistake by yourself.


        • Avatar of Meneliel
          Meneliel Says:

          Oh, that’s great stuff. I wish more games (I am looking at you, SWTOR) had the option to completely block forced flagging. It sounds like they really have their act together. Thanks, Susan.


          • susan Says:

            you’re most welcome, I wish I had known about that when I just started and found myself getting attacked by everyone after a mega event cuz i was flagged. lololol,,,, it made me freak out.. one minute fighting side by side with my possee, next getting disemboweled and laughed at by them.

      • Avatar of Meneliel
        Meneliel Says:

        Thanks! That’s good to hear. I will definitely be giving it a whirl on Faeblight.


  9. Draculetta Says:

    I want that horse!!!! :)


  10. Elleby Says:

    That pool/boat party was fun.

    BTW: Its spelled Tzvi, not Trzi…. but I’m just honored I was mentioned. :)


  11. Avatar of ralgel
    ralgel Says:

    That was a great time hanging out with you guys!


  12. Avatar of Sullo
    Sullo Says:

    I’m totally addicted to LOTRO, but I’m giving Rift a try. When I (accidentally) killed an Unusual Deer and got a Deer Tear, and then added it to the collection Critter Tears. Flavor text: “You’re such a mighty warrior, aren’t you?” Ohhhh my goodness, they don’t pull any punches, do they? I laughed and groaned at the same time. Hah!


  13. Chandler Says:

    Hey Goldenstar, where did you get that outfit you were wearing in the picture for the new pet section? Is that one of the subscriber loyalty wardrobe items or is it in the store by any chance? I love the way it looks!

    Thanks :D


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I’m wearing a set called “Sanctuary Guard”. In the picture only the helmet and tunic are part of the set. I also have shoulders not shown here. My pants seem to be constantly in flux as I can’t find a pretty set I like.


  14. Avatar of Artemis
    Artemis Says:

    Not to derail the conversation – but…

    Anyone else having login/stability/slowdown issues with this game?

    Out of our entire LOTRO family in NA only five of us can log in, four can play long enough to to accomplish something, three have actually leveled past the tutorial, 2 aren’t having as many issues, and one is nearly clipping along.

    We also play Defiance and have less issues with that game (we all can play together without barely a hiccup) than Rift (both Trion). Defiance seems more finished than Rift – but maybe it’s just the server we are on? I don’t know.

    Just wondering. We would love to play with you all and this post made me want to play more and yet I can’t seem to stay logged in long enough to do anything.


  15. Kynta Says:

    Rift housing-system makes me jelous…then again if LotRO had that system, my hobbit’s KinHouse, house, and spare house would regret it. :D Im thinking I should have made a cleric but I went for the rouge…sometimes feels like burg-hunter-minstrel combo. lol I’m sure you’re on a different server than my LotRO friends dragged me into but nice to know I’m not the only one sneaking off to other games when not working on websites. :P


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