#LOTRO: Rank Farming Abuse Policy

August 28, 2013

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Today Turbine’s Customer Service Manager, River, came to the forums to announce a new policy regarding rank farmers in PVMP that is effective immediately.

“Rank Farming” is officially defined as the intentional surrender of your character to an enemy; resulting in a purposeful defeat and a gain of Infamy or Glory to increase rank. Rank Farming is specific to Ettenmoors PvMP (Freep vs. Monster Player). The enemy can be controlled by any player – either the same player controlling the surrendering character, or someone else.

Participation in Rank Farming is an abuse of our game mechanics, and against our rules. Customer Service can identify this behavior and will take the appropriate action on both accounts involved, based on our findings. This activity can also be reported to the in-game staff for review.

This policy is effective immediately and is *not retroactive*. We will not be taking action on previous potential violations. Any reports filed should be of actions witnessed after the publication of this policy.

Please remember that we have multiple ways to verify players are participating in this behavior. Additionally, players who frequently report others falsely may also be subject to disciplinary action for harassment.

I am in great support of this new policy as I’m certain a large part of the player base is.

Note that Multi-boxing in the game is not the issue and is allowed in LOTRO. Turbine has correctly identified the problem as an issue with multi-boxing in the Ettenmoors and is taking steps to police its misuse in that area.

Source: LOTRO Forums

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14 Responses to “#LOTRO: Rank Farming Abuse Policy”

  1. Valkog Says:

    does it count if you get attacked while afk


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I only think it would be a problem if you repeatedly sat afk and allowed yourself to be killed by the same person/group repeatedly. A single AFK death isn’t going to raise any alarms I would imagine.


  2. royalbob5 Says:

    Really late, but I guess it’s better than never. They should’ve been doing this a long time ago. At one point our server had kins/tribes dedicated to farming. Sick


  3. Ravanel Griffon Says:

    Wow, well this is new! There is always a grey area (is the person just a bad player/had to go AFK or is it intentional), but I think this will probably mostly count for people who are very obviously killing over and over (the whole idea of farming in the first place). I think this is a good change, though I wonder what has turned the tables, as people have been asking for this for ages.


  4. Lindellon Says:

    Six years too late. Thanks for nothing.


  5. Cadronas Says:

    I am a casual PVPer. I play creep and freep across servers. I have never rank farmed because I like my rank/level to reflect my skill (or lack of). There was one guy boasting he made 300K reknown in one day farming. It’s funny because I don’t even have that much rank on any of mine after 18 months. Having said that when I hear of someone farming it doesn’t make my blood boil as much as others. I have seen farmers only a couple of times. Some farmers may still get around this by staging mock 1v1s. In anycase I support this new policy.


  6. susan Says:

    like all gross exploits in lotr, the fix comes way too late to have any meaning. most of the serious pvpers have long left the game for other mmos.


  7. shiro Says:

    The good news is the fact that finally Turbine will act against rankcheater.
    I would have preferred if the cheater who have been identified in the past would have been punished. Either by a ban or at least by taking away the cheated rank.
    So there are many cheaters left who cheated up to rank 13 for one reason: toget access to a first age weapon, which is available for pvp freeps rank 13 and higher.
    On my server maiar we have many of those cheaters, whoeven made rank 15, just in case if the first age weapon will be available with a higher rank than 13 in the future.
    We found them for weeks every day in the ettenmoors, when they were cheating by killing defenseless creep bots, who were sent to them by multiboxing wave after wave.
    At least suchcheaters will be punished in future .

    So in summery these are good news for me :)


  8. Avatar of andyb
    andyb Says:

    If someone has abused this system to rank up one character the chances are they will try and do it for all across their account.

    I suspect those dedicated to abusing systems will find a way to push things in their favour by using more dummy f2p email accounts or working out a “safe” threshold for points per hour/day.

    Withywindle every so often has global explode with claim and counter claim over who does or doesn’t “club”.

    Honestly the banhammer is well deserved for people that exploit systems to gain power honour rank whatever.

    I earned a good high rank in wow’s pvp before blizzard broke that system back before burning crusade launched and walked away from that side in disgust as suddenly people were riding about on mounts wearing gear they had no right to just by sitting afk at a battleground entrance. Since then the only pvp I’ve enjoyed has been the large perpetual zones in gw2 and tsw.

    If I was in charge I’d have people flagged for the banhammer suddenly find their character flagged as hostile to all (players and mobs) globally until they log out at which point the account is locked.


  9. Comstrike Says:

    I think this is a flaming disaster in the making. Some people like playing like idiots. Others including myself enjoy a rather risky and frankly somewhat suicidal way of effecting a battle. I’ve been known to charge into a crowd with my captain, use Last Stand, and intentionally try to suck the Creeps away from the place they should be focusing. To some there is no difference between that and being part of rank farming.

    I don’t believe for a moment they have tools that can do more than spot bots and other more blunt attempts to grind Rank. Plus it doesn’t account for those being below the level that like to simply goof-off out there.

    Like most changes to the Moors, this knee-jerk response just doesn’t do much to actually fix anything. There are so many band-aids on the Moors it borders on a waste of all time.

    If they wanted to do something bright, they’d trash the entire zone, start from scratch and create a basically parallel system that scales Freeps up or down to a given set-point.


  10. Tinker Says:

    I stopped to watch a mini and his ‘friend’ as they aggroed some mobs then let the friend get killed just so the mini could revive her. I asked and he said they were doing it so he could finish his class (reviving ?) deed. That was in the Lonelands not the Moors. So would what they were doing be against the new rules now, or is that okay since it’s not in the Moors and no one was ranking up from it? Just curious.


  11. Hromgar Says:

    This is an important policy change with regards to the PvMP community. Sure, it looks to have its faults, not the least of which is the inability to retroactively punish some of the more blatant farmers, but prohibiting rank farming is something we PvMPers have wanted for a long time, and it will require a chunk of Turbine’s resources to maintain. If they manage to do so, it will be the first sustained allocation of resources to PvMP that I can think of. This doesn’t seem to be the usual “throw the pvp people some scraps” and hopefully signals some willingness on Turbine’s part to improve and maintain PvMP.



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