Hobbit Meals: Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

September 28, 2013

Hobbit Meals

I love the fall. I love the smell of fall. I love the look of fall. I love the tastes of fall. This is my season folks and this week’s Hobbit Meal is combining some of my favorite things!

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

Recipe: Craftaholics Anonymous

This recipe was an endeavor! I had to make a pumpkin pie,make graham cracker crust, and I had to make from scratch and bake up some cinnamon spice cupcakes. Then I had to put it all together. No joke, this recipe takes some endurance to get through it all.

Step one was essentially to make a pumpkin pie. By the way, there’s no crust in there. That’s all just pumpkin pie filling. The instructions say to do this first because we not only have to bake it, we have to wait for it to cool completely.

This is going to be our cupcake frosting. I know. Pie as frosting. Genius.

Next up was to crush up some graham crackers and mix it up into a crust. Put it in some cupcake wrappers and pre-bake.

After that it was time to make the cinnamon spice cake from scratch. It’s been a long time since I made a cake batter from scratch. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous and followed the recipe instructions to the letter.

Fill in our cupcake holders with the batter and bake! This recipe made 15 cupcakes for me.

The result was some very delicious cake batter! Come on, you all know you taste the batter. If you don’t, you should or people will start to notice and your alien cover will be blown.

Baby Hobbit helped me clean up a bit. She noted that the batter looked like ranch dressing. I hadn’t noticed but when she said that I agreed. I let her lick the spoon to prove I wasn’t making ranch flavored cupcakes.

At this point I took a break to go relax a bit. Everything was baked and was cooling. The instructions said to let the pie cool completely before frosting with it.

Here’s where it starts to get tricky. I made it through all that baking unscathed. However, I have never piped frosting onto a cupcake before. Remember that I’m not even using actual frosting here but pumpkin pie! I was nervous and watched a few videos on youtube on how to put together the piping bag and a simple way to pipe the frosting on.

My first two attempts weren’t exactly pretty but as I went along I started to get the hang of it. I don’t know if it’s normal but I kept getting air bubbles in my pie filling causing the piping bag to let out a little fart that was never not funny to me.

The end result turned out pretty decent looking I think.

How do they taste you ask? I can’t answer you right now because I’m shoving these things into my mouth as fast as possible.

The cupcake is pretty sweet but the pumpkin pie frosting isn’t super sweet. It’s almost like a normal cupcake in reverse. The graham cracker crust and cupcake are delicious. It doesn’t taste like a pumpkin pie really. Not sure how to describe it other than it’s really really good.

As I was typing this up I started thinking. Do you think because I’m using a pumpkin pie as frosting, that this qualifies as a pie-cake? I didn’t plan to make it because of that, but this totally counts as a pie-cake in my book. It’s at the very least a pie-cupcake.

This recipe gets two Hobbit toes up. We all loved them and agreed we would enjoy having them again. Given their labor intensive nature though, I think I may save them for special occasions.

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  2. davidt Says:


    “This recipe made 15 cupcakes for me.” Heh.


  3. Avatar of Bluebonnett Merrydo
    Bluebonnett Merrydo Says:

    Oh,dear. I love cupcakes. I love pie. GET IN MY BELLY, PIECAKES!



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