#LOTRO: Bilbo and Frodo Birthday Quest

September 20, 2013

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September 22nd is the birthday of two of the most famous Hobbits in all of Middle-earth! There are some events surrounding this special day in game as well so be sure not to miss them!

Be sure to seek out Frodo today and see if you can be of assistance with a matter of some importance.

Quest: Belated Birthday

This quest is given by Frodo in Rivendell. Also it is a one time only quest meaning he will not have a quest for you if you’ve already done this in the past.

In previous years, this quest has only been available on September 22nd. This year the LOTRO Calendar shows this event running from September 20th – 26th so hopefully that means you have more than one day to catch this event!

Thanks to LOTRO Reporter, I also now know that there will be new quests as well based off the tweet below. Yahoo!

Here’s information on the new “Baggins’ Birthday” Quest.

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22 Responses to “#LOTRO: Bilbo and Frodo Birthday Quest”

  1. Alysia Says:

    no quest yet in Rivendell on the 20th


  2. Avatar of Draculetta
    Draculetta Says:

    Event is active now… you will get a quest notice when you log in..

    Also awards Bounders Tokens…


  3. Tinker Says:

    Well so far it’s a little frustrating. We’re given this long list of hobbits to talk to, but they will (seemingly) randomly not speak to you so you must keep riding riding riding through the Shire. :/

    Any idea if/when the mob drops for bounders tokens will be raise back up so some of us on low population servers can actually meet the server goal? I loved working on my deeds with friends while contributing to the server goal at the same time.


  4. Hymne Says:

    Very disappointing and unfun quest. I logged out as it is too frustrating to just sit and wait at the computer for those hobbits to start talking. It’s worse than watching yourself ride from Rivendell to Echad Candelleth!


    • Ariadneth Says:

      Hahahaha Hymne you just made my day! I had already forgot that hateful ride. After that description, I wonder if I would try out the quest ;)


  5. Comment Says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling that turbine is trolling us? Like the programmers sit back and watch to see how many forum posts they can get on it.


  6. Avatar of AnUnexpectedVidcast
    AnUnexpectedVidcast Says:

    The wait is painful. The shame is though that the stories are really entertaining


  7. Dougal Says:

    Sitting at the computer for extended periods waiting for certain NPCs to activate is NOT entertaining..


  8. Giftel Says:

    Do we at least get the musical flute box thingy like we did with the Birthday Quest last year? I loved it and want my alts to get it too. :)


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Yes the original quest is still there for your alts who have not done it yet. It is a one time only quests.


      • Ithoran Says:

        Where exactly is the quest that gives that reward? This is my first year doing this event and I just completed it with one character and I thought I was going to get a musical device at the end of it.


  9. Eccentrica Says:

    Sitting around fiddling your thumbs is pointless unless of course your goal is to get as annoyed as possible. Check in to Hobbiton on the hour, talk to whomever is up and go away and do something else. They only switch to new NPCs at the top of the hour, and they aren’t all ones you haven’t already spoken to. This was designed to take more than 5 minutes to complete. You’ve a week, more or less. Quit stressing.


  10. Elahedor Says:

    When you complete the new quest chain, you get a Scribe’s Bookcase. Someone posted a pic on twitter.




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