Crafty Hobbits: Hobbit Globe and Warsteed

September 17, 2013


We got a wonderful email out of the blue from Rumirock of Landroval showing us some of her LOTRO inspired craftsmanship.

Here’s what Rumirock had to say.

Hello Goldenstar and Merric,

I’m a player of lotro. On Landroval, I’m Rumirock (Lonely Mountain Band). I made a hobbit globe similar to the one in the winter festival housing furniture and also a war steed. Bluecanary of Landroval (also Lonely Mountain Band) helped in the dressing up of the war steed. The hobbit globe has footprints on the roof. The war steed even has furry hooves! I salvaged the horse itself from an artist and just dressed it up to look like a war steed.Enjoy!

Rumirock (Landroval)

Handmade Hobbit Snow Globe:

P9151593 - CopyP9151594 - Copy

P9151592 - CopyP9151596 - Copy

For reference, here’s what the in-game globe looks like:

Similar indeed and something I hadn’t ever considered making in real life. I will say that her version actually has snow in it. I’d never noticed before that the in-game snow globe is all green inside! Not much of a snow globe!

Making a War-Steed

warsteed5warsteed1 warsteed4

How fun! If it was mine, I would likely name it and make it some sort of warcry. Oh and Baby Hobbit would probably be dressed up and placed on it and have her yell ‘ROHIRRIM!” I’m thinking I totally need one of these now.

Thank you so much for sharing Rumirock!

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8 Responses to “Crafty Hobbits: Hobbit Globe and Warsteed”

  1. susan Says:

    so very cute, what a great idea :)


  2. Avatar of BarrelRider
    BarrelRider Says:

    Bravo, Rumirock! You’re quite the artist! I can just picture a little bare-footed hobbit Santa on that roof.
    And what a lucky horse that is, to be decked out in such finery! (I’m a pretty lucky hobbit, too, to live just upstairs from that little bit of Middle-earth!) :P

    - BarrelRider (AKA BlueCanary)


  3. Fandraen Says:

    Oh, those are just *lovely*! I am inspired!


  4. Bibliocat Says:

    Leathery Steed of the Ottoman! I want one!


  5. Ayalinda Says:

    Did anyone else take a while to realise the horse was full size…


  6. Rumirock Says:

    Thanks all for the comments! I love the “Leathery Steed of the Ottoman!” The war-steed’s name is Ruby. Under her belly are two “soft” boulders I salvaged from the same artist who made the steed. The steed is actually pretty big, about the size of a small pony and perfect for a hobbit! The hobbit globe was actually pretty easy to make. I used sculpie to make the hobbit hole and bought a DIY snow globe kit to put it in.


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