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September 21, 2013

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This is a new quest introduced to the Frodo / Bilbo birthday celebrations this year running from September 20th – 26th.

The quest starts as an auto-bestowed quest when you login. You are asked to visit Frodo in Rivendell but unfortunately you are not teleported there.

One tip I picked up on the forums for those who haven’t been to Rivendell yet was to visit Gandalf at the top of the stairs in the Prancing Pony, Bree. He has a quest that will teleport you to Rivendell. This option wasn’t available for my level 15 Loremaster but my level 31 Captain was able to talk and teleport via Gandalf even though the quest ring was grey to her. If it is your first time to Rivendell, be sure to stop at the stable master to pick up the horse route! You will need to return to Rivendell when all is done!

BagginsBirthdayDeedThe purpose of this quest is to return to the Shire and ask the Hobbits there what they thought happened to Bilbo after he disappeared at his 111th birthday party.

I do encourage you to read the quest text as some of the ideas the Hobbits have are quite humorous. Frodo sends you to talk to Gaffer Gamgee back in the Shire.

Gaffer has you read his list of Hobbits to talk to and sends you off to find Ted Sandyman. Ted will kick off the Baggins’ Birthday deed. The deed is to talk to the 12 Hobbits on Gaffer’s list. Ted is completed so you have 11 more to go!

After collecting all 12 and completing the deed, you are asked to return to Gaffer who sends you back to Rivendell to speak with Bilbo.

The 1-Hour Timer Hobbits

The other Hobbits on the list aren’t as chatty as Ted and will require some patience and perhaps some luck to find them when they feel like talking. Remember you don’t have to do this all in one day as this even is available for a little while.

At the top of the hour – as in real world hour; not in-game time – 4 Hobbits on the list will be available to talk to.  Who is ready to tell the story appears to be completely random which is where the luck bit comes in.

The same 4 Hobbits are available to everyone on the server so within the hour you could run each of your characters through and collect the same list.

I purposely left one of my alts sitting around not finishing the quests to watch who is available when and there is no pattern that I’ve found. I got very lucky on Goldenstar and was able to get all of them in a 3-hour cycle but that may not be the case for you.

List and Location of the Hobbits on the 1-Hour Timer


  • Dudo Chubbs
  • Hal Hornblower
  • Bogo Chubb
  • Holly Hornblower
  • Postman Grubb

Ivy Bush Inn:

  • Sherrif Robin Smallburrow
  • The Storyteller
  • Hobbit Child
  • Hereward Loamsdown

Bag End:

  • Lobelia Sackville-baggins
  • Lotho Sackville-Baggins


All of the quests grant Bags of Bounders Tokens so if you are collecting those, this is great to get out there and have all your alts help collect some tokens.

Completing the “Baggins’ Birthday” deed will grant you a bag of Bounder’s Tokens and the title “The Chronicler”

Chronicler Title

Scribes BookstandTurning in the quest to Bilbo will grant you a new housing item “Scribe’s Bookstand”.

Scribe’s Bookstand

Small furniture

”A gift from Bilbo Baggins in gratitude for the stories passed along to him on his birthday. Bilbo has given it to you with the hopes that you will put it to good use recording the stories of your own adventures.”

This item has the hand icon when you put the cursor over it as if it should have an action but clicking on it has no result. Perhaps in the future?

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10 Responses to “#LOTRO: Baggins’ Birthday Quest”

  1. Avatar of Diamond
    Diamond Says:

    I discovered this quest when I logged onto Elendilmir late last night. I ran Diamond through and within 2 hrs she had all but Hereford inside the Ivy Bush. I was even able to get Rubytress and Tinidril that far. More than an hour later it seems everyone online doing the quest was standing around waiting for Hereford… I’ll bet he hasn’t seen so much business in all his born days!


  2. sycle Says:

    This was an interesting event. It has been a long time since I have seen so many people standing around waiting. It was really fun to stand around talking and listening to everybody try to figure this out.


  3. Cadronas Says:

    I have been doing this on one of my alts. I don’t like waiting too long for anything so once I have found whats avaialble I just log out and test my luck later. I noted a lot of aggitated folk on the regional chat angry at the wait.


  4. Goreamir Says:

    I was able to finish this on all 10 of my characters and get about 1800 token within a day (off and on). It was frustrating watching the people who didn’t know how it works standing around NPCs getting angry and impatient at 10 minutes after the hour. I would occasionally post a quick explanation of how it works, yet many wouldn’t listen.


  5. Ben Says:

    I did enough to get the quest–not sure if a housing item is worth it to me and it actually made it so I WOULDN’T play lotro (more than logging in and out a few times a day with my guys parked at the shire…)


  6. Ben Says:

    I did enjoy reading the stories though, they were actually a lot of fun. Just sad how they organized it.


  7. Bibliocat Says:

    I really enjoyed the event, but not all the typos, such as “stores” instead of “stories.” There were several, but the worst one was Bilbo referring to “Galadirel” at the end. Gah!



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