#LOTRO: The Dum Time /Bug Report

July 9, 2013

Goldenstar Games, LOTRO

This week the Dum Group found a very glaring bug in the skirmish Battle in the Tower. See all over this tower there’s these blood pools or blood fountains. We’re not really sure what is in them because we are completely unable to jump in them.



This is a persistent bug found throughout the entire skirmish. We tried several blood baths without success.


Obviously this is an unwanted error in the skirmish. I think it is only natural for the players to want to bathe in pools of blood. Turbine, please fix.

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14 Responses to “#LOTRO: The Dum Time /Bug Report”

  1. Elahedor Says:

    Did anyone try to fish in the pools?


  2. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    Usually, when I run Battle in the Tower, there’s a bloodbath . . . cuz I let everyone die. . .



  3. Ilse Says:

    Oh, you guys can walk on (red) water!!! Can you teach us leetle creatures to do that too :grin:

    Anyway, back to being serious again, although I don’t have any experience in this particular skirmish, I think it’s strange too. You’d think you could walk in it. Is there any other fountain like pool of water/blood we can’t walk/jump in in the game?


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      We actually couldn’t walk on it. There was a wall that prevented us from jumping past the railing.

      I know in one of the annuminas dungeons there’s green pools and we all sat and pretended to bathe in those. We also tried in that Angmar (Carn Dum) dungeon with the green water but it didn’t end well.


  4. Tule Says:

    I always thought those were Kool-aid fountains.


  5. Avatar of Zyngor
    Zyngor Says:

    I’d say take a bath in the Circle of Blood area, just east of Ost Guruth (Lone Lands), but those pesky bog-neekers and lurkers seem to enjoy polluting the waters as a nesting ground.


  6. davidt Says:

    I never noticed the blood fountains, but I do like to jump up and down on Sauron’s chair in the audience chamber :)


  7. Wic Says:

    I always assume it’s a work in progress, and they won’t open the pools till effects and bugs are working properly.



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